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What Life After The Bachelorette Has Been Like For Rachel Lindsay And Bryan Abasolo

Television's latest Bachelorette shares how her and her fiance's lives have changed following their time on the show.

Why The Bachelorette's Peter Kraus Turned Down Being The Bachelor

Peter has revealed why he rejected appearing on The Bachelor.

The Next Bachelor Has Been Chosen, And It's Someone We Haven't Seen In A While

Don't expect to see any recent Bachelorette contestants as the newest Bachelor star, since we haven't seen this guy in years.

The 10 Most-Watched TV Shows Of The Summer, Ranked

This hasn't been a great summer for the box office, but there have definitely been some big winners on the small screen. Here are the 10 most-watched shows of Summer 2017.

Why The Bachelorette Is Postponing Its Next New Episode

ABC won't be airing the next new episode of The Bachelorette on Monday as expected for one very big (and pretty understandable) reason.

One Bachelorette Contestant Is Getting A Lot Of Attention Over Some Sketchy Tweets

Just when you thought The Bachelorette's biggest problem was WHABOOM guy, this unsavory bit of info surfaces about another contestant.

ABC In Hot Water Over Bachelorette Contestant's Transphobic Remarks

The Bachelorette took one much-needed step forward when they announced their first African American Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, but now ABC is some hot water.

Former Bachelor Star Arrested After Deadly Car Accident

A former star of The Bachelor and other reality shows was arrested following a fatal car accident.

How Rachel Lindsay Feels About Being The First Black Bachelorette

The new Bachelorette shares her view on what it means to be the first African-American contestant on the series.

The Bachelorette Is Finally Getting A Black Lead

In a rare move from ABC, details about the next Bachelorette season are being revealed, and a huge change is coming.

Why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Hates The Bachelor So Much

NFL legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also well-known as a thoughtful writer and activist, and he actively wrote about all the problems he has with The Bachelor-type shows. Read his wild thoughts.

One Bachelorette Contestant Really Wants To Be The Next Bachelor

It's hard to be a reality TV star when the show is pitting you as the villain. Such was the lot of Chad Johnson this season, when the series chose to pit him as the big bad of the season, mostly thanks to some outrageous comments he made during his time on the series.

Aaron Rodgers Finally Discussed His Brother Being On The Bachelorette

There's been a lot of talk about this summer's Bachelorette competitor Jordan Rodgers, and it's not simply because the Season 12 contestant has done really well during his time on the show. It may also have to do with the fact he has a famous brother.

Watch Kristen Wiig Do Her Best Bachelorette Impression

Kristen Wiig has made a big name for herself on the big screen thanks to some majorly funny film roles, but she got back to her SNL roots in a recent late night appearance when she channeled her inner Bachelorette.

Would The Bachelorette's Chad Sign On For The Bachelor?

This season of The Bachelorette boasted Bad Chad Johnson, the "villain" who made headlines with his confrontational schtick with other contestants. When asked if he'd be interested in becoming the Bachelor for that show's next season, here's what he had to say.

How The Bachelorette's Chad Johnson Is Hilariously Trolling Other Contestants

This season of The Bachelorette features one of the most over-the-top villains in this show's history, and Chad Johnson isn't keen on just keeping his antagonistic ways to just the stuff people see on-screen.

The Bachelor Season Finale Just Ended With A Shocking Reveal For The Bachelorette

It’s always shocking when The Bachelor pulls out a surprise that it hasn’t used before in 20 seasons, but it happened tonight. And rather than Ben decision, this shocker involved the next season of The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette And Fiance Bet Jimmy Kimmel Big Bucks They'll Make It

Following the exciting episode, the newly engaged couple headed to Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, where he asked them to take a pledge of fidelity, so that the audience doesn’t have to see them on the cover of tabloids saying they are breaking up.

Amy Schumer Would Be The Next Bachelorette Under 3 Conditions

If the always hilarious Amy Schumer can get a few particular details worked out, we might see our weeks-in-the-making dreams come true of having Schumer leading a future season of The Bachelorette. Probably not, but maybe.

The Bachelorette Is Adding A Major Twist For Next Season

ABC’s Bachelorette and Bachelor franchises have kept things interesting over the years, but next season the long-running reality competition series is throwing a big twist into the mix.

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