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Disney+'s A Droid Story: 7 Questions We Have About The Star Wars Special

Star Wars: A Droid Story is one of a number of Lucasfilm productions we know very little about.

Solo's Thandiwe Newton Explains The 'Mistake' Of Killing Her Character, And Why It Happened

Thandiwe Newton’s Solo character Val didn’t get a lot of screen time.

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6 Star Wars Comics Reveals That Enhance The Original Trilogy

These reveals from Star Wars comics add depth and connections to the original trilogy.

Why You Shouldn’t Really Compare Dune To Star Wars, According To Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac explains why Dune and Star Wars shouldn't be equated with each other.

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How One Mandalorian Star Landed Role Despite Ripping On Star Wars Fans A Lot

One Mandalorian star landed their role in a pretty unique way.

Disney+'s Lando: 7 Questions We Have About The Star Wars TV Show

There isn't much information on Disney+'s Lando, which leaves us with a number of questions.

Star Wars Has Finally Renamed Boba Fett’s Ship, And The New Title Actually Makes Sense

Star Wars has given Slave I a new name, and it actually fits.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1 Ending Explained: What Happened To Nala Se?

Here's what became of Nala Se as well as the other major characters of Star Wars: The Bad Batch at the end of Season 1.

Mark Hamill Shares Funny Story Behind Empire Strikes Back’s Trippiest Sequence

Mark Hamill is Star Wars' biggest cheerleader, and he recently shared a funny story behind Empire Strikes Back's dream sequence.

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Emilia Clarke’s Solo Character Will Be Getting Even More Attention In The Star Wars Universe

You’ll be seeing more of Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Qi’ra soon.

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Star Wars Rebels’ Tiya Sircar Has A Message For Fans Campaigning For Her In The Disney+ Ahsoka Series
Star Wars' Visions TV Show Reveals A+ Cast, Including Star Trek Legend George Takei, David Harbour, Lucy Liu And More
5 Reasons Why I Think Star Wars Fans Will One Day Love The Star Wars Sequels, Especially The Last Jedi

A lot of fans dislike the Star Wars sequels, but I think they'll love them in time, and I have 5 reasons why.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses His Huge Biceps And Mark Hamill Uses Star Wars Memes To Explain Why Fans Should Listen To Doctors About Covid
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Disney World’s Rise Of The Resistance At Galaxy’s Edge Made History This Weekend, But Not How You’d Expect

Something absolutely incredible happened with Rise of the Resistance at Disney World over the weekend.

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Taika Waititi Provides Update On What's Happening With His Star Wars Movie

Following his time in Star Wars television, Taika Waititi is now contributing to the film side of the franchise.

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5 Rogue One Characters That Should Get Disney+ Spinoffs After Star Wars' Cassian Andor

Diego Luna's Cassian Andor is far from the only Rogue One character who deserves a Disney+ spinoff.

Disney World Feels Need To Explain To Guests That Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Won’t Actually Take Them Into Space
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3 Reasons Why A Star Wars And Marvel Crossover Shouldn't Happen

Now that the idea is back out into the universe, it's time to once again strike it down before anyone gets ideas.

Star Wars Fans Are Annoyed After Disney Reveals Star Wars Galactic Cruiser Experience Ticket Prices
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