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What Sex And The City Should Do With Samantha, According To Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall is officially done with playing Samantha Jones, but she has an idea to keep the character alive.

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Kim Cattrall Is Mad At Sarah Jessica Parker Over Sex And The City 3 Comments

There are still a lot of fans out there who would be happy to see a third Sex and the City movie, but one actress connected to the show is just fine with the fact there won't be another film.

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Sounds Like Sex And The City 3 Really And Truly Is Dead

It looks like Sex and the City 3 is officially dead in the water, at least according to star Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Why Sex And The City Got Its Ending Wrong, According To The Real Life Carrie

According to Candace Bushnell, aka the real real life Carrie Bradshaw, HBO's Sex and the City definitely missed the mark with the series finale.

Why Sex And The City 3 Should Happen, According To Miranda

It's been seven years since the ladies of Sex and the City have graced the big screen. Here's one reason another movie should be made.

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7 TV Characters Whose Jobs Can't Possibly Support Their Lifestyles

Ever watch TV and wonder why you can't afford to live like some of your favorite characters? Don't feel bad, they can't afford them either.

The Huge Change Sex And The City's Opening Credits Almost Had

Sex and the City has one of the most iconic sets of opening credits in TV history. As it turns out, they were almost very different in a couple of huge ways.

8 Great Shows We Can't Believe Have Been off The Air For Over 10 Years

TV is filled with such a variety of shows in all kinds of genres nowadays that it's easy to forget when other series actually came to an end. We've picked out 8 of the best shows that ended way longer ago than we thought.

The Walking Dead And Other Great TV Marathons Airing On New Year's Eve Weekend

What better way to welcome the New Year than by watching a ton of marathons featuring some of your favorites shows. We've collected some of the best marathons happening this weekend, so hit the jump for all the details.

Carrie Fisher's 8 Best TV Roles

In honoring the late and great Carrie Fisher, we're looking back and remembering her eight best television roles, as well as listing if and where they're available to watch.

One Sex And The City Star Would Be Down For Another Season

Sex and the CIty accumulated such an enthusiastic audience over its first six seasons that two feature films were produced for the big screen. Now, one actress has said that she'd be game for a seventh season.

Who Sex And The City's Creator Originally Wanted For Mr. Big

Prolific show creator Darren Star has been behind some of the biggest TV shows in the past few decades, including Melrose Place, Sex and the City and TV Land’s newer series Younger. But despite his success, he doesn’t always get who he wants for every role.

Is Sex And The City 3 A Possibility? Sarah Jessica Parker Has An Update

Sex and the City has die-hard fans that will make your average Trekkie or Whovian look utterly well adjusted. These fans are so committed that even the critically-trashed Sex and the City 2 hasn’t killed their appetite for more about Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.

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All Of Sex And The City Is Now Available On Amazon Prime

Fans of online video streaming will discover that Amazon Prime recently upped the ante with a move that has made the service a whole lot sexier. Amazon Prime has released all six seasons of the phenomenally popular HBO series Sex and the City.

Sex And The City 3 Is Apparently Happening... Because, I Don't Know Why

Sex and the City may live again. Jennifer Hudson made some comments recently that indicate that another sequel to the films may be in the works. It may be safe to file this one under tentative, for the time being, but from what Hudson says, there's been talk of another movie.

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July 4th TV Marathons Include The Walking Dead, Futurama, Batman, The Twilight Zone & More

July 4th is a great time of year to celebrate the birth of our great nation, appreciate Independence, democracy and our troops whilst filling our stomachs with barbecued goodies and feasting our eyes on fireworks displays. Or we can stay inside and watch non-stop The Walking Dead episodes back to back to back!

Sex And The City Director Says There's One Chapter Left In Carrie's Story

Will there be another Sex and the City movie? Should there be? Do we want one? Would the cast do it? Is there more story to tell? These are the questions Sex and the City writer/director/executive producer Michael Patrick King addressed in a recent interview, and the answers are mostly maybes, with one yes.

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It's Not 'Hard' To See Why HBO Is Remaking A French Porn Comedy For America

Continuing the trend of remaking popular overseas properties, HBO has turned to the French (Mon Dieu!) for their next venture, and they’ve got a Sex and The City writer attached. That program is Hard, a French comedy that ran from 2008 – 2011 in its home country and was a hit in its homeland. Looking at the synopsis for the series, it’s not hard (yeah, that’s going to happen a lot) to see why the show was so successful — or why HBO might be excited about its American potential.

The Carrie Diaries Finds Its Samantha Jones, Check Her Out

Those familiar with Sex and the City should be just as familiar with Samantha Jones, one of Carrie Bradshaw's closest friends and confidants, who was originally portrayed by Kim Cattrall in both the HBO TV series and the movies that followed. But how did these two characters meet? The Carrie Diaries aims to explore that scenario in its upcoming second season.

Sex And The City's Darren Star Adapting Honest Toddler For A TV Show

The man who turned Sex and the City from a book (based on a newspaper column) into a successful HBO TV series is aiming to do something similar for Honest Toddler, a popular Twitter feed, which has recently been adapted to a book. The show - should it actually go on to become a show - is described as "a Modern Family from a toddler's point of view."

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