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5 Great Science Fiction Movies That Don't Involve Aliens Or Robots

Not all sci-fi is just robots and aliens, you know. Here are five great sci-fi films that go against the norm.

The Orville Producer Has Been Sharing Fun Behind-The-Scenes Photos To Get Us Hyped For Season 3

This producer of The Orville can't stop, won't stop posting behind-the-scenes pics.

Full Tomorrow War Trailer: Watch Chris Pratt Travel Through Time And Kick Ass

Chris Pratt dives into a dangerous time-travel adventure in The Tomorrow War.

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Doctor Who's Noel Clarke Has Responded To Those Rumors About His Return

The former Doctor Who star finally responded to rumors about his return.

Chris Pratt Finally Has A New Movie Coming And He's Getting Us Hyped

Chris Pratt has some high praise for his upcoming film.

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Huzzah! Seth MacFarlane's The Orville Celebrates Season 3 Going Back Into Production With New Set Photo

After months and months (and months and months) of waiting, The Orville cast and crew is finally back at work.

Doctor Who: It's A Sin Star Responds To Rumors That He Could Be The Next Doctor

Olly Alexander is finally commenting on the chatter surrounding him and Doctor Who.

Why Ridley Scott Won’t Make a Comic Book Movie

Though no stranger to exploring worlds of the strong and fantastic, Director Ridley Scott has still never touched a comic book movie, and finally admitted he has no interest.

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A Babylon 5 Movie Is Being Written And Could Happen

Thanks to its science-heavy subject matter and space theme, Babylon 5 is often lumped together with nerdy science fiction efforts like Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Buck Rogers and Star Trek.

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Evaluating 8 Of Isaac Asimov's Predictions About 2014

In 1964, Isaac Asimov wrote a story for the New York Times on what the world would----or perhaps could---look like 50 years in the future. At that point, Asimov was one of the world's best-known sci-fi experts, having written hundreds of stories about robots, distant planets, and interstellar empires. In other words, if anyone was going to correctly predict would the world looked like in 2014, it was going to be Asimov.

Monty Python Members Reunite For Sci-fi Farce Absolutely Anything

Time to dust off your favorite Monty Python's Flying Circus quotes. The groundbreaking sketch comedy show's surviving members, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle, are close to reteaming for a science-fiction farce titled Absolutely Anything. The live-action comedy, which will be directed by Jones, will center on a man who becomes the plaything of a group of aliens that bestow upon him the power to do "absolutely anything."

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Syfy Adds Three New Scripted Series Including Comic Adaptation Ghost Projekt

Syfy is on a roll with popular genre shows like Warehouse 13, Eureka, Haven and more recently Alphas, which can be added to that successful line-up with it being recently renewed for a second season. The channel also intends to roll out the first season of Lost Girl early next year, to coincide with the second season premiere of Being Human. So yeah, Syfy seems to be doing quite well for itself and, not surprisingly, they are keen to continue their original programming success by putting three new scripted series in development.

Fantastic Fringe Season 4 Teasers Continue To Ask, Where Is Peter Bishop?

I guess it's not enough for Fox's Fringe to be the most interesting, complex, and intricate narrative on television; it also has to have the most compelling marketing campaign. It just goes to show how much creative genius is behind the sprawling, multi-dimensional police procedural. We already showed off the first couple teases for the upcoming fourth season of the science fiction series, but here's the latest one, still asking, "Where is Peter Bishop?"

Syfy's Super-Powered Alphas Gets Its First Full Poster

Super-powered television hasn't been doing so well lately... so, is there any hope for Syfy's new show Alphas? Well, they just released the first poster for the show and, uh, meh? It looks super generic and boring to me but what do you think?

Forget Avatar, Lensman Is The Next Big Thing

Straczynski is working on an adaptation of the classic “Lensman” stories of E.E. "Doc" Smith. Smith was one of the earliest godfathers of science fiction. His work was first published in the thirties and went on to inspire many of genre’s most legendary authors

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SCI FI Goes Gaming With WCG GameQuest

SCI FI, has announced a new reality TV program scheduled to air in 2009. And given that it’s about video games, I think those of us who are skeptics can safely say that this could be a very interesting combination.

There's a Stargate Infinity?

The short lived cartoon is on DVD courtesy of Shout! Factory, who has released all 26 episodes in one set

Highlander: The Source Is Coming To DVD

We’ve gotten a look at the cover art as well as the extras the DVD will carry.

March Sees Stargate's Ark Of Truth

No science fiction series seems to die anymore, and the former television series is slated for two direct-to-DVD movies

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