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Mockingbird Lane's Mason Cook To Play Rob Corddry's Son In ABC Comedy Pilot Spy

Things may not have worked out for Mockingbird Lane, but the adorable kid who played Eddie Munster has already signed on for a new project, which could put him back on television, should things go well for the ABC pilot Spy. Mason Cook has been cast for a role in the comedy, which is based on a British series and will star Rob Corddry (Childrens Hospital, Warm Bodies).

Mockingbird Lane Isn't Moving Forward At NBC

We kind of knew already that Mockingbird Lane was not going to series. That news broke earlier this year, followed by word that NBC would be airing the produced pilot for the Munsters reboot as a Halloween special, which they did. But today comes further word that the series is not moving forward at NBC.

Mockingbird Lane Clip Has Herman And Eddie Checking Out The New House

Tonight, NBC will air Bryan Fuller's Mockingbird Lane. Originally intended to be a pilot for a Munsters reboot series, NBC's airing it as a Halloween special ahead of tonight's episode of Grimm. Check out this clip from the special, which has the Munsters checking out their new home.

Mockingbird Lane Review: The Munsters Return In NBC's Spooky-Fun Special

With past TV projects like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, Bryan Fuller has demonstrated how to twist humor with morbid subject matter, and bring color to darkness, twisting reality and beyond together into something dark and strange and at the same time, full of heart. He brings all of that to NBC's Mockingbird Lane, the TV special that was meant to be a pilot for a Munsters reboot.

Watch Grandpa And Lily Arrive At Mockingbird Lane In Munsters Halloween Special

It's alive! Sorry, had to say it. We may not be getting a full series of Bryan Fuller's Munsters reboot but as a consolation prize, and probably a way to recoup some of their money, NBC is airing the pilot for Mockingbird Lane this Friday as a Halloween special. And just as Yvonne de Carlo's Lily used to open the original show, presenting the Munster family one after another in the title sequence, it's only fitting that Portia de Rossi introduces the first clip from the remake.

Mockingbird Lane Images Show Us The Munsters In Their New Home

Headed to NBC later this month is Mockingbird Lane, a TV special - originally set to be a pilot for a potential series by Bryan Fuller - that brings the classic monster-family the Munsters back to the small screen. Since announcing that Mockingbird Lane would air as a special, NBC has released a trailer, and now we have an official description and a bunch of new photos for you to check out.

Mockingbird Lane Promo Gives Us A Look At The Munster Household

This week, NBC announced that they would be airing the pilot for the planned Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane as part of a special Halloween event. The move to air it as a special is one more indication that the rumors are true and the project, which was two years in the making, isn't going to series. Whether or not that's officially the case remains to be seen. In the meantime, we'll get to see what Bryan Fuller put together on October 26. You can get a sample in this new preview for the "special" here.

Special Episode Of Grimm To Air Following Mockingbird Lane Pilot Later This Month

In addition to confirming their plans to air the pilot episode the Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane, NBC has also released information about a special episode of Grimm set to air the same night, which will also be broadcast that night on Telemundo and Mun2.

Mockingbird Lane Lives: Munsters Reboot Pilot To Air As A Halloween Special - UPDATED

Rumors and reports on the fate of the Munsters reboot continue to float around, and it seems unclear as to whether or not the Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer's project has been officially scrapped. Signs seem to point in that direction, and this latest report might support that. But on the bright side, it looks like the pilot may actually see the light of day, even if it isn't actually going to series.

Situation Looking Grim For NBC's Munsters Reboot Mockingbird Lane - UPDATED

Every once in a while there's a pilot that's hyped up so much, you'd figure it would be a shoe-in to go to series. But nothing's set in stone until the green light is given. Mockingbird Lane seemed like it was on its way to series, but now it's looking like NBC won't be moving forward with the Munsters reboot.

A Look At Charity Wakefield As Marilyn Munster For Mockingbird Lane

Yesterday, word spread that Mockingbird Lane had found its Lily Munster. While True Blood's Mariana Klaveno was reportedly up for the role, her contractual obligations with ABC for the Devious Maids pilot presented an issue and the role went to Arrested Development's Portia de Rossi. It's going to be exciting to see how de Rossi looks in the role. While we may have to wait for that, we now have a look at another main characters in costume for the NBC reboot of the classic TV series.

Mockingbird Lane Casts Portia De Rossi As Lily Munster

Bryan Fuller tweeted earlier today that "cameras are rolling on #MockingBirdLane." With production apparently underway on the upcoming NBC reboot of The Munsters, we were left to wonder who was set to fill the last major role on the series, Lily Munster. That question has been answered tonight. It seems Portia de Rossi has found her next small screen role.

Mariana Klaveno Cast As Lily Munster Pending Release From Devious Maids

NBC’s Munsters reboot may just have their leading lady – if she can get out of her other obligations. NBC has cast Mariana Klaveno to play Lily Munster on Mockingbird Lane, the updated version of the classic series. Klaveno is already signed on for Devious Maids which was recently passed up at ABC but could find a new home at Lifetime – a gig that could cost her Lily.

Jerry O'Connell Joins NBC's Mockingbird Lane As One Of The Munsters

The cast of the upcoming NBC reboot of The Munsters has been the subject of much speculation, and has also been the reported cause of the production delay for the series. So it's exciting news to learn that yet another role has been filled for the series, which is being brought back to life by Pushing Daisies' Bryan Fuller.

Spy Kids Star Mason Cook Cast As Eddie Munster In NBC's Mockingbird Lane

The only son of the Munsters, whose supernatural state seems to bear no DNA reflection of his parents, has been cast for Mockingbird Lane, the NBC reboot of The Munsters. Eddie Munster will be played by Mason Cook. He’s the third of the main characters on the show to be cast, and has yet to have his parents, Lily and Herman.

Bryan Fuller Comments On The Munsters Reboot, First Look At The Mockingbird Lane Mansion

I’ll admit, my memory of what few Munsters reruns I may have seen in my lifetime is vague, so my interest in a remake of the series was marginal at best... until I saw the name Bryan Fuller attached to it. It’s my perception that The Munsters, like The Addams Family, was what passed for dark humor in the ’60’s. And who does dark humor in today’s television better than Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies creator, Bryan Fuller?

British Actress Charity Wakefield To Play Marilyn In Munsters Reboot

Casting is moving forward for the much-buzzed-about Munsters reboot at NBC, Mockingbird Lane. The second of the main characters to be cast is Marilyn, the rare Munster who is not supernatural, and again it’s a Brit taking the role. Charity Wakefield will play the role created by Beverly Owen and then played by Pat Priest in the original series

Eddie Izzard  To Join NBC's Munsters Reboot

It sounds like NBC’s Munsters reboot is managing to get past some of the problems with casting on the high-profile project. Splashy British comedian Eddie Izzard is in final negotiations for one of the leading roles in the pilot, that of Grandpa Munster – a role he was first offered back in January.

Munsters Reboot Production Delayed Due To Casting Difficulties

Among the TV pilots to receive an early order is the revival of a classic TV series from the ‘60‘s. Whether or not it proves to be as charming and funny to viewers as the original did remains to be seen. While NBC’s The Munsters reboot may have a title, it doesn’t have a cast yet. This little snag in the development of the project has reportedly resulted in a production delay.

NBC Gives Munsters Reboot A New Name

The latest news on the Munsters reboot from NBC is that the pilot has been given a new name. Leaving behind the original series title as part of their efforts to make it clear that this new project is really just based on the classic show and not a remake, the network has come up a new name that doesn’t take the legendary family far from its roots.

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