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Monty Python’s Neil Innes Has Died At 75

Another legend has departed this mortal coil.

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Monty Python's Lost Holy Grail Animation Is Really Weird

This year is the 40th anniversary of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This means it’s time for the re-release of the Blu-ray and the brief return to theaters that the film gets about every five years at this point. But this time: new animation!

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Absolutely Anything Trailer Has Monty Python Aliens Screwing With Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg is granted powers by snarky Monty Python aliens toying with him in Absolutely Anything, and the results are hilarious.

Game Of Thrones Slipped In A Bunch Of Monty Python References

With its multiple instances of nudity, murder, and incest (among other things), Game of Thrones is not a series that is known for its abundant hilarity. So it might be surprising to some that the show has paid homage to one of the most hilarious comedy troupes of all time: Monty Python.

Monty Python Live (Mostly): 5 Reasons You Need To Find An Encore Screening

Assuming you guys aren’t getting your geek on in a completely different way at this year’s Comic-Con, Monty Python Live (mostly) should be the only thing you’re looking forward to doing this week, and here are five reasons why you need to gather a group of your closest Gumbys and see it while you still can!

The Last Night Of Monty Python Coming To Movie Theaters

Picturehouse Entertainment has made a deal that will broadcast The Last Night of Monty Python live to theaters around the world on July 20th. Though Monty Python's surviving members (John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin) have appeared on stage together a handful of times since their movies and show wrapped, this event is being billed as their last hoorah, a bittersweet farewell that is sure to be the most bonkers goodbye ever.

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Monty Python Members Reuniting For One Night Next Summer

The show, which was called Monty Python Live (Mostly) in a press release (via THR), will of course contain some of the material that has made the group so memorable over the past 45 years. John Cleese, often the least willing to resort to reunion opportunities, is sure they’ll perform the infamous Dead Parrot sketch, as well as the Crunchy Frog sketch, but they want to throw a curveball at fans.

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Monty Python Comedy Wants To Add Benedict Cumberbatch

Anything would follow a teacher who suddenly discovers he can make anything happen with the simple wave of his hand. How does he handle this newfound God-like ability? Since it’s a Python comedy, I’m willing to bet that things don’t work in the teacher’s favor … at least, at the onset.

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Suitably Surreal Trailer For A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman

While not a Monty Python movie, A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman might be the next best thing. Based on Chapman's memoir of the same name (well, subtract the subheading and add "Volume VI"), the film adaptation of 'the dead one's' life is being billed as a 3D animation epic and is scheduled to make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival

Monty Python Reunites To Raise Graham Chapman From The Dead

Chapman was one of the most pivotal pieces in the Python circus, you probably know him best as King Arthur in Holy Grail. But death is no obstacle to the Pythons, and more than twenty years after Graham’s departure from planet Earth he’s getting the gang back together for a new movie… sort of.

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Conan Goes Monty Python For His New TBS Promo

The newest promo for Conan O’Brien’s new TBS show is, well, weird. Maybe it reflects the increased amount of creative freedom he’s likely to have with the network

Now For Something Completely Different With Clips From Monty Python: Almost The Truth

Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut) mixes interviews with the surviving Pythons with footage, behind-the-scenes looks, and comments from celebrities who've been influenced by cheese shops and funny walks and lumberjacks

Monty Python Celebrates 40 Years With A Radio Station, Documentary And Award

In honor of their 40th anniversary, Sirius XM is launching a channel dedicated to Monty Python. A radio channel for a television and film comedy troupe, you say? How does that work?!

IFC To Air Monty Python Documentary Series This Month

What was it those Monty Python boys used to say? No seriously, what was it? I’m sure plenty of you Monty Python fanatics have some great quote you can throw at those of us who are far less familiar with the comedy troupe. I’ve yet to meet a fan of Monty Python who didn’t take great delight in randomly quoting their films.

Erik The Viking Gets A Director's Son's Edition

The movie comes from Monty Python’s Terry Jones who apparently has been discontent with the movie since its 1989 debut

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