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The Best Horror TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now

Just in time for Halloween, here are some of the best horror TV shows that you can currently find on the ever-growing number of official streaming sites out there. Grab some bite-sized candy and get to it.

The Real Reason Penny Dreadful Ended, According To Showtime

Penny Dreadful had been one of Showtime's signature series since it first premiered four seasons ago. Fans particularly loved Eva Green's performance, and no one was expecting the series to go anywhere, until it did.

Penny Dreadful Will Not Return For Season 4

Gothic drama Penny Dreadful has been a one-of-a-kind series on Showtime for three stellar seasons. Now, we know that Season 3 has been the last, and the creator has a solid reason for bringing the end.

2016 Summer TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

Summer used to be a time when there was a dearth of TV, but now there are new TV shows popping up on nearly every date on the calendar. If you are looking for good dramas, new comedies or more, we've put together a list of all of the great new programs that will be hitting the schedule during the summer months.

Penny Dreadful Video Game Isn't What You're Expecting

SHOWTIME's horror series Penny Dreadful is getting its own video game. Midverse Studios is developing Penny Dreadful: Demimonde for a fall release.

Penny Dreadful Has Been Renewed For Season 3

It appears that fans of Showtime’s grim, Gothic drama, Penny Dreadful will not have to part with the series with its Season 2 finale just around the corner. The network has announced that the show has been renewed for a deadly, demonic and destructive Season 3.

The Top 10 Horror TV Series Of 2014

As a genre fanatic, it’s a dream come true to be able to bring together this Top 10 horror series without exhausting every current example on TV. Find out if you agree with my top ten, or if the killer clowns and cannibals should come and get me.

The New Penny Dreadful Trailer Is Cursed And Mysterious

When Penny Dreadful returns to Season 2 next year, it will have quite a few narrative threads to expand upon. Now we have our first good look at what’s coming, and there are of course dark things stretching across the horizon.

Watch Penny Dreadful's Bloody New Season 2 Promo

Showtime is already teasing the Season 2 return of the literary-minded horror series Penny Dreadful, which you can see in this video. It isn't set to premiere until next year, but can our lives even handle more Vanessa Ives?

Patti LuPone Joins Penny Dreadful, Here's Who She'll Play

The multi-talented Patti LuPone may be best known for her stage work and her classic voice, but she’s becoming an ever-growing presence on television. (Watch out, Emmys!) The Tony and Grammy-winning actress is one of several to join Showtime’s gothic horror series Penny Dreadful for its Season 2, building upon an already top-notch cast

Penny Dreadful Brings Human Antagonist To Season 2, May Also Visit Dr. Moreau

Luckily, creator and showrunner John Logan (Skyfall) has spent the better part of a decade creating this world in his mind, and he let Comic-Con fans know that Season 2 will be much larger, expanding some of those stories, while also bringing a familiar human character to head the antagonistic front.

Penny Dreadful Announces Comic-Con Panel And Bloody Good Merchandise

To be expected, San Diego Comic Con 2014 will probably be the probably be the biggest entertainment gathering of the year, and possibly the biggest Comic Con of all time. Which means, of course, that there are thousands of potential victims, er, fans of Showtime’s literary horror mash-up Penny Dreadful, which will debut at the annual event for the first time.

Penny Dreadful: 5 Ways Season 2 Can Easily Top Season 1

The finale was a perfect marriage of Penny Dreadful’s peaks and faults, and thankfully the majority of the parts I didn’t enjoy as much will seemingly pay off in a big way for Season 2. So, spoiler alert, here are five ways that Season 2 can improve to become an even better series when it returns next year. Maybe you’ll get your portrait on the wall when we’re done.

Penny Dreadful Will Return For A Sex-And-Blood-Soaked Season 2

If you’ve been watching Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, you’re privy to the deliciously evil sex and violence that its characters are embedded in. Fans should be happy to hear that 2015 is going to be even more lust-filled and bloodied, as Showtime has renewed Penny Dreadful for Season 2.

Penny Dreadful Review: Literary Horror Gets A Sharp And Sensuous Facelift

The past few years of horror’s televised resurgence have given us the tension-stuffed realism of NBC’s Hannibal and the absurdist camp of FX’s American Horror Story, and after watching the first two episodes of Showtime’s gothic literary mash-up Penny Dreadful, I’m nearly convinced that this is the best of the bunch.

Watch Showtime's Penny Dreadful Full Series Premiere Episode Here

For its upcoming violently gothic horror Penny Dreadful, Showtime is giving the entire world an all-access pass to the series premiere, “Night Work,” nearly two weeks before it will officially air. And you’re going to want to watch it as soon as possible, because it’s a doozy

Penny Dreadful Digs Up Cast Photo, Posters And Behind The Scenes Video

It isn’t often TV audiences get to travel back to Victorian London, and when we do, the context is more often than not a drama that Jane Austen either wrote or could easily have written without anyone thinking different.

Penny Dreadful Full-Length Trailer Will Overstimulate You With Horrors

Penny Dreadful is slowly turning itself into one of our most anticipated new series to uncover. The latest, fullest (finally!) trailer for the Showtime series gives us a bit more than the creeps — and, at long last, actually gives us a look at the full cast (Look! There’s Reeve Carney! I spy a Billie Piper!) and horrifically unsettling storyline we're about to encounter. Things are about to go bump in the night.

Penny Dreadful Behind The Scenes Video Highlights Series' Intricate Visual Delights

The amount of work that goes into a television series is truly awe-inspiring. There is so much more at play than just the actors, writers, and directors involved, as evidenced by Showtime’s latest production blog for their upcoming series, Penny Dreadful. Truly, a show this intricately placed in time, with the added pressure of being accurately creepy and unsettling takes many hands. And it’s a totally radical sight to see.

Holy [BLEEP] The New Penny Dreadful Trailer Is Unsettling

Well if the previously released teasers for Showtime’s upcoming genre drama, Penny Dreadful weren't enough to spook you, allow us to introduce you to another — one that’s sure to make you mutter and yelp things you'd be less than inclined to expose your grandparents to, if they're the type that are faint of heart. Because, hooo lawdy, does this show pump that creep factor up to eleven, my friends. To have a Jessie Spano moment for a second: we're so excited, we're so scared!

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