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The Popular Star Trek Storyline That Discovery Might Use

Yet another popular storyline from the Star Trek franchise is coming to Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Probably Won't Happen For A While

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery may be further away than fans realize.

Star Trek: Discovery Had The Best Original Series Easter Egg, Check It Out

Some Star Trek fans noticed a very cool Easter egg in last night's premiere episode.

Why Star Trek: Discovery Viewers Should Expect A Lot Of Crazy Episode Endings

The big series premiere for Star Trek: Discovery ended on a huge shock and a cliffhanger, and that will apparently be the norm during this first season.

6 Big Things Star Trek: Discovery's Two-Part Premiere Showed Us

Star Trek: Discovery has finally arrived, and things are already getting crazy. Be warned that there are major SPOILERS for the first two episodes of Season 1.

Would Quentin Tarantino Really Make A Star Trek Movie? Here’s What He Said

Quentin Tarantino has recently expressed interest in directing a new type of Star Trek film, but could it really happen?

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What Star Trek Discovery Could Have Been Like, Had Bryan Fuller Stayed

Bryan Fuller's vision for Star Trek: Discovery would've been something the franchise had never seen before.

What Kind Of Star Trek Movie Quentin Tarantino Would Like To Make

The Star Trek franchise has lasted for over 50 years and it's still going strong. While we wait for the fourth entry in the J.J. Abrams-led reboot, another major director has an idea of what he would love to do with Star Trek.

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Watch Conan's Associate Producer Hilariously Explain Why Star Wars Is Better Than Star Trek

Seemingly since the birth of Star Wars in the late 1970s, there has been an ongoing battle between fans of Star Wars and fans of Star Trek. Now, one man has explained which is truly better, at length.

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Why The Original Star Trek Stars Don’t Benefit From Reruns

Despite being a part of one of the most culturally significant shows ever created, none of the stars of the original Star Trek series benefit from reruns of the show.

Why William Shatner Thinks That Star Trek Movie Gig That Almost Happened Was Stupid

William Shatner's doesn't particularly care for the cameo that was written for him for the 2009 Star Trek reboot movie. Here's why.

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Another Star Trek Actor Is Hoping For A Fourth Movie

Cast members like Zachary Quinto have been open about their willingness to return for another adventure on the Enterprise, and now another actor has expressed his hope that the franchise continues

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How Fox's The Orville Is Like Star Trek, According To Deep Space Nine Vet Penny Johnson Jerald

Comedy mastermind Seth MacFarlane has stepped out from his animation roots for the upcoming fall TV season, and is giving us a live action, sci-fi space comedy, The Orville. Science fiction fans will recognize the similarities to previous shows like Star Trek, and now star Penny Johnson Jerald (who also co-starred on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine back in the day) has revealed just how much the shows have in common.

The Rivalry Between Star Trek And Star Wars Just Landed Someone In Jail

The debate between Star Wars and Star Trek has raged among geeks for decades, and it seems that a furious argument over the two properties has finally landed someone in jail.

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A Former Star Trek Actor Will Be Directing Discovery For CBS

A former star of Star Trek will be directing an episode for Star Trek: Discovery, and let's just say we think the choice is "Number one."

TV Cancellation Protests Have Been Happening For A Long Time

Believe it or not, protesting show cancellations happened before you could just sign a petition on the internet.

George Takei Responds To Star Trek: Discovery's Diversity Controversy

While many are excited for Star Trek: Discovery to air, the series has sparked a bit of controversy with its diverse cast. Here's what George Takei had to say about that.

The Real Math Behind Star Trek's Redshirts Theory

Being a "Redshirt" on the USS Enterprise has long been considered a kiss of death in the Star Trek universe. New math is showing our assumptions may have been quite wrong.

Where Star Trek: Discovery Currently Stands, According To CBS

Star Trek: Discovery's status has been a mystery to Trekkies after a series of delays, but now it seems that we know where the upcoming series stands. Get the details!

How Patrick Stewart Transitioned From Star Trek To A Major Movie Career

Over the years, Patrick Stewart has headlined a slew of projects, including Logan. Here's how he was able to jumpstart his movie career.

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