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Um, The Orville And Family Guy Might Do A Crossover Episode

This could be the weirdest TV crossover of 2018.

Watch The Orville's Seth MacFarlane Spoof Star Trek As A Teenager

The Orville creator and star's Star Trek love goes back a long way.

The Orville Renewed For Season 2 At Fox

We have some great news for fans of one of Fox's most creative new shows: The Orville is getting another season.

How Seth MacFarlane's The Orville Did In The Ratings

Seth MacFarlane knows how to build a fanbase, but did his new sci-fi series The Orville bring in the viewers?

The Orville Review: Seth MacFarlane Brings Laughs And Action To Fox's Sci-Fi Romp

From Quahog to outer space Seth MacFarlane goes, and The Orville could definitely get sci-fi fans pumped, assuming they just accept the Trek-iness of it all.

Why Fox's The Orville Is Unlike Any Other Sci-Fi TV Shows, According To Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane is touting his new series The Orville as something truly singular within the sci-fi genre. Here's what he told us about it.

Seth Macfarlane's The Orville Could Be TV's Next Great Sci-Fi Comedy

Seth Macfarlane is getting into live-action on Fox, and action is indeed welcome in this hilarious sci-fi comedy universe. Check out The Orville's trailer!

Celebrities Impersonate Other Celebrities In Hilarious Graham Norton Video

In case you were ever wondering whether Tom Hiddleston or Bradley Cooper could do a better Christopher Walken impression, Graham Norton has made the perfect celebrity impression-filled video for you.

Castle Actress Penny Johnson Just Landed A New Gig

Actress Penny Johnson Jerald was part of Castle's ensemble for four seasons, surprisingly losing her job a year before everyone ended up losing their jobs. Thankfully, she'll soon be back in primetime in a big way

Adrianne Palicki Just Joined A New Series, So What Does That Mean For S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Adrianne Palicki has just been cast in a new TV series, which has us wondering if this will affect her being able to appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Daniel Craig And Channing Tatum's NASCAR Heist Thriller Is Building An Incredible Cast

An all-star ensemble of actors has signed on to join Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum and director Steven Soderbergh in the upcoming heist film Logan Lucky.

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Seth MacFarlane Has A Crazy New Show That's Unlike Anything He's Done Before

After years of making his sense of humor come alive through animated shows like Family Guy and American Dad, Seth MacFarlane is putting together something completely different for his newest show.

Bordertown Review: Seth Macfarlane's Satirical New Comedy Plays Immigration For Laughs

The Seth Macfarlane animation empire is growing a little bigger, as the new comedy Bordertown will make its way to Fox in 2016. Here's what we thought of it.

Is The Family Guy Movie Still Happening? Here's What Seth MacFarlane Says

The idea for a major theatrical motion picture based on Family Guy has been a plan for years. However, it’s been in the cards for so many years that now we’re wondering whether or not the idea is still alive.

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What Ted 3 Should Be About, According To Amanda Seyfried

Ted 2 has so far failed to match the success of its original, but Amanda Seyfried has devised a perfect plan to rejuvenate the franchise.

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Why We’re The Millers Screwed Over Ted 2

We're The Millers forced Ted 2 to undergo some rather drastic changes.

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Watch Seth MacFarlane Do An Incredible Liam Neeson Impression

Seth MacFarlane’s busy making the rounds in support of Ted 2, and last night he popped up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,Anyone who knows Seth MacFarlane knows the comedian is pretty good with impressions, but his Liam Neeson is totally spot-on. Check it out.

Watch Seth MacFarlane Sing Cyndi Lauper's Greatest Hits As Stewie And Peter Griffin

It’s quite possible that no talk show host has nearly as much fun doing their job as Graham Norton. On a recent show he had both 80’s pop queen Cyndi Lauper and Family Guy creator and man of many voices, Seth Macfarlane as guests. So there’s really only one thing to do, have the characters from Family Guy sing selections from Cyndi Lauper’s Greatest Hits.

Ted Mocks Kim Kardashian On His Cute And Clever EW Cover

Back in November, Kim Kardashian “broke the internet” when she posed nude on the cover of Paper Magazine. Well now, upon the upcoming release of Ted 2 a certain loud-mouth teddy bear decided it’s about his time to share that Kardashian-styled spotlight

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Mark Wahlberg And Ted Lay Down The Law In Hilarious Ted 2 Clip

Watch Mark Wahlberg and Ted display their intimate knowledge of the American legal system in this hilarious Ted 2 clip.

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