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The Shining's Overlook Hotel Hosting Its Own Spooky Film Festival

The Overlook Hotel of The Shining isn't exactly a real place, but it looms large enough in our cultural imaginations that we're probably more afraid of it than most places that actually exist. And the hotel that stood in for the Overlook-- Estes Park, Colorado's Stanley Hotel-- is ready to take advantage of it. This year will be the inaugural year for the Stanley FIlm Festival

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Room 237's Latest Poster Hints At Its Twisting Center

While there were scads of remarkable movies at NYFF this year, none was as fun to watch in a crowd as Room 237. Leaping from one man's insistence that the whole film is Kubrick's confession for a historical deception, to other devoted fan's claims The Shining is about the Nazis, or the white man's destruction of the Native Americans, it's easy to get entangled in a group titter.

Room 237 Trailer: Do You Really Know Stanley Kubrick's The Shining?

At every film festival there's a movie that gets people excited and has them swearing that you HAVE to see it there, because it may never find its way to theaters. At the 2012 Sundance Film Festival that movie was Room 237, Rodney Ascher's documentary that gave a very certain group of The Shining fanatics a chance to share their theories with the world

The Shining Documentary Room 237 Gets New Trailer

The clip shows very little beyond some positive quotes and that carpet … whose pattern plays into one of the bizarre theories floated in the film. The trailer’s a bit misleading, however, as it claims to hold the answers to some of the Shining’s deepest mysteries. And Room 237 does not have answers.

Sundance Reviews: The House I Live In, Under African Skies And Room 237

I have at least managed to catch a handful of documentaries, all of them pretty terrific and likely to be picked up for your viewing soon enough. All of them tackle relatively big and serious issues, from apartheid-era South Africa to the war on drugs to the question or whether or not Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing (really!)

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