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5 Reveals DC Needs To Make At San Diego Comic-Con

DC needs to make a serious statement at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and these are the reveals that we expect to see over the course of the weekend.

Jared Padalecki Receives Incredibly Touching Surprise From Fans

Jared Padalecki’s growing fan base has been following him since his early Gilmore Girls<. And along the ride to his fan favorite role in Supernatural there have been some personal road bumps for the actor. Padalecki recently opened up about his struggles with depression, addiction, and suicidal thoughts, and in response his fans gave a beautiful tribute.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Is Going To Explore The Past A Lot

The Walking Dead's Season 6 trailer gave fans a big look at the new mayhem and problems coming to the citizens of Alexandria. But sometimes new isn’t always the goal, and viewers will apparently be spending quite a bit of time in the past when next season shambles around.

Major Comic Con Lawsuit Is Headed To Federal Court

Comic con fans are starting the countdown as the huge international festival is just around the corner, but while fans of the organization are gearing up in excitement, San Diego Comic-Con International faces a lawsuit with the smaller Salt Lake Comic Con over the use of their trademarked name. The suit just took an even bigger turn as it heads up to federal court.

WonderCon Is Moving To A Different City, Could Comic-Con Be Next?

This past weekend marked the fourth year of WonderCon in its Anaheim location. After the move from San Francisco back in 2012 the comic convention saw a major growth in turnout, and now, four conventions later it has announced that it needs to move to another city.

The First Six Minutes Of The Walking Dead Season 5 Will Be Brutal

Get ready for it, The Walking Dead fans. When the AMC zombie drama returns for its fifth season, the opening scene is said to be seriously intense. In fact, from what we were told at Comic-Con by some of the cast and writers, it sounds like the first six minutes of Season 5 are going to be brutal.

Marvel Studios 2013 Comic-Con Live Blog

Thanks to the support of the fans here at the San Diego Convention Center, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become not only one of the most popular film franchises of all time, but also one of the most successful (already placing two films on the top five list of all-time box office earners worldwide).But that’s not the only reason people around here in Hall H are buzzing.

How I Met Your Mother Among 20th Century Fox TV Series Headed To Comic Con

Comic Con is a little over a month away, which means we're at the point where we should start hearing confirmation on what TV shows will be showcased at the convention. The list for 20th Century Fox TV's series has arrived online and indicates that a number of new series will be featured with panels, as well as How I Met Your Mother, which will make its Comic Con debut in San Diego to promote its final season.

Spartacus Creator Steven DeKnight And Cast Talk War Of The Damned

Prior to attending the excellent panel for Spartacus: War of the Damned, we had the opportunity to sit down with a couple of the cast-members and series creator Steven DeKnight to discuss the upcoming season, which premieres on Starz in January. See what Liam McIntyre, Cynthia Addai-Robinson and Manu Bennett had to say about their characters and what's ahead for Spartacus: War of the Damned.

Firefly Reunion Comic Con Panel Liveblog!

Hello Browncoats. You know why we're here. It's the Comic Con 10th Anniversary Firefly Reunion with Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Sean Maher, and Summer Glau. Will there be news now that Joss Whedon has the power of The Avengers behind him? Serenity 2? New Comics? SOMETHING? Let's find out!

The Legend Of Korra Comic Con Panel Liveblog!

The Legend of Korra is Nickelodeon's highest rated show, pulling in a 3.8 on average per episode and frequently out-scoring Mad Men in the ratings. With rumors of an additional 26 episodes getting picked up, everyone wants to know what this animated sequel-series to Avatar: The Last Airbender has up it's sleeve.

Community Comic-Con 2012 Panel Live Blog

It's the community San Diego Comic Con 2012 panel live blog. Season 4! There's no Dan Harmon and the cast has been shoved off to Fridays under the all seeing eyes of new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port, and we're here in Ballroom 20 mostly to see what they have to say about how one of our favorite shows and how they're going to keep it awesome.

Comic Con 2012 Costumes Day 1: From Brave To Bane!

I woke up this morning with no idea of what Con was going to be, and now I have a better idea of what Con is going to be, but feel a little bad for being semi-attracted to an underage Pikachu (you'll see - why'd she have to make a cute face?)

Movie News
Dragons: Riders of Berk Comic-Con 2012 Live Blog

Dragons: Riders of Berk is an upcoming Cartoon Network and Dreamworks Animation adaptation of the hit film How to Train Your Dragon starring Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and T. J. Miller. The show picks up right where the feature left off with Hiccup, now regarded as a master trainer of dragons, and his loyal steed Toothless ready for more adventures on Berk.

The Walking Dead Comic-Con Poster Shows Michonne, The Governor And More

The Walking Dead will definitely be a highlight of this year's San Diego Comic Convention and probably in two formats, the original Robert Kirkman series by Image Comics as well as the television adaptation from AMC. Fans of both, however, are obviously in for a very special treat. AMC just released the first official poster for their Walking Dead Comic-Con presence and the combination of images is surprisingly revealing, especially for those who have read the comics.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Schedule For Wednesday And Thursday Is Here!

That time of year has come once again. In a couple weeks nerds from around the globe will be descending upon the southern California for the annual San Diego Comic-Con. Just as they do every year, all of the major studios will be bringing their biggest upcoming titles to show off footage and get people excited for their future blockbusters. We’ve been hearing rumors for a while now about which movies will be making their way to the convention center and which movies won’t...

Movie News
Firefly Panel Set For Comic Con, Joss Whedon And Cast Reunite For 10th Anniversary

2012 marks the ten year anniversary of the short-lived but beloved Joss Whedon sci-fi drama Firefly. Not surprisingly, this event will not go ignored at Comic Con this year. In fact, the Serenity crew is reuniting for a panel at the San Diego-set convention. Details on that ahead along with Science's plans for the Dark Matters panel.

Glee Will Return To SDCC This Year With A Star-Studded Panel

It's no secret that Comic Con in San Diego is less about comics than it once was, with an increasing focus on video games, movies and television. Panels featuring our favorite stars and creators are featured at the summer event, giving fans the the opportunity to see them in person, ask questions and sometimes get a glimpse of what's ahead for whatever the project may be. While it's less about "comic," there is sort of common thread of sci-fi/supernatural/super-hero for most of what's on display.

Revolution, Arrow And Others To Be Previewed At San Diego Comic Con, TBBT Moved To Hall H

While there's no word (yet) on whether or not HBO or AMC will manage to get their huge series into Hall H at Comic Con this year, Warner Bros. TV released some information about their series, which includes The Big Bang Theory and Fringe. The CBS comedy and the Fox sci-fi drama will both be featuring panels at SDCC this summer, and fans will find them in Hall H, as opposed to the smaller Ballroom 20.

Fringe Auditions Several Celebs For Peter Bishop, Plus New Season 4 Promo

One of the benefits of attending Comic-Con is getting to see some cool footage that the shows or networks drummed up for the special occasion. While I was slaving away in ballroom 20 all day on Saturday (yes, all day), I was treated to many a sneak previews or special screenings, some of which, like Fringe, created videos specifically for the convention... that is, until the footage is released online a week or so later.

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