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Private Practice Series Finale Date Set

Private Practice is preparing to come to an end after 6 seasons, and today the official end date has been set. ABC will air the final episode of the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff this January. The finale will be aptly titled In Which We Say Goodbye, and will see the return of an original cast member to be part of the big goodbye.

Private Practice Will End After Season 6

Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Shonda Rhimes medical drama Private Practice might be nearing its end. Back in June, Kate Walsh was quoted as saying that the sixth season would be her last for the Grey's Anatomy spin-off. Season 6 premiered last month and the series is currently in nearing the middle of its 13-episode run. Rhimes has confirmed today that the show is coming to an end.

Revolution, Private Practice And Other Shows That Benefit Greatly From DVR

Time delay returns might change the fate of some of the network’s most under watched shows. For instance, when looking from week to week at NBC’s new science fiction drama, Revolution the number sank some from the first episode to the second. However, if you count the tape-delayed viewings, Revoluton actually earned a 5.2 rating—making it the second most-watched scripted program of the week, after Modern Family.

Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice And Castle Nab September DVD Release Dates

ABC’s been pulling together some really nice sets for three of its veteran shows. Castle: The Complete Fourth Season, Private Practice: The Complete Fifth Season and Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Eighth Season are all hitting DVD in September in complete season sets that will feature crime fighting or disease fighting, as well as some flirting in the workplace.

Kate Walsh Confirms She's Leaving Private Practice After Next Season

It’s official and right from the mouth of the star herself: Kate Walsh is leaving Private Practice. It’s a major blow to a series that just confirmed the exit of another major star, Tim Daly. Can the series survive losing both? Will they even try? Walsh is anchor of the series, which was really built around her as a spin-off from Grey’s Anatomy, so it seems ABC has a big decision on their hands.

Kate Walsh May Leave Private Practice

Earlier this week, word made its way around the internet that Tim Daly was reportedly exiting ABC's drama Private Practice, and now we're hearing that another lead actor from the show may be on the way out. The series was shaped around Dr. Addison Montgomery, a supporting character in ABC's Grey's Anatomy, so how would the show do without her? Fans of the medical drama may find out, should the series survive beyond next season.

Tim Daly Exits Private Practice

The Grey's Anatomy spin-off series Private Practice will be back for its sixth and possibly final season fall, but one of its leads won't be back with it. Fans of Tim Daly may be disappointed to learn that the actor will not be returning to the ABC medical drama series for Season 6.

ABC 2011 Fall TV Premiere Schedule

ABC has all of their ducks (and planes, angels, dancing celebrities, and modern families) in a row for the Fall 2011 primetime TV lineup. The network announced the schedule today, which includes super-sized premieres for Modern Family, The Middle, and Grey’s Anatomy, among others.

ABC Spring 2011 Season Finale Schedule

In addition to better weather, spring also brings the conclusion to many TV shows for the season (and in some cases, forever.) ABC released the season finale schedule for their current primetime line-up, which includes a double-dose of Desperate Housewives and Cougar Town.

ABC Renews 6 Including Grey's Anatomy And Modern Family

Since they’re the network’s top drama and comedy respectively among the younger, money-making crowd, there would have been quite an uproar among fans if ABC even waited the whole season to renew, let along actually passed

2010 Fall TV Premiere Schedule

We’re at the midway point of August and while that might mean the countdown to cooler weather and the return to school or work has already begun for some, it also means we’re just a few weeks away from the start of the new TV season. Up ahead is the primetime schedule for the Fall 2010 season.

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Tickle Your Funny Bone With Gag-Reel Clips

I don’t follow Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice, but I am a big fan of actors flubbing their lines, so even I can appreciate these gag-reel clips. Check ‘em out below and see which cast swears more when they screw up

Enjoy Season Two Of Private Practice In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

There’s a reason we see so many medical shows on TV: they’re good. When you’ve got a runaway hit like Grey’s Anatomy, you might as well milk it for all it’s worth. Well, that’s what ABC did

ABC Fall 2009 TV Schedule

Upfront week continues with ABC’s announcement of their Fall 2009 primetime schedule. I sat looking at the release ABC sent out, preparing myself for the onslaught of vids and pics we’ll be getting to you as the day goes on, and wondered if I cared about anything.

TV Recap:  Private Practice - Ex-Life

Archer seems to be insistent on dying but Derek verbally smacks some sense into him, Sam really is over Naomi (I think), Derek and Addison save a baby and her mom (again, or so it seems), and Cooper, Violet, and Peter deal with a crazed momma and Violet’s own fears of motherhood.

Videos From Grey's Anatomy Private Practice Crossover Ep

You know, I thought the whole penis-fish story arc in Grey’s Anatomy a couple seasons ago was kind of nasty but brain worms? Ew. This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy will feature some of the cast of ABC’s GA spinoff series Private Practice, who are in need of Derek’s expertise. We have some clips from the episode to share with you. (Spoilers ahead!)

TV Recap: Private Practice - Acceptance

The Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover continues with Archer’s seizures and brainworms, Addison’s insistence on making other people’s decisions for them, Violet’s babydaddy drama (which isn’t nearly as snappy as babymomma drama), and speculation on the familial relationship between Peter and Derek Shepherd.

Private Practice Sets Its Sights On Serious Rather Than Just Sexy

If I asked for a show of hands, how many of you could say that you were watching ABC’s Private Practice for the deep storylines? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Not a one. I will confess that I don’t watch the show because I love it’s “parent show” Grey’s Anatomy - because I hated the character of Addison Shepherd.

2008 Fall TV Premiere Schedule

Fall’s not that far away and as the summer shows are beginning to wrap up, I’ve been finding myself wondering when to expect some of my favorite shows to return from the summer hiatus. So I figure now’s as good a time as any to get started on the big premiere schedule. We’ll be posting previews for all of the new and returning shows this season and as always, the schedule is a work in progress.

ABC Fall 2008 TV Schedule posted their fall 2008 schedule on their website this week. The line-up includes their new series, Life on Mars as well as the new game show, Opportunity Knocks. For the most part though, the line-up looks pretty familiar with a few changes and some absences (farewell October Road!). Eli Stone moved to Tuesdays giving Mars the post-Grey’s timeslot.

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