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Shadow of the Eternals Is On Hold

Shadow of the Eternals, the spiritual successor to GameCube survival horror game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, has been shelved by Precursor Games. The studio announced on Friday that they're taking a rest from the project following two failed Kickstarter campaigns.

Shadow of the Eternals Is Eternal Darkness Successor

Today Precursor Games sent out a teaser trailer for a game called Shadow of the Eternals. Shadow is billed as a successor to the GameCube horror game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

Too Human Dev: If Used Games Continue There Won't Be An Industry

Too Human lead and boss of studio Silicon Knights, Denis Dyack, had some extra misconceptions to share about the state of the industry, its current direction and how it's dying, all because of used game sales.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Sequel Coming To Wii U?

Could Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem be getting its long-awaited sequel? Developer Silicon Knights says that they're bringing back its "most requested" IP in their next game.

X-Men Destiny Launch Trailer Starts The War

Activision and Silicon Knights sent out the launch trailer for X-Men Destiny today. It should get you properly amped up for the game's release tomorrow.

GamesCom 2011: X-Men: Destiny Screenshots Encounter Iceman

In X-Men Destiny, players will control brand new characters in the X-Men universe. However, as the new screenshots prove, they'll still run into some familiar faces.

GamesCom 2011: X-Men Destiny Trailer Has Super Powers

Activision has sent out a new trailer for X-Men Destiny. This latest trailer offers gameplay footage of the various super powers you'll wield.

X-Men: Destiny Trailer Introduces Players To Choices And Consequences

The new trailer focuses mostly on the two new recruits and the strong subtext of consequence attached to choice. The premise sounds interesting and some of the action set pieces in the video look really awesome.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time, X-Men Destiny Voice Talent Announced

Activision is enlisting top television and film actors for the upcoming comic book games Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men Destiny. Today they announced who will be playing key roles in each game.

Review: Too Human

No one more eagerly awaited the release of Too Human than me. Not because I was excited by the game, but because I was goddamn sick of hearing people declaring it undeniably brilliant or irredeemably horrible before they even played the game. Now, finally, it's arrived in stores and it's time to find out which forum monkey faction was right.

Microsoft Bringing Home Too Human Demo Next Week

Each year at E3 Microsoft likes to do a little thing called “Bringing it Home” where the publisher offers lots of videos and demos from the E3 conference. Sometimes these items are good, and others not so much.

Editorial: Too Human Offers Too Little Too Late

As a gamer you pretty much had no choice to get stoked over Too Human with the news about offline and on-line co-op, multiple classes and an in-depth character upgrade and skill-tree feature. Just this year we’ve been getting more content and feature demonstrations from the folk over at Silicon Knights, but I can’t help but honestly state how trivial and stultified the entire game now seems.

Pre-Order Too Human And Get New Threads

We're about two months away from the release of Too Human and Microsoft's sweetening the pot for those of you who pre-order. If you throw down a few bucks to reserve your copy now, you'll get five exclusive sets of armor for your character free.

So Wait, Is Killer Instinct 3 Coming Out Or Not?

In a recent article from, EGM’s surreptitious scuttlebutt scavenger, Quartermann, seems to have uncovered news that Rare is hard at work on a new Killer Instinct game goofily titled, Killer Instinct 3D: Death, Destruction, and Doom.

Too Human Finally Gets A Release Date, Loses Offline Coop

If you’re looking forward to Too Human at all, and you really should be, then today is a see-saw of emotions. One the one hand we finally have a release date: August 19 in US, and August 29 in Europe.

Preview: Too Human

Well if you like RPG’s, but wish they weren’t so slow paced. Or if you like epic action games, but wish they weren’t so mindless. In either case Too Human might be worth looking into. I’m one of those people who have been suckered into the Too Human sordid love affair.

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