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Video Interview: Prom's Good Girl And Bad Boy, Aimee Teegarden And Thomas McDonell

The center of the story is the unlikely romance between Nova, the overachieving girl who was too busy planning prom to actually secure a date, and Jesse, the rebellious loner who is way too cool to attend anything resembling prom. The two are forced to work together to make sure prom actually happens

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Prom Video Interview: The Long-Term Couple Yin Chang And Jared Kusnitz

Both Yin and Jared have years of acting experience behind them, unlike much of the Prom cast, and both have recently played high schoolers on television, Yin in a recurring role on Gossip Girl and Jared in a recent role on Secret Life of the American Teenager

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Part One Of Our Interview With Prom Screenwriter Katie Wech

Though I had been brought to Los Angeles by the studio to chat on camera with the fresh-faced young stars of the film, I also had a chance to spend a fantastic hour chatting with the film's writer, Katie Wech. Prom is the end product of a three-year contract Wech signed with Disney

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Prom Video Interview: The Class Clowns Joe Adler, Janelle Ortiz And Nicholas Braun

But not everyone who goes to prom is part of a longstanding couple or part of a couple at all, and three of the main characters in Prom are what you might call floaters

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Video Interview: Prom's Sophomores, Danielle Campbell, Nolan Sotillo And Cameron Monaghan

It's not just the college-bound seniors who get wrapped up in prom every year-- juniors, sophomores and even freshmen can hold out hope that they'll be invited by an upperclassman, or at least get in some of the pre-prom excitement. In Disney's Prom

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Video Interview: Prom's Golden Couple, Kyle Bunbury And DeVaughn Nixon

Playing Jordan and Tyler in Prom are Kylie Bunbury and DeVaughn Nixon, whose acting careers are as different as you can imagine. As Kylie describes it, Prom is "my first anything"-- she's had no professional acting career until now. DeVaughn, on the other hand

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