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Mystery Team Director Dan Eckman Adapting The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep And Didn't Have To

You may not recognize the name Dan Eckman, but if you aren’t at least somewhat familiar with his comedy troupe, Derrick, you are missing out on some of the funniest videos on the web. Eckman doesn’t appear in these videos, he stays behind the camera and let’s his stars, one of which is Community star and Twitter king Don Glover, handle the acting. If you haven’t seen Bro Rape, Keyboard Kid, or Blowjob Girl, I suggest you head over to YouTube right away and get searching

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FlixWorthy Brings You Bill Hicks, H.P. Lovecraft, And More

Your guide to Netflix streaming is back with a legendary stand-up, two of the better attempts at adapting H.P. Lovecraft, a team of overgrown boy detectives, and more. Yet again we're bringing you a handful of new or notable selections from Netflix's Instant Watch catalogue. Some will be classics, some will be little-seen gems, some will be shows you might have missed, and some...some will be crap so awful they simply has to be seen to be believed. Here's what's FlixWorthy this week, kids.

Mystery Team's D.C. Pierson, A Bunch Of Other Actors Cast In Political Comedy

As reported by The Wrap, Pierson and a whole slew of other actors are joining the cast of Grassroots

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DERRICK Comedy's New Sketch Reveals Thomas Jefferson Is Ageless, Kind Of A Dick

Maybe the Texas Board of Education has a good reason for trying to minimize Thomas Jefferson in their new textbook curriculum. It turns out that not only is he an ageless, inscrutable being, but he's also a dick

Mystery Team Comes Out Next Week; Celebrate With Four New Clips

The twisted, Bizarro-Encyclopedia-Brown comedy Mystery Team comes out next Tuesday, May 25th. If you're still not convinced it's a must-see, we've got four more clips to win you over

Meet Jason's Father In This New Mystery Team Clip

The art of disguise is a crucial skill for any aspiring crimefighter. Sherlock Holmes knows it. Batman knows it. And you can bet the men of the Mystery Team know it. Those mad incognito skillz are on full display in this new clip wherein Jason impersonates his own father

Investigate The Redband Trailer For Mystery Team

We loves us some Mystery Team here at CinemaBlend. Now we've got good news for those of you who've been waiting for the chance to see this one: it's hitting DVD May 25th

Why Missing Mystery Team Is A Bad Call

After hearing our very own Katey Rich rave about Derrick Comedy’s Mystery Team at ComicCon earlier this year, I was finally able to catch it last week. Small comedies are rare, but quality small comedies are even rarer. This one is a gem

If You Want To See Mystery Team, You'll Have To Demand It

Audience demand worked for Paranormal Activity, when Paramount had audiences at early screenings register their votes online to get the movie to come to more cities across America. Can it also work for a tiny indie comedy?

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Video: Mystery Team At The Haunted Hotel

The entire short has been made available online, for those of you who didn't make it to Comic Con or were just too lazy to show up there on Sunday. Check out Jason (Donald Glover), Duncan (D.C. Pierson) and Charlie (Dominic Dierkes) in their efforts to find the hotel's moaning ghost

Comic Con: Exclusive Interview With Mystery Team

Unlike thousands of Comic Con goers, I wasn't actually lucky enough to catch a screening of Mystery Team, the first feature from the newly relocated to Los Angeles comedy troupe Derrick Comedy. But I think I got the next best thing

New Mystery Team Trailer, Just In Time For Comic Con

The Hangover is not the funniest movie of the year. That moniker goes to Mystery Team, which will finally be unleashed on unsuspecting audiences this week at the San Diego Comic Con

Mystery Team Coming To Comic Con

So what is this movie that you're supposed to be excited about. Per their description, "If Encyclopedia Brown, the kids from American Pie, and Nancy Drew all had sex, their baby would probably look something like Mystery Team.”

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Mystery Team Gets Distribution!

Great news, the funniest movie of the year is coming to theaters. Mystery Team is the latest from the Derrick Comedy. It debuted earlier this year at Sundance and hadn’t, like a lot of the great festival films which have been floating around this year

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