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Classic Adventure Game Syberia Is Being Re-Released On Nintendo Switch

Having previously announced Syberia 3 to the Nintendo Switch, Microids has now decided to go back to the beginning, as the first game is now going to ported to the new console.The old game is being remastered for the Switch by Koalabs, allowing gamers to play the first title in the series on the portable console.

One Way Syberia 3 Will Change For The Nintendo Switch

Microids and Anuman Interactive are working on finishing up Syberia 3 so that they can ready the game for release on April 25th for home consoles and PC. One system, in particular, will be getting some special treatment for the game, and that's the Nintendo Switch.

Syberia 3 Coming To Consoles, PC In 2015

Video game fans of Kate Walker and her adventures in the Syberia series created by Benoit Sokal, can get excited once again as Walker will be returning to the digital space in a brand new game set for release within the next few years for multiple platforms.

Sony Makes It Hard For Indie Devs To Prosper On PS3

Microids sent out a press release regarding a game that could be on the PS3, but probably won’t and it’s all because of Sony.

Syberia 3 To Be Cross-Platform Playable Between PC/PS3

Seems like a good idea, right? Cross-platforming between two game platforms? Well, Microids obviously thinks so, which is why they’re implementing the feature into their upcoming point-and-click adventure game, Syberia 3.

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