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Shameless' Emmy Rossum Just Landed A Crazy New TV Show

Shameless star Emmy Rossum will soon jump into a new series with a bizarre story.

Shameless Renewed For Season 9 At Showtime

Few things are ever certain when it comes to shows' futures on television. Fortunately, we have some very good news for fans of Showtime's Shameless.

That Time Emmy Rossum Was Asked To Show Up In A Bikini For A Big Movie Role

Apparently it's not uncommon for actresses in Hollywood to be asked to put on bikinis, as Emmy Rossum recently revealed that she got asked to do a movie in the past year, but it came with a caveat.

Movie News
The 10 TV Shows That Mention Drugs And Alcohol The Most

Over the years television has been a major source for drug and alcohol references in pop culture, and here are the ten shows with the most intoxicating mentions.

Shameless Renewed For Season 8 At Showtime

Many went to sleep last night wondering if Shameless would indeed go on for at least one more year, and Showtime brightened our mornings with confirmation that Shameless was renewed for Season 8.

Emmy Rossum And Shameless Are In A Contract Dispute And It Could Mean Bad Things For The Show

Shameless is currently airing its seventh season on Showtime, but it looks as if the subscription cable network wants to bring the show back for an eighth season. However, there may be an impediment to the renewal

10 Great Cable Shows Streaming On Netflix Right Now

Netflix has a vast library of TV shows just waiting to be watched, and some of those shows still have new episodes airing. Check out our picks for 10 great cable series streaming on Netflix now that could help you catch up on shows you missed from the beginning.

Shameless Has Been Renewed For Season 7

Showtime has a penchant for keeping shows on the air for a long, long time. For avid fans, this is great news, although some may argue that at least a few of Showtime’s shows have overstayed their welcome during their runs.

The Top 10 TV Shows Of 2014, According To Kelly

It's been a great year for television, and narrowing down the list of best TV shows for 2014 was no easy task. Between comedy, drama and the growing number of shows that fall somewhere in between, the bigger challenge isn't finding ten great shows, it's narrowing down the selection of favorites to the series that standout as this year's absolute best.

When Shameless, House Of Lies And Episodes Will Return To Showtime

For all the quality upgrades that cable series have in comparison to broadcast networks, it’s always a bummer to have to wait eons for news about the next season. Thankfully, Showtime has gone public with the premiere date for the upcoming seasons of Shameless, House of Lies and Episodes.

Shameless Adds Dermot Mulroney For A Recurring Role

Dermot Mulroney has signed on for a recurring role in Shameless's fifth season, which is expected to air in 2015. From the character description it sounds like he'll play a potential -- ok, most likely eventual -- love interest to Fiona. Spoiler alert if you're not caught up on Shameless through Season 4!

2014 Emmy Nominations: 5 Major Snubs And 5 Much-Deserved Loves

Following up on the lengthy list of Emmy nominations that was announced today, we've picked over the choices the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences made with regards to the main categories, and we found quite a few reasons to applaud the nominees, and just as many reasons to to wave our fists and complain over the talented actors and outstanding TV shows that didn't make the cut this year.

Shameless Will Switch From Drama To Comedy For This Year's Emmy Award Consideration

Shameless is long overdue for more awards recognition and perhaps switching from the drama category to comedy will do the trick in securing some wins. That may be what the Showtime series is hoping for as they have reportedly received approval to qualify for the comedy categories for the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Shameless Renewed For Season 5 Because Nobody Cancels The Gallaghers

Nobody cancels the Gallaghers! Showtime appears to agree as the premium cable network has picked up Shameless for a fifth season. Along with the Season 5 renewal for the excellent and under appreciated dysfunctional family-centric dramedy, Showtime has also renewed House of Lies for Season 4. Both series join Episodes in being lined up for new seasons in 2015.

Shameless Season 4 Breakdown: A Divided Look At The Divided Gallaghers & Friends

Shameless fans know that the Gallaghers are at their best when they’re united, and that their time to shine always comes when they’re plowing through adversity. They’re survivors, and the act of surviving is the driving force of this series. So what happens when they’re actually on their feet but separated, either literally or figuratively?

Watch Shameless, Episodes And House Of Lies Full Season Premiere Episodes Early And Free Here

In what is likely an effort to whet viewers’ appetites for some of their returning original programming, Showtime has made the season premiere episodes of Shameless, Episodes and House of Lies available for free online ahead of their planned premieres this Sunday night. This should help curb some of the anxiety TV watchers may be experiencing in anticipation of next Sunday night, which piles the Golden Globes, HBO premieres...

Shameless Season 4 Trailer Teases More Glorious Gallagher Mayhem

If you’re like me, you spent more hours than you care to admit binge-watching Shameless on Showtime this weekend. It’s been virtually nothing but Gallaghers on the premium cable channel since Friday afternoon, as Showtime has aired (or is in the process of airing, technically) all three seasons of the dysfunctional family dramedy a week ahead of its fourth season premiere.

Shameless, House Of Lies And Episodes Series Marathons Set, Beginning This Weekend

So you’ve heard all about how amazing-funny-dramatic-unpredictable Showtime’s Shameless is and you’ve been meaning to marathon through the first few seasons to get caught up for the Season 4 premiere? Or maybe you’re just looking for a refresher course.

Shameless Season 4 Poster Shows The Gallaghers Looking All Fired Up

Ok, who got the Gallaghers all fired up? Knowing what we do about the upcoming fourth season of the underrated Showtime drama, it’s more a “what” than a “who” per se for these Shameless characters. But the new poster for Season 4 teases a united front as the Gallaghers look as though they’re roaring for a revolution. And as the tagline says, “This ain’t no tea party.”

'Episodes' Preview Teases Pucks Problems And A New Boss For Carol

When a show goes more than a year between seasons, we begin to wonder if that series is still on or if it was cancelled. This seems especially true for cable television, which is where it tends to happen more often than with network TV. Such is the case for Episodes, which believe it or not, isn’t cancelled. The Showtime comedy hasn’t really settled on what time of year it wants to air.

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