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Comic Con Videos Showcase Game Of Thrones, Dexter And Shameless Panels

August is nearly here and at this point, Comic Con is pretty firmly in the rearview, but we're still seeing some coverage of the event make its way online. Today, that comes in the form of two videos, one of which showcases Showtime's presence at the San Diego-set convention, while the other gives us a look at Game of Thrones' panel and booth signings, in addition to some of the cast and George R.R. Martin's comments on their experience at the convention.

The Walking Dead Comic Con 2012 Panel Highlight Video

Comic Con is done, and I expect most, if not all of the costume glitter and lost lanyards have been swept away from the San Diego Convention center floor. Fortunately, we're still seeing videos of some of the panels make their way online. Earlier today we shared the full Spartacus: War of the Damned panel, and now we have a highlights video for the SDCC Walking Dead panel.

Spartacus War Of The Damned Comic Con 2012 Panel: Watch It Here

One of the highlights of my trip to Comic Con this year was the Spartacus: War of the Damned panel. In fact, I picked it as my favorite panel at SDCC this year. So it's very exciting to see that Starz has released the full panel online for those fans of the gladiator-focused series who weren't able to be at Comic Con earlier this month.

Operation Kino 72: The Dark Knight Rises And Comic Con 2012 In Review

This week on Operation Kino, we're reviewing the most anticipated movie of the summer, The Dark Knight Rises. From there we move on to a recap of this year's San Diego Comic Con, filling David in on what he missed by not attending, and going over the stuff we liked despite being exhausted from being marketed to for four days straight

Watch The Full Defiance Comic Con Panel Video: Syfy's Upcoming Series And Video Game

As we mentioned when we ran our recent feature on Syfy's upcoming sci-fi drama and video game Defiance, the approaching series had a pretty big presence at Comic Con in San Diego this year. In addition to ads all over the place (including the side of the Marriott and at the airport), the series and game were featured in a panel. For those of you who couldn't be there to see the cast, which includes Grant Bowler and Julie Benz, Syfy put the full panel on their site, and you can check it out here.

Breaking Bad Comic Con Panel Highlights Video

I can't seem to talk about Breaking Bad enough lately. Between my recent re-watch of the series via Netflix, which I'm still working my way through, getting to speak with the cast and creator Vince Gilligan at Comic Con, and last Sunday night's Season 5 premiere, I have Breaking Bad on the brain. One thing I didn't get to do while at SDCC was see the panel for the series. Fortunately, AMC has offered a highlight video featuring some of the best bits of the BB SDCC panel. Watch it ahead!

Comic Con: Wreck-It Ralph Director Rich Moore On Wowing Hall H And Telling Good Jokes

It didn't make the most noise at Comic Con or have the most star-studded panel, but Disney's animated film Wreck-It Ralph had one of the best receptions of any film at Comic Con this year, with the audience laughing constantly at clips from the adventure about the villain of an 8-bit video game

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Iron Man 3 At Comic Con: Talking Global Scale And What's Next For War Machine

I was lucky enough to get a little bit more up close and personal with Shane Black, the writer and director of Iron Man 3, and Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios co-chair who pretty much holds the entire Marvel cinematic universe in his hands

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Syfy's Defiance Invades Comic-Con: The Cast Tells Us What It's All About

If you were at Comic Con last week, or even just the San Diego airport, it's very likely that you saw some of Syfy's advertising for their upcoming series and video game Defiance. In addition to a giant ad on the side of the Marriott, there was a diner near the Convention center covered in Defiance advertising, including on and in the menu, on the tables, on the soda fountain behind the counter, on the napkins. Everywhere you looked, there was Defiance.

Fringe Comic-Con 2012 Season 5 Trailer

Fringe was moved to Hall H for its final Comic-Con visit and apparently it was an emotional affair. On Sunday morning, a giant line of fans filed in to witness the science-fiction's series farewell panel which not only discussed the fifth season but shared some exciting footage. Here's the three and a half minute teaser trailer shown at SDCC.

