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The Big C Closes Out With Optimistic Final Words

Read no further if you haven't seen the series finale The Big C! Spoilers ahead! The video features The Big C executive producer Jenny Bicks as she discusses Cathy's last words in The Big C's finale, which aired last night. The series finale focused on a number of topics, among which was the "last words" subject, which Cathy broached as she pondered what her own final words should be.

The Big C: Hereafter Part 3 - Watch A Preview And Clips From 'Quality Of Life'

Ok, if the preview for the next episode is making me tear up, I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the actual episode. Not that this is a major complaint, nor am I willing to really complain that the trailer for Part 3 of The Big C's four-part final season gives away too much, though it kind of does. From the looks of it, "Quality of Life" will have Cathy modeling Andrea's Pharoah-inspired gown on the runway.

The Big C: Hereafter Trailer Shows Cathy Delivering A Message

A week from tonight, Showtime will premiere the limited series event, which will see the conclusion of Cathy Jamison's story with The Big C: Hereafter. The 4-episode final season will close out the story for better or worse, in what is likely to be a tearful wrap-up to this series, which has managed to be both funny and heartbreaking all at once in all the right ways.

The Big C Cast Talks Cathy's Stages Of Grief And The Series' Final Season In New Video

Looking ahead at the fourth and final 4-episode season of The Big C, star John Benjamin Hickey describes it as "beautiful, heartbreaking and hilarious." All three words seem like fair adjectives to describe the Showtime drama series, which inspires a mixture of laughter and tears in its focus on a woman fighting terminal cancer. A new video promoting the upcoming final season breaks down the series by stages of grief, and leads into a few glimpses of what's ahead for Cathy.

The Big C's John Benjamin Hickey Joins CW Pilot Blink

With Showtime's The Big C wrapping up, that leaves John Benjamin Hickey available for his next big role. The actor, who plays Laura Linney's character's brother Sean in the dramedy, has signed on for a key role in The CW's pilot Blink, a drama that centers on a man in a coma. Hickey will play the comatose man.

The Big C's Final Special Season Titled Hereafter, Adds Kathy Najimy And Isaac Mizrahi

We learned last summer that The Big C had been renewed for another season - kind of. The Showtime drama series was picked up for four more episodes, which will close out the series, concluding the story of Cathy, a wife and mother living with a cancer. Since it's a special season, it's getting a special title, and two guest stars!

The Big C Renewed For A Short And Final Season 4

The good news is, Showtime is bringing The Big C back for a fourth season. The not-so-good news is that Season 4 will be the last season for the Laura Linney-starring series, and from what's being reported, it will be a limited season at that. And by limited, I mean really limited.

Game Of Thrones Ratings Hold Steady With Season 2 Premiere, Lifetime's Client List Delivers Solid Numbers

Sunday nights continue to be a packed night for television, between what’s offered on network TV, and the growing list of cable channels airing original programming. While HBO’s Game of Thrones aired its second episode of Season 2 last night, three Showtime series returned, and Lifetime debuted their new drama The Client List.

Season Three Trailer For The Big C Has Susan Sarandon And Alan Alda

The Big C is continuing to tell the story of Cathy Jamison, a woman living under the shadow of a dire cancer diagnosis. From the look of things, though, it seems her prognosis may be looking a little more sunny this season.

The Big C Season 3 Preview: Susan Sarandon Brings Joy To Cathy's Life

In just over a month, Showtime will bring The Big C back for its third season, and with it comes Susan Sarandon in a guest starring role of the joyful Joy Kleinman. The new trailer for Season 3 not only gives us a look at what Cathy’s up to and an idea of what we should expect from Sarandon’s character.

Susan Sarandon Will Have A Multi-Episode Guest Role On The Big C

Showtime’s The Big C will have a multi-episode appearance from an Oscar winning actress. Season three, which is set to premiere on April, will bring Susan Sarandon to the show for several episodes in which she will play an inspirational cancer survivor who has a major impact on main character Cathy.

Victor Garber To Guest Star On The Big C

It’s always nice to see a great actor join a great TV show. Such is the case for The Big C, which will feature a guest appearance by Victor Garber in its upcoming third season on Showtime. Known to many for playing Sydney Bristow’s sometimes scary, mostly awesome dad Jack Bristow on Alias, among a host of other roles, the ultra-talented Garber’s more recent appearances include Showtime’s Web Therapy, as well as the voicing the part of Charlie in the short-lived ABC reboot of Charlie’s Angels.

Top 10 Female TV Characters Of 2011: Beautiful, Smart, Fierce And Funny

As the year draws to a close, we’re rounding off the last of our “Best of 2011” lists. In looking over our list of the best female TV characters from this year, it’s evident that TV delivered some excellent women to the screen. Some were as fierce as warriors, while others made us laugh. One birthed a baby while another birthed dragons. One attempted to protect the country from terrorism, while another sipped champagne and glared a lot. These are our picks for the best female characters on TV in 2011.

The Big C Video: Clues For Season 3 And The Second Season's Shocking Finale

For those of you who were completely floored by how the second season of Showtime’s The Big C ended, this video, which features executive-producer Jenny Bicks as she discusses the Season 2 conclusion, may offer some interesting clues to season 3 as well as insights into those jawdropping final few moments from the finale.

Predicting The 2011 Emmy Awards: Who Should Win And Who Will

I’d be lying if I tried to claim that I was exceptionally good at predicting the Emmys. In truth, none of the awards shows are all that predictable, which is part of what makes them worth tuning in for in the first place. There’s a lot of talent in this year’s rundown of nominees. I’ve made a solid attempt to predict who will win, and I’ve thrown my own choice for who should win from each of the major categories.

Showtime's Underrated Series The Big C Will Be Back For Season 3

While I’ve never actually had cancer before, my life has been drastically altered by the disease enough so that I will probably forever be trying to cope with the very existence of it in any form for whatever amount of time I’m given on this earth. It is for this reason in part, that I feel a special fondness for Showtime’s The Big C.

The Big C Review: Season 2 Off To A Solid Start With More Laughs Than Tears

In The Big C Cathy’s cancer isn’t the focus of the show so much as the issues surrounding it is. The cancer is the catalyst to force her to face her life and the decisions she needs to make going forward. In Season 1, we began to see her finding the balance between accepting her diagnosis and finding a way to fit it into her life. Season 2 has Cathy moving forward with treatment and trying to adjust to her new reality.

The Big C Season 2 Trailer: Cupcakes, Cathy, And Cancer

In less than a week, Cathy is back as The Big C returns to Showtime for it’s second season. Based on this trailer, there are more shenanigans (and maybe a hallucination or two) in store for Cathy as she continues to cope with her fight against cancer. Watching this trailer has me looking forward to the laughter and tears (and sniffling laughter) that may ensue as I watch each episode, should Season 2 manage to live up to the first season. Love this show. Welcome back, Cathy!

Weeds Season 7 Photos, A New Promo, And Abed's Thoughts On The Big C's Emmy Chances

If you’ve forgotten how much there is to love about Weeds’ Nancy Botwin and The Big C’s Cathy, this new promo will serve as a great reminder. We also have some photos from the Season 7 premiere of Weeds, and for Community fans, find out what Abed has to say about The Big C when he cracks the formula for Emmy wins as they relate to comedy series.

Comedy Showrunners Roundtable Video Provides Insight And Laughs

The Hollywood Reporter, if they do anything right, it's these really interesting roundtable videos that feature actors, writers and directors at the top of their game sitting down to shoot this shit about their craft. This latest installment, in anticipation of the Emmys, features the top comedy showrunners working today.

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