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The Most Pirated Shows Of 2017 Make Perfect Sense

2017 is very nearly at an end, which means the time has come to look back at the most-pirated shows of the past year. The results are exactly what you might expect.

Prison Break Is Apparently Coming Back For Season 6

Could Prison Break actually return for Season 6? One star has us believing.

Three Big Shows Leaving Netflix In October

There are some major shows leaving Netflix in October, and binge watchers aren't going to be happy.

Why The Prison Break Finale Went With That Shocking Death

The big finale of the Prison Break revival has officially aired, and it resulted in some pretty heartbreaking twists for fans. Now, we know just why some of the heartbreak had to happen.

Why Prison Break's Big Death Had To Happen, According To The Creator

Prison Break dropped a whopper of an episode, complete with a huge twist and a huge death. Here's why the latter happened, according to the creator.

Why Prison Break's Big Twist Is So Smart, According To Sarah Wayne Callies

Prison Break broke its story wide open tonight with a shocking twist, and actress Sarah Wayne Callies told CinemaBlend why it's such a smart move.

Could Prison Break Get Another Season? Here's What Wentworth Miller Says

Prison Break just returned to the airwaves for a revival Season 5, and fans are already wondering if a Season 6 could happen. Star Wentworth Miller has the answer.

How Prison Break's Return Did In The Ratings

Prison Break returned to audiences last night for a brand new season, and the ratings were pretty surprising. Here's how the show fared.

Does Prison Break's Sara Really Believe Michael's Alive? Here's What Sarah Wayne Callies Says

Tonight's big Prison Break premiere unlocked a huge mystery involving the survival of Michael Scofield, and here's what actress Sarah Wayne Callies told CinemaBlend about where Sara stands on it.

What Prison Break's New Season Is Really About, According To One Star

Prison Break is finally back, and while there is much action and intensity involved, this new season is about something bigger, according to one star.

Would The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies Return As Lori? Here's What The Actress Says

Sarah Wayne Callies is returning to the high-stakes madness of Prison Break soon, so how would she feel about heading back to The Walking Dead in some way? Here's what she told us.

Prison Break Revival Review: Fox's Action Drama Is As Fun And Ridiculous As Ever

Prison Break will soon make its highly anticipated return to Fox, and while there are some problems, this is a balls-out return to glory for these characters.

Why Prison Break's Time Jump Was The Right Decision, According To Sarah Wayne Callies

When Prison Break returns for its highly anticipated revival season, the story picks up years after the show ended, and actress Sarah Wayne Callies told CinemaBlend why this was the best option.

What Sarah Wayne Callies Thinks About The Walking Dead Confirming Judith's Real Father

Walking Dead vet Sarah Wayne Callies spoke with CinemaBlend about Rick coming clean about Judith's true parentage.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Prison Break?

Prison Break is returning to Fox soon with all new episodes, and fans could win a stellar prize package by taking our quiz.

Exclusive Prison Break Video Shows How Lincoln Has Changed For Season 5

When Prison Break returns to Fox for the long-awaited Season 5, nothing will be the same for Lincoln Burrows, and actor Dominic Purcell explains why in this video.

The Big Effect The Flash And Legends Of Tomorrow Had On The Prison Break Revival

Prison Break will soon be the latest TV hit to make a flashy comeback, and two of The CW's superhero shows played different roles in shaping the revival.

How The Prison Break Revival Is Going To Be Different

Prison Break will finally be returning to the small screen in the not-too-distant future, and fans can look forward to seeing more of Michael and Lincoln's exploits. Still, the revival is going to be different in some big ways.

That Time A Woman Thought Prison Break's Dominic Purcell Actually Escaped From Prison

The revival drama will feature a slew of the original cast members, and series lead Dominic Purcell recently shared a story from his early days on Prison Break.

The Prison Break Actor That Almost Didn't Return For The Revival

One longtime Prison Break cast member reveals what it took to get them to sign on for the upcoming series reboot on FOX.

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