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AMC Offering $5 Movie Tickets Through Halloween

There's no experience quite like going to the movie theater, but doing so isn't necessarily cheap. Luckily, one major theater change is about to make going to the movies a lot easier, at least for a little while.

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Those Super Cheap MoviePasses Just Suffered Another Setback

MoviePass, the subscription based ticketing service, got a lot of attention for its new $9.95 per month model, but all that attention may have been too much to handle.

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Many Movie Theaters Are Going To Carry The Mayweather And McGregor Fight

The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight is going to be big. So big, in fact, that you will even be able to see it on the big screen.

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A Thousand Movie Theaters In India Have Closed In Protest

India is a nation who loves film so much that the nation's own movies are popular all over the world. However, one part of the country is closing down all their theaters as an act of protest.

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Why Movie Theaters Originally Banned Popcorn

Movie theater popcorn is a staple that moviegoers take for granted these days, but that wasn't always the case.

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The Incredible Amount Of Money AMC Theaters Are Spending On Seating

AMC is currently in the process of spending a small fortune investing in brand new seating for its theaters.

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Could Netflix Start Releasing More Movies Into Theaters? Here's What The Streaming Service Says

We're living in a time when the nature of consuming movies is changing at a rapid rate. More and more movies have become available on VOD shortly after release, and streaming services like Amazon and Netflix have begun starting to produce their own original movies.

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Why The Current Movie Theater Model May Not Last Much Longer

This is the latest in a string of toe-dips into the water of pushback on behalf of the studios against the current system. The average theater-to-DVD window is four months, after hovering around six months for years.

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Warner Bros' Revolutionary Streaming Service Is Moving Forward

Warner Bros. is moving forward with a brand new streaming service, and it's a potential game-changer.

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Why Alcohol Is Quietly Becoming More Important To Movie Theaters

For a long time, the movie theater snack trinity was simple, popcorn, soda, candy. That was all you really needed. Today, however, you can have a four-course meal in some theaters and your beverage options aren't limited to soft drinks.

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Theater Owner Threatens Apple CEO Over Alleged Plan To Help People Text During Movies

With a major phone developer rumored to be developing technology for easier in-theater texting, it's time for a hero to rise. Read on to see who fights for us, and what they're threatening to do to those who would distract films for the rest of the world.

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Apple May Roll Out New App That Encourages Cell Phone Use In Movie Theaters

Every movie theater screening we attend today contains multiple messages about silencing your cell phone. However, a new rumor indicates that the new Apple OS update may allow you do do that, and still use it.

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MoviePass Has A Great Plan To Lure Millennials Back To Movie Theaters

Subscription service MoviePass is trying to get young people back into movie theaters with an insane new deal. Get the details!

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Bigger Movies Might Start Costing More To See, Here's Why

Seeing movie theater ticket prices increase isn't surprising, it seems to happen bit by bit on a fairly consistent basis, however, now it looks like at least one theater chain is looking to increase ticket prices on only certain movies.

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How To Find The Best Seat In A Movie Theater, According To Audio Technicians

Going to the movies is an important ritual for many people. It isn't simply about the movie, but the experience of the theater. This means, among other things, getting the best seat in the house, but which seat is that exactly?

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How Netflix Just Seriously Pissed Off Movie Theaters

Netflix just signed a special deal that has will undoubtedly anger some major movie theater chains. Get the details.

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The All-Time High Movie Ticket Prices Just Climbed To

Movie ticket prices have continued to rise in recent years, and it turns out that they just reached an all-time high.

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How One Movie Theater Chain Will Experiment With Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

It’s interesting that at least one movie theater chain is starting the ball rolling on the conversation about gender-neutral bathrooms in multiplexes. Could this be the opening salvo in a much larger discussion?

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6 Cool New Movie Theater Concessions Coming To Theaters Soon

Concessions have long been part of the movie-going experience. Sure, they may cost an arm and a leg, but there’s something special about checking out the latest blockbuster with a bucket of popcorn in your lap. That being said, theaters are regularly looking to change things up behind the counter, and the future of this industry was recently unveiled.

One Way AMC Might Deal With Movie Theater Texting

If the movie theater chains start to change the way theaters operate in order to accommodate the way audiences want to see movies in 2016 (and beyond), will you continue to support them?

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