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Nintendo's Eshop Went Down For Christmas

Not many games release during Christmas, but there were a few new entries on the Nintendo eShop. If you thought about purchasing anything during Christmas day from the eShop you probably noticed something a little off... specifically that the eShop was down throughout the day.

The First Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Event Did Not Go So Well

Parallel to Niantic Labs running a variety of events for the global sensation, Pokemon Go, is Game Freak and Nintendo's events for the Nintendo 3DS versions of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Well, while Pokemon Go's latest event has been a blockbuster, Pokemon Ultra's latest event did not go so well.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Contains A Tribute To Satoru Iwata

If you were one of the gamers looking to get your hands on Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon this holiday season, you may have noticed something while playing the newly released games: That there were as a small tribute to former Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata, who passed away back in July of 2015.

Pokemon Game Tournaments Will Have New Rules Next Year

If you're a tournament goer for Pokemon games and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of other Pokemon trainers, you'll be pleased (or disappointed?) to know that there will be some major rule changes starting in 2018 for the video game rendition of the live Pokemon tournaments.

The Nintendo Network Just Made A Major Security Improvement

When it comes to online safety there can never be too much of it. In fact, ever since the PlayStation Network hack from so many years ago, gamers have been extra cautious when it comes to protecting their accounts. Well, Nintendo appears to be acknowledging that caution with the newest update to the Nintendo Network.

Two Classic Pokemon Games Are Now Available On The 3DS Eshop

Nintendo and the Pokemon Group have re-released two classic Pokemon games from the yesteryear of previous generations, for gamers rocking a Nintendo 3DS. You can pick up the two new versions of the old games right now from over on the Nintendo eShop, where the games are available as a digital download.

A Free Charizard Is Coming To Pokemon Sun And Moon

Still playing Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? Well, ahead of the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nintendo decided to roll out a free Charizard for gamers to get their hands on for the Nintendo 3DS role-playing games.

What It Will Take To Get More 2D Metroid Games, According To The Producer

The Metroid franchise has been one of the few games to transition from 2D to 3D successfully. However, fans have always had a soft spot for the 2D versions of the game and a lot of gamers have been asking the producer what it will take to get more 2D Metroid games.

Metroid: Samus Returns Will Lock A Game Mode Behind An Amiibo

One of the surprise showings of E3 2017 was Metroid: Samus Returns, a 3DS remake of the second game in the series that has everybody buzzing. The game is getting its own amiibo, too, and it'll actually be used to unlock an entire game mode within the title.

Five Free Mega Stones Are Currently Available In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Nintendo is handing out free Mega Stones in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. These particular stones aren't available in the actual game and you can't grind for them, but you can get them by putting in a specific code.

Why The Professor Layton Series Replaced Professor Layton

The latest game in the Professor Layton series doesn't actually star the titular detective with the distinctive top hat. Instead, his daughter will be taking center stage this time around and, according to members of the Level-5 abby team, the shift is for a very good reason.

Nintendo Announces Summer Of Play Tour Dates

Nintendo's consoles are selling like hotcakes these days, but it looks like the publisher wants to keep the hype train running full steam ahead. To that end, they'll be touring the country as part of a Summer of Play tour, bringing Switch and 3DS hits from state to state.

Here's What Nintendo Has Planned For E3 2017

Hard to believe, but E3 is only a few short weeks away. In preparation for the big show, Nintendo has pulled back the curtain on their weeklong plans. Visitors can expect a lot of hands-on time with upcoming Switch titles, as well as some Nintendo-themed tournaments.

A New Free Pokemon Is Available For Sun And Moon, Get The Details

Nintendo has managed to land some deals for Pokemon Sun and Moon, enabling gamers to get their hands on a free Pokemon for a limited time as part of an exclusive deal. The new Pokemon can be acquired by carrying out a few simple steps.

Who's Actually Making Nintendo's New Pikmin Game

During the most recent Nintendo Direct, the publisher revealed that a new Pikmin game is heading to the 3DS. However, it turns out that Nintendo won't actually be developing it.

Pikmin For 3DS Is Coming In July

One of the big games that Nintendo showcased during their last Nintendo Direct this past Wednesday was a game no one saw coming for their handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS. It was Pikmin. The RTS adventure game is coming to the 3DS in a completely different way for the first time in the series.

Mario Sports Superstars Review: Not Quite The Big Leagues

Mario Sports Superstars is an ambitious compilation from Nintendo, cramming five sports games onto a single 3DS cartridge. But with a wider focus on a variety of activities, does this collection of athletic competitions still boast the expected Nintendo charm?

A Pikachu With Ash's Hat Is Coming To Sun And Moon, Get The Details

Nintendo's Pokemon Sun and Moon were huge hits when they launched last fall for the Nintendo 3DS. Gamers have been putting in a lot of time with the titles and Nintendo is rewarding them with a new Pikachu wearing an Ash Ketchum hat.

A Classic Nintendo Title Is Coming To Switch And 3DS

Nintendo seems to be working hard (and fast) to rectify the initial launch line-up of the Nintendo Switch as quickly as possible. One way they're doing this is by blitzing announcements for a number of classic and indie games coming to the Switch, including a classic console title.

New Video Shows All The Mario Content In Story of Season: Trio of Towns

XSeed Games recently released a new trailer for the upcoming Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns for the Nintendo 3DS, which features some popular content from Nintendo's other popular brand: Super Mario. The trailer highlights some familiar clothing items and character costumes players can use in the farming simulator.

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