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Red Band Rant: I Hate Everything About The Innocence Of Muslims Except Its Right To Exist

You know that short, skinny little kid with a big mouth you knew when you were growing up? He was constantly talking shit about sports and people’s moms for the sole purpose of generating a reaction, but whenever someone stepped up to punch him in the face, he always weasled his way behind his bigger friends

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Rian Johnson Answer What Is A Looper?

Genre-bending writer-director Rian Johnson. The ever-compelling Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Bruce "Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker" Willis. If these three elements aren't enough to make you madly desire to see Looper no questions asked, then—to be frank—you make no sense at all to me.

A Good Day To Die Hard Will Cut Down On The Humor

A big part of what makes John McClane such a great character is the fact that he's always in the wrong place at the wrong time and he's perpetually upset about it. The early films have some of the best action movie one-liners of all time, and even the character's most famous line - "Yippee-Kay Yay, Mother fucker!" - was originally said as a quip in response to being a "cowboy."

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Christopher Meloni In Talks For The Jackie Robinson Biopic

When Jackie Robinson was first brought into the Major Leagues, it was obviously insanely controversial. The country was still extremely divided on race issues and there were many fans and members of the Brooklyn Dodgers organization that wanted Robinson off the team. That wasn't the case with Dodgers Manager Leo Durocher, however. In fact, Durocher once famously said, "I do not care if the guy is yellow or black, or if he has stripes like a fuckin' zebra...

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America, Fuck Yeah: 12 Patriotic Movie Moments

As I type this horns are honking in the streets of New York and a crowd is forming outside the Whitehouse, full of cheering Americans waving flags and shouting “mission accomplished”. Stereotypical representations to the contrary, it's not all that often we Americans really get together as a group and agree on much of anything

It's Time For Captain America: Fuck Yeah Part 2

Back in February, after the first TV spot for Captain America: The First Avenger aired during the Super Bowl, YouTube user CelticPredator had the inspired idea to recut the trailer with the song "America, Fuck Yeah" by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, from their film Team America: World Police.

Recut Captain America Trailer Screams America, F*ck Yeah

Back during the pre-production stages there was some concern about trying to sell Captain America: The First Avenger to international markets. After all, the USA isn't exactly

Kids Are All Right's Oscar Nom Is The Result Of Indie Film Bias, And That's Not All Right

Here’s the problem with most independent movies: they amble around without any real direction before choosing a seemingly arbitrary point

Why You Should Watch Shane Black Movies On Christmas

Notable for having been the first screenwriter in history to sell a script for seven figures, Shane Black is known for having a lot of similar themes in his scripts, from kidnapping plots to titles that start with the

Why You Should Watch Bad Santa On Christmas

This is a dark and disturbed Christmas comedy for everyone who’s sick of being forced to listen to some lounge-singer version of jingle bells when they walk through the grocery store. This is not a movie for the broad-shouldered

Mark Wahlberg Admits That The Happening Was A Bad Movie

Believe it or not, actors aren't dumb. Sure, they sometimes decide to make bad movies and smile and nod through promotion, but that's just because they are contractually obligated. Once removed from the whole

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New Movie Montage Thinks You Look Like Shit

Thanks to a crippling headache, I've been forced to spend most of today holed up in my room with the lights off and the shades drawn. Naturally, I probably don't look my best right now. In fact, if I were in a movie and a

Mark Millar Says He Will Reinvent Christopher Mintz-Plasse In Kick-Ass 2

Mark Millar recently confirmed that Kick-Ass 2 has been greenlit, but it's hard to know how honest the statement was. It's public knowledge that the film severely underperformed at the box office and

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Lost Return Of The Jedi Footage May Be Fake, George Lucas Is An Asshole

On Saturday, a video from Star Wars Celebration V leaked online. In it was a scene that George Lucas said was deleted from the opening of Return of the Jedi, a scene in which Luke Skywalker has completed building his

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Isla Fisher To Act Crazy In Female Version Of The Hangover

McClammy made two hilarious gems with his Kimmel viral videos, and if he can just bring some of that mojo to this movie, he and Fisher may both start getting the attention they deserve

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20 Years Since Home Alone: Adolescent Violence Hasn't Gone Far Enough

20 years ago, Kevin McCallister littered his house with jagged ornaments and menacing come-get-me’s. He escaped without one bruise. 20 years later, we’re still queasy and sheepish about adolescent violence

Red Band Rant: See Crazy Heart Once Every Five Years

Let’s say you have this friend. We’ll call him Jeff. Jeff is a total badass. He’s got a wicked sense of humor, a house with secret passageways and a big ass flat screen TV. Yes, his television is equipped with AT&T Uverse

Red Band Rant: We'll Laugh At Avatar In 50 Years

In fifty years, Avatar will be hilarious. Of course, by then, James Cameron will have died thinking he upgraded Ben-Hur and the majority of his dweeb brood won’t be able to admit they’re wrong

Blendcast: Three Men And One's A Woman

So, we finally gave in. We stopped the shit-strewing and decided to give Twilight a fair shake. Well, at least sorta. Former Mz Magazine contributor Rachel Skybetter stopped by to explain why a talented, educated woman

Monopoly Movie Plot Revealed, Ridley Scott's Involvement Explained

The film centers on a real estate agent living in Manhattan who sucks at his job, but is really good at playing Monopoly (Doesn't the presence of dice make it as much a luck game as a skill game?). The man then gets a hair up his ass

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