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Lip Sync Battle Is Taking On Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits For New Special

The King of Pop is getting his own tribute episode.

Why Heidi Klum Went As Michael Jackson For Halloween

Heidi Klum, the Queen of Halloween, crushed it as Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Find out why she took on MJ, and see the results.

Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Look Wild In Madonna And Michael Jackson Costumes

These costumes are incredible and have all sorts of iconic layers. You have to see it to believe it.

How Oprah Knew It Was Time To End Her Talk Show

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most successful entertainers on the planet, and it turns out another celeb's troubles with success are why she decided to end The Oprah Winfrey Show.

A New Michael Jackson Halloween Special Is Coming, But This Definitely Isn't Thriller

This Halloween will have a Michael Jackson twist thanks to a brand new TV special, and it might not be what many will expect.

Why Paris Jackson Decided To Step Into The Limelight

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, is ready to take her rightful throne as Hollywood's new It Girl, and her reasons are refreshing.

Paris Jackson Loves Being Naked, And She's Not Afraid To Show It

Paris Jackson knows there are no wardrobe malfunctions when you don't wear clothes.

Check Out Paris And Prince Jackson's Matching Tattoos

Michael Jackson's eldest children, Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson, posted an Instagram photo of their new matching tattoos. Could the symbolic design give us insight into their personalities? Check out the photo here.

The Situation With Michael Jackson's Mother May Be More Complicated Than We Thought

Last month, a Los Angeles judge granted Michael Jackson's mom, Katherine Jackson, a restraining order against her nephew. But now, the plot has thickened with news that the story might not be so one-sided.

Michael Jackson’s Chimp, Bubbles, Is Getting His Own Movie Because Of Course

The Bubbles biopic for Michael Jackson's former pet monkey sounds bananas. Get the details ahead!

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Paris Jackson Is Convinced Her Father Was Murdered

Michael Jackson's untimely death has attracted its fair share of conspiracy theories, but his daughter Paris Jackson is convinced her father was murdered.

Paris Jackson Has No Doubts About Michael Jackson Being Her Father

The parentage of Michael Jackson's three children has been a favorite topic of the tabloids for years, but Paris Jackson is absolutely positive the the late pop star is indeed her father.

Could Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Jackson Get Into Acting?

Paris Jackson has been a source of public fascination ever since her famous father Michael Jackson began taking her out in public with a mask on her face. Jackson is now 18, and making her way in the world for the first time.

That Weird Michael Jackson Episode Shelved By Urban Myths After Backlash

In "It Feels Weird That It Took This Long To Get To This Point" news, the new series that cast Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson has decided that episode won't air anymore.

First Look At Joseph Fiennes' Michael Jackson For Bizarre New TV Show

We've known for months that Joseph Fiennes would be playing Michael Jackson in a non autobiographical series on the U.K. Here's what that looks like.

Michael Jackson's Thriller Gets Picked Apart For All Its Issues

The folks at Music Video Sins chose to celebrate Halloween by taking a closer look at the very spooky "Thriller" music video and doing what they do best: pick it apart.

The 5 Highest Grossing Dead Celebrities Of 2016

No word yet on if the grass is really greener on the other side, but apparently the money is just as green as ever. Forbes released its list of the dead celebrities that raked in the most money this year, and the top spots are full of musicians.

We Might Get A New TV Show About Michael Jackson, Get The Details

One of the greatest entertainers of the modern era - and certainly one who inspired the most insane headlines - Michael Jackson never lacked for curiosity during his life, so it's no surprise that creative minds are tapping into his story for future projects.

13 Celebrities South Park Made Fun Of In Particularly Vicious Ways

Here are 13 celebrities that were victims of South Park's blunt force humor over the 19 seasons in which just about every aspect of our culture has been steamrolled, stacked and burned.

11 Horrifying True Crime Stories That Need Their Own TV Shows

True crime is starting to take over television, thanks to captivating new approaches to the time-honored genre. Here are 11 other real life crimes that would, at some point in the future, be equally engrossing through episodic television series.

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