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How Adam Wingard's You're Next Has Been Improved On Its Long Journey To Theaters

We’ve been waiting a long time for Adam Wingard’s You’re Next. The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, where it received rave reviews, and followed that up with a screening at Fantastic Fest that same year, but since then has been completed off the map.

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Miles Teller And Shailene Woodley Wow SXSW With The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now is a powerful film and a big reason it’s able to maintain its emotional punch is by never being preachy or over-dramatic. In the hands of lesser filmmakers the story would focus on how the wayward youths find their way back to the straight and narrow...

Jane Levy Talks Blood, Giggles, Scratches, Swamps And Everything Evil Dead

The day after the Evil Dead screening at SXSW I had the pleasure of quickly chatting with the actress about her starring role. Head inside to learn about Levy’s great time playing a demonic psycho,...

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SXSW: You're Next Is How You Do A Home Invasion Thriller Right

Though it would be inappropriate to label You’re Next as a horror comedy, as the movie doesn’t spend a whole lot of time making jokes or winking at the audience, don’t think that means it isn’t one hell of a fun ride. The scares are so effective, bloody and intense that you can’t help by giggle afterwards as a reflex...

Short Term 12, William And The Windmill Take Top SXSW Awards

Destin Daniel Cretton’s Short Term 12, an ensemble drama about a 20-something caretaker (Brie Larson) at a foster care facility, took home the Narrative Feature award at the South By Southwest Film Festival on Tuesday evening. In the Documentary category, Ben Nabors’ winning William and the Windmill took home the top prize.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tackles Porn Addiction, Beds Scarlett Johansson in SXSW's Don Jon

The story of Don Jon will be its use of pornography to tell of Jon’s predicament, and there are multiple discussions we can have regarding imagery in the media perverting the communal mind when it comes to sex, or Jon’s mistaken belief that simply attending weekly confession will return him to the straight-and-narrow path toward righteousness and healing.

Director Fede Alvarez Finds The Spirit Of The Evil Dead

Thanks to its legion of fans, incredible impact on the horror genre, and the fact that it gave birth to icons like Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, the original Evil Dead movies are more than just great; they’re legendary.

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SXSW: Mud Further Cements Jeff Nichols As A Must-Watch Filmmaker

Mud is a very different movie from Take Shelter in many ways, but that only serves to make it such an exciting follow up, showing off Nichols’ versatility and promising that he has a lot to offer modern filmmaking. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Danny Boyle Updates SXSW On Trainspotting Sequel And Trance

Hosted by NY Times columnist David Carr, the gathering felt like a cinematic celebration of Boyle’s stunning career achievements, running through clips on commentary from films like Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and a montage of snapshots from hits like 127 Hours, Millions, Sunshine and 28 Days Later.

Bruce Campbell Explains Why It's More Fun To Watch Evil Dead Movies Than Make Them

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies will forever stand as one of my favorite trilogies of all time. They’re endlessly re-watchable films that just have the perfect blend of horror and comedy, but as fun as they are to watch, apparently the opposite is true when it comes to making them.

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Spring Breakers Delivers Drugs, Debauchery And James Franco's Best Performance Yet To SXSW

It’s not often you witness the birth of an iconic screen character, but Franco pushes Alien into the annals of Hollywood lore with his gonzo performance.

Rose Byrne And Rafe Spall Reverse Romantic Comedy Standards In SXSW's I Give It A Year

It’s always uncomfortable to watch married people fight. In a perfect world they would be the happiest among us, as they’ve found someone to love and cherish for as long as they both shall live, But then reality kicks in with the fact that just because people share a pair of rings doesn’t make them dreamily happy.

Drinking Buddies' Anna Kendrick, Olivia Wilde And Jake Johnson Talk Improv, Skinny Dipping At SXSW

“I hardly remember the process,” Wilde said, with a hint of awe in her voice. She added that she watches scenes in the finished film and doesn’t remember saying chunks of the dialogue.

SXSW: Adam Brody Shines In Daisy von Sherler Mayer's Some Girl(s)

Based on the play by Neil LaBute and told through five distinctly separate-yet-connected segments, the story follows an unnamed writer (Adam Brody) as he travels around the country to visit women with whom he’s had a romantic past just as he’s about to get married.

Is Danny Boyle Interested In Being The Next James Bond Director?

It’s a question I posed to Boyle at the conclusion of a roundtable interview today at the South By Southwest film festival. When I asked about Bond, a large smile broke across Boyle’s face as he contemplated the answer...

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Sam Raimi Made Sure Evil Dead 4 Wouldn't Be Affected By The Remake

It’s a very good time to be an Evil Dead fan. Not only is the upcoming remake from director Fede Alvarez a gory, disgusting blast, but just last week Sam Raimi told an audience in London that he and his brother Ivan will be working on a script for Evil Dead 4 this summer.

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Evil Dead Director Says Sequel Will Be Completely Different

“I think it has to go to a place that nobody will expect,” the director said. “That’s what it should be…We have to take everybody by surprise and do something completely different, because that’s what we owe to the legacy of Evil Dead.”

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SXSW: The Most Depraved Reality Show You'll Ever See

Even though he starts his movie with a Kim Kardashian quote, he doesn’t throw the Warwicks under the bus for wanting to be famous. They never seek the white-hot spotlight of television fame – like too many seem to do these days.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Changes Title Of Directorial Debut Don Jon's Addiction

"People were assuming it was a film about porn addiction and sex addiction, which really isn't true," Joseph Gordon-Levitt explained. "That'd be sort of like saying The Maltese Falcon

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Shane Carruth's Upstream Color Intrigues And Fascinates At SXSW

I’ll admit I was hesitant about attending last night’s screening of Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color during the opening night of the SXSW Film Festival. When the movie debuted at Sundance earlier this year it was met with an extreme mix of both critical praise and widespread confusion.

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