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What Pacific Rim 2’s Best Weapon Is, According To John Boyega

The jaegers were impressive technological beasts with an array of weapons available in the first Pacific Rim. However, the trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising showed off a collection of new toys the cast will get to play with in the sequel.

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What The Kaiju Have Been Doing Since Pacific Rim, According to Steven S. DeKnight

The Kaiju suffered a big defeat at the end of Pacific Rim, but they haven't just been sitting around for 10 years. Here's what the Kaiju have been up to, according to the director.

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Why Pacific Rim 2 Has Two Jaegers Fighting Each Other

Pacific Rim: Uprising looks filled with Jaeger-on-Kaiju action, but it won't only be robots vs. monsters. The trailer for the anticipated sequel teased two Jaegers battling each other, and the director filled us in on what might be going on here.

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Pacific Rim 2's John Boyega Will Have A Surprise Connection With A Returning Character

We've known for a while that John Boyega's Pacific Rim Uprising character is the son of Idris Elba's Stacker Pentecost, but it turns out he shares a close connection with another person from the first Pacific Rim movie.

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The Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Is Action-Packed And Colorful

Pacific Rim Uprising looks like it plans to go bigger than the original... but is that better? Watch the first trailer and judge for yourself.

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How The Kaiju Are Changing For Pacific Rim: Uprising

Just like the Jaegers, Pacific Rim: Uprising has put the Kaiju through some changes. Learn more ahead.

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What Pacific Rim 2 Will Be About

Fans of Pacific Rim have certainly been looking forward to the upcoming sequel, but up until now, we haven't actually known exactly what the movie would be about. Now we do.

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How Pacific Rim 2 Has Improved The Jaegers, According To John Boyega

The road to a Pacific Rim sequel has been a long one, but the movie is on its way finally. Now, John Boyega has opened up about how the sequel will make improvements on the original.

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The Pacific Rim 2 Recruitment Video Wants You To Join The Jaeger Uprising

The first Pacific Rim Uprising trailer is here, and it's search for new Jaeger program recruits to help fight back against the Kaiju.

Pacific Rim 2: What We Know So Far

Pacific Rim: Uprising is one of those movies we seriously can't wait for. So instead of sitting here patiently, waiting for a trailer to drop, we're going to recap What We Know So Far. You know you want to read along, so click the link and enjoy.

John Boyega Celebrated Wrapping Pacific Rim 2 In A Great Way

John Boyega is all wrapped with Pacific Rim: Uprising! How do you celebrate your role in a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters? By posting a picture of yourself looking like a total badass, of course.

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Why Guillermo del Toro Decided Not To Direct Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo del Toro has elaborated on why he decided not to ultimately take on directing duties again for the Pacific Rim world.

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Pacific Rim 2 Photo Shows Off Three New Jaeger Fighters

A new poster has hit the web showcasing three brand new Jaegers from Pacific Rim: Uprising, and they all look utterly badass.

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Pacific Rim 2 Official Image Puts John Boyega In A Mysterious New Location

John Boyega has just given us our first look at his Pacific Rim: Uprising character, and things look pretty bleak.

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Pacific Rim 2 Shows Off A Restricted Area In Chilling New Image

Filming for Pacific Rim: Uprising is currently underway and while not a lot is known about what exactly the movie is about, a new image, that doesn't show us very much may actually tell us quite a bit.

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Is Pacific Rim 2 Including A Star Trek Beyond Star?

Could a fan-favorite Star Trek actor be involved in the upcoming Pacific Rim sequel? Here's what they had to say regarding the matter.

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The Three Pacific Rim Stars Who May Be Coming Back For Pacific Rim 2

Pacific Rim: Uprising is currently filming in Australia. While the film will be a sequel, we know that much both in front of and behind the camera has changed. However, maybe not quite as much as we thought.

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Pacific Rim 2 Just Made A Change To Its Title, And We Approve

For a time, the upcoming sequel was known as Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. However, you can forget calling the follow-up that, as the movie has a new official title.

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Pacific Rim 2 Set Photo Is Mysterious And Intriguing

Director Steven DeKnight has posted a new photo for Pacific Rim: Maelstrom that has piqued our interest.

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Pacific Rim 2 Just Added A Spartacus Star

Pacific Rim: Maelstrom really put the giant robot pedal to the medal and as started production after sitting in development hell. Check out the latest actor to join the sequel. Hint: he was in Spartacus.

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