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The PlayStation Store Is Having A Christmas Flash Sale

Sony is celebrating Christmas with a Christmas flash sale for PlayStation gamers. If you have a PS3, PS4, or PlayStation Vita, you can get in on the holiday sale that will go from this weekend all the way to December 27th, 2017 near the end of the month.

Why Sony Probably Won't Make Another Vita

The PlayStation Vita hasn't had the best run on the market despite the fact that the portable gaming system is easily one of the most advanced pieces of handheld tech made by any of the big three gaming manufacturers. However, despite it's advanced features and high-end gaming capabilities, Sony isn't keen on making a Vita 2.

PlayStation Is Running A Sale On Exclusives

PlayStation owners who want to spice up their library with something fresh, unique, different, exciting or challenging, will find that Sony has a current sale going on right now on PlayStation exclusives over on the PlayStation Store.

Lara Croft Go Is Coming To New Consoles, Get The Details

During this weekend's 2016 PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California, Square Enix and various other publishers revealed tons of new games either coming out or coming soon to PlayStation platforms. One of those games happened to be Lara Croft Go.

World Of Final Fantasy Review: A Sugary Sweet Love Letter To Series Fans

Mixing modern ideas with time-tested genre staples, World of Final Fantasy is a celebration of 30 years of epic quests. That means that you can expect to encounter everything you love about the storied JRPG series, as well as a few of the things Final Fantasy should maybe go ahead and outgrow.

Zero Escape Is Getting Its Own Real Life Escape Room

Here's a bit of rad news about the worlds of video games and real life crossing over: An Escape the Room game themed after the popular series Zero Escape will be making its way to Los Angeles later this year.

One Piece: Burning Blood Unveils Official Release Date And New Playable Characters

It looks like One Piece: Burning Blood finally has a launch date here in North America, as well as a list of new characters being introduced in the game. Get ready to brawl pirate-style on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Announces Japanese Release Date

Koei Tecmo and Bird Studio have announced that the sequel to the hack-and-slash 3D action game, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, will launch on May 27 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary for the Dragon Quest franchise.

Assassin's Creed Is Heading To Russia And India Next Year

Assassin's Creed fans will be able to travel to Russia and India in 2016. Ubisoft has announced that the second and third episodes of the Assassin's Creed Chronicles trilogy will debut in January and February, respectively.

Why Sony Probably Won't Make PlayStation Vita 2

Sony might not follow up the PlayStation Vita with another handheld device. Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, says that the "climate is not healthy" for portable devices like the Vita.

A New PlayStation Vita Is Coming, According To A Report

According to a recent post that popped up on a Twitter account dedicated to trademark news, it looks like Sony could be planning to launch a new version of the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita Players Can Now Get Partial Refunds

If you purchased a PlayStation Vita soon after launch, you might be entitled to a partial refund from Sony. The company is dishing out compensation to early adopters due to a ruling by the United States government.

Plus Games Headline Weekly PlayStation Update

The PlayStation Network is set to undergo its usual restock on Tuesday afternoon. And this week, half of this month's new PlayStation Plus games will be added to the collection.

PlayStation Store's Top Games Of 2014 Announced

It looks like 2014 was a big year for Sony, with loads of games launching across its multiple digital platforms including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and even old school favorites like PlayStation Classics. For those of you who are curious to know which titles lit up the virtual market the brightest, a new list has all of the details concerning the PlayStation Store’s top sellers for the past year.

Geometry Wars 3, Akiba's Trip, Guilty Gear Demo Hit PlayStation This Week

This week’s offerings on PlayStation consoles are an eclectic mix of Thanksgiving treats, boasting games featuring a kitty in a submarine, a barroom brawl, an adventurous group of shapes and vampire stripping. Oh, yeah, and then there’s Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and a demo for Guilty Gear Xrd – Sign, so that’s pretty rad.

Urban Trial Freestyle Hits Vita For PlayStation Plus

It's the last Tuesday of the year (and the last day of the year, for that matter), so it makes perfect sense that this would also mark the last PlayStation Plus update of the year. Be warned, though: It's more than a little on the light side, offering Urban Trial Freestyle for your Vita library and that's about it.

PlayStation Mobile Game Givaway Starts Today

Sony is apparently in a festive spirit, celebrating the holiday season with free games for those with a PlayStation Certified device of PlayStation Vita. Get ready for a bunch of gratis PS Mobile titles!

Rainbow Moon Questing On Vita This December

Vita fans dying for an RPG fix have something to look forward to this year as SideQuest Studios announces its genre offering, Rainbow Moon, will be arriving on Sony's handheld come Dec. 3.

Valhalla Knights 3 Serving Time On The Vita Oct. 15

The clash of sword against claw. The cry of a beast as it crumbles to the ground. The shiny loot! Gamers can never get enough of fantasy-based JRPGs and, come Oct. 15, the latest game in said genre, Valhalla Knights 3, will be releasing for the PlayStation Vita.

Soul Sacrifice Offers Two New Bosses, Eight New Missions, All Free

Soul Sacrifice released for the PlayStation Vita earlier this year and, since its launch, it’s proven to be the game that keeps on giving. To date, four free DLC add-ons and one extra chapter provided through a title update have been added to the game, totaling nearly a dozen new boss characters and nearly 30 new levels for fledgling wizards to tackle. Today sees a second “season” of free DLC packs hit the game, including two more bosses and another eight missions.

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