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Romany Malco: 7 Cool Things To Know About The Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison Star

There are A Million Little Things we could say about Romany Malco

8 Supporting Actors Who Make Every Single Thing Better

Here are 8 actors and actresses whose dependably excellent work throughout the years makes each show they’re a part of that much more enjoyable. Regardless of whether their roles are big or small, these are some of the hardworking thesps that add nothing but quality to every single project.

Steve Zahn And Romany Malco Join The Shield Creator's Intense New Thriller

The Shield creator Shawn Ryan’s new pilot Mad Dogs has locked down a good part of its main cast, bringing in Think Like a Man Too’s Romany Malco, Treme’s Steve Zahn and British actor Ben Chaplin, who also starred in the British original.

Romany Malco Joins Michael Douglas And Robert De Niro In Last Vegas

While had had hits in both 2005's The 40 Year Old Virgin and 2012's Think Like A Man, Romany Malco has largely stuck to the small screen over the last few years. In addition to starring in the first few seasons of Weeds (I will never understand why they axed his character), he has also had extended runs on shows like The Good Wife, No Ordinary Family and Unsupervised. But now he's getting back to the big screen once again.

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Interview: Saint John Of Las Vegas' Romany Malco

We’re used to seeing Romany Malco in laugh-out-loud comedies like The 40 Year Old Virgin, but he’s switching gears a bit for a more offbeat comedy, Saint John of Las Vegas

Movie News
Trailer: Steve Buscemi Is St. John Of Las Vegas

The first trailer for IndieVest Pictures' Saint John of Las Vegas has dropped and it looks funny in that dry, Coen brothers sort of way that has you laughing at things

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