The Walking Dead Cast And Writers Talk About Season 3 At Comic Con 2012

For the second straight year, AMC's The Walking Dead panel was a bit hit at Comic-Con, however, a room that seats six thousand plus doesn't always offer the most intimate experience. Here are the highlights from roundtable interviews with most of the cast and producers, including Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey and Robert Kirkman.

The 6 Best Panels Of Comic Con 2012

If you’ve been reading a lot of Cinema Blend recently, you may have noticed two common occurring words in our headlines: Comic Con. From last Wednesday to yesterday six members of our staff – Katey Rich, Kelly West, Eric Eisenberg, Sean O’Connell, Jesse Carp and Dave Gonzales – ran around the San Diego Convention Center and adjacent hotels working to bring you absolutely every little bit of information we find about upcoming movies and television shows.

Comic Con: Watch Zach Galifianakis Surprise Robert Downey Jr. On The Red Carpet

I'm not especially proud about being part of that swarm, but at least I did manage to be well-positioned to capture one great thing-- a surprise appearance from Zach Galifianakis, who was doing press alongside Will Ferrell for their comedy The Campaign

Comic Con: Pacific Rim's Guillermo Del Toro On How To Actually Build Skyscraper-Sized Robots

Before del Toro stepped in front of the adoring Comic Con crowd, though, I caught up with him briefly to talk about Pacific Rim, particularly the parts of the story that are deeper than giant monsters vs. robots, and how he managed to incorporate a lot of practical effects into a movie about creatures that are the size of skyscrapers

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Comic Con: Watch Robert Downey Jr. Surprise A Bunch Of Kids Dressed As Iron Man

Just as Robert Downey Jr. makes every movie he's in better, he also improves photo ops, and as you can see below the gathering of the baby Iron Men got a whole lot more exciting when the man himself took the stage to join the kids

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Comic Con: Charlie Day Says Think Even Bigger About Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro and the cast of Pacific Rim dazzled the crowd at Comic Con on Saturday, showing off footage from the upcoming sci-fi film that will be the movie's only marketing effort until Christmas. Yeah, if you weren't there, you totally missed it-- but that doesn't mean you've totally missed the boat!

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Comic Con 2012 Costumes Day 4: From Wonder Woman To Galactus!

Well, folks, that's a wrap. The doors of the San Diego Convention Center have closed as yet another year of Comic Con has ended. We laughed, we cried, we waited on really long lines, but it was all for a good cause: covering the hell out of the event so all of you readers could feel like you were right there with us. The entire Cinema Blend team has returned to their respective parts of the world, but we're not quite done with Comic Con just yet.

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Buffy Turns 20 Comic Con Panel Live Blog

Among the last of the panels at SDCC this year, but certainly not the least is Buffy Turns 20: Celebrating 20 Years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While the TV series is not yet that old, the movie that started it all released into theaters in 1992. How time flies! We'll be live-blogging the panel, which features a great assortment of people from the Whedonverse, including Nicholas Brendon (Xander) and Clare Kramer (Glory), as well as writer/producer Jane Espenson, Dark rose editor Scott Allie, illustrator Georges Jentry, and the original Buffy Kristy Swanson.

Merlin Comic Con 2012 Panel Highlights Include Hints About Series 5 And A Returning Character

It's the last day of Comic-Con and among the final panels set up here in San Diego is one showcasing BBC's Merlin. Some interesting tidbits about the upcoming fifth season of Merlin were shared at the event, including the return of a very familiar face, and some hints about what's coming up for Season 5.

Guillermo Del Toro Brings Comic Con The First Ever Footage From Pacific Rim

Who in their right mind isn’t excited for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim? In addition to being the new project from one of the most brilliant, exciting filmmakers in the world, it happens to be a movie about giant robots that do battle with giant monsters. And today I got the chance to see exactly what that looks like.

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