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7 Movies To See If You Loved Baby Driver

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is the coolest film in theaters at the moment. If you want to see films of a similar style and ilk, then you really need to click inside.

A Couple Of The Killing Stars Are Reuniting For A New Netflix Show

The Killing ended its run on Netflix a couple of years ago, now, but it's clear that the subscription streaming service liked working with some of the cast.

12 TV Characters Who Could And Would Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner

Here at Cinema Blend, we hope you’re having the best Thanksgiving of your life, because the holidays are about spending time with those you love. (Among other gravy-covered things.) But we’re not so naïve to think that happiness is the only emotion happening any time a big group of family members gets together. At least you don't have to spend the holidays with these people.

The Killing Season 4 Poster Reminds Us That The Past Can't Be Washed Away

Following up on a first look image at Joan Allen's character in the fourth and final season of The Killing, Netflix has released the key art for the upcoming drama. It gives us a look at the familiar sight of Mireille Enos' ponytail as she looks out at a stormy skyline. Murder and bad weather await, and "the past can't be washed away."

The Killing Season 4 Photo Reveals Joan Allen In Uniform

In anticipation of the series' fourth season premiere later this summer, Netflix has released a first look photo of Joan Allen in The Killing. Allen was cast as a guest star in the series, which was cancelled by AMC but rescued by Netflix for a fourth and final season.

The Killing's Last Season Gets A Rainy, Bloody Netflix Teaser

We learned last Fall that Netflix was reviving the cancelled AMC drama The Killing for one final season, which would air this year. Netflix has the dark drama lined up to premiere Season 4 on August 1 and to celebrate this news, they've given us a teaser that reminds fans that the drama tends to be dripping with rain... and blood. Murder and bad weather do seem to be two of the themes of this series.

The Killing Will Return For A Fourth And Final Season On Netflix

The Killing is a series that has not nor will go gently into the good night. On Friday, Netflix ordered a fourth and final season of the drama. Very recently, The Killing was actually canceled by the show’s initial network, AMC, for the second time. The fourth and final season of the series is expected to be a Netflix exclusive, and will be given six episodes to officially wrap up the direction of the show.

The Killing Gets Cancelled Again, Won't Return For Season 4

The Killing had a lot of things going for it when it returned to AMC for a third season after initially getting cancelled, but despite this, ratings didn’t really grow once the new season hit the air. On Tuesday, AMC announced it would be cancelling the series for a second time.

2013 Summer TV Premiere Schedule: Breaking Bad, The Hero, Under The Dome & More

The summer TV season has begun, as most of the Midseason series have wrapped up and we're starting to see the networks roll out their summer offerings. Once upon a time, summer was the down season for TV, but in this day and age, cable and network television offer a nice variety of scripted and unscripted programming to fill the gap between spring and fall.

The Killing Season 3 Trailer Teases A Dark New Case

The Killing returns in less than a month. Along with a creepy new poster and a first look photo of stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, we get this great new TV spot, which does a fine job of laying out the basic plot of Season 3, which will focus on a new case and from the sound of it, multiple killings.

The Killing Season 3 First Look Photo Shows Detectives Holder And Linden On The Case

I admit, I gave up on The Killing partway through the first season, and was relatively indifferent toward its cancellation and eventual un-cancellation at AMC over the last year. But the marketing for the upcoming third season has me thinking it might be time to give the series a second chance. From what we've heard about Season 3, the story will focus on a new case, which may be the perfect opportunity for new viewers and those of us who fell away from the show to give it another shot.

The Killing Season 3 Gets A Creepy New Poster

Those of us who fell away from The Killing over the course of AMC's murder-focused drama series' first two seasons may want to give the series another try when Season 3 premieres. The show will have a new killer and a new mystery, which should allow new (or former) viewers the opportunity to jump on board with the show as it moves on to its third season.

The Killing Gets A Season 3 Premiere Date

Bringing a show back from the cancellation grave takes plenty of work. Contracts have to be renegotiated and network, formatting, and budgetary issues need to be figured out. AMC’s The Killing has been going through the process over the past several months, but now the big day has come: Season 3 of The Killing will premiere this summer on Sunday, June 2.

The Killing Season 3 To Stream Through Netflix Three Months After It Airs

When we first started to hear rumors that The Killing might return for a third season after all, there was talk of Netflix possibly resurrecting the series, much in the way it's bringing Arrested Development back, except without the sizable gap between seasons. As it turns out, the show will return to AMC, the network where it originally aired. But Netflix will still play a role in the series' distribution to the masses. Just a few months after the murder-mystery drama airs on AMC, Netflix will offer it available streaming.

Peter Sarsgaard Joins The Killing In Season 3

Peter Sarsgaard has signed on for AMC’s The Killing in Season 3. The actor will play a prison inmate who exists on death row, but for whom life may soon be snuffed, to put it bluntly. Sarsgaard has never been one to shy away from dark or somewhat taboo characters, but he usually tends to pop up in films rather than television programs.

The Killing Officially On For Season 3, Check Out New Details

A new season of The Killing has all but been set in stone for the last several weeks. Negotiations have been robust between AMC, the network that ran the first two seasons of the drama, and Fox TV Studios, who have professed interest in bringing it back to the small screen. A third season is now official and we have plenty of new details available that fans might be interested in.

Billy Campbell Won't Return For The Killing's Season 3

The Killing has been resurrected from the dead and will return for another season, but it will be doing so without one of its big names. The AMC series that was cancelled and then brought back, allegedly thanks to a streaming deal with Netflix, will get a third season minus Billy Campbell, who plays Seattle’s mayor in the series.

The Killing's Season 3 Might Be Happening With Netflix

If you were a fan of AMC’s The Killing and have been keeping tabs on the rumor mill, you probably already knew there was a chance the show might get rebooted, albeit at a different network or in a different format. At the time we didn’t know exactly what that might mean for the series, but now Netflix is officially working on a deal with AMC to keep the show alive for a third season on the streaming service.

AMC's Cancelled Series The Killing Could Find A New Home

AMC’s cancelled drama The Killing might just rise from the dead. There are rumors that both Netflix and DirecTV are eyeing the series for a potential pickup. Both have already resurrected other series from cancellation, so it’s entirely possible this one could be on the list as well.

AMC Cancels The Killing After Two Seasons

There's bad news for those who've stuck by AMC's crime drama The Killing. The cable network has opted not to renew the series for a third season. On the bright side, at least fans were rewarded with the answer to the drama's biggest mystery: Who killed Rosie Larsen? The big reveal took place during the series' second and final season.

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