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Why The Last Of Us' Director Left The Studio

The games industry can be a tough one to live and work in, even for veteran developers. After helping guide both The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 out the door at Naughty Dog, director Bruce Straley announced he would be leaving the company. With some breathing room following that decision, he's finally opened up about what made him decide to take a break.

The Last Of Us 2 Added A Westworld Actor

Gamers have been clamoring for any and every bit of information regarding the upcoming Last of Us Part 2. Well, a new piece of information has surfaced and it has left gamers asking even more questions , especially since it was revealed that an actor from HBO's Westworld has joined the cast in Naughty Dog's upcoming thriller.

The Reason Naughty Dog Has Been Able To Make Great Games, According To The Founder

Over the past two generations, gamers have come to see Naughty Dog as the frontrunner of marrying gameplay and story together to make award-worthy gaming experiences. Well, the founder of the studio explained why they've been able to make such monumental accomplishments.

The Last Of Us 2: What We Know So Far

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the sequel to the PlayStation 4 hit, The Last Of Us. While there has been some chatter about the supposed sequel, Naughty Dog has yet to come right out and confirm all of the rumors flying around.

The Last Of Us: Part 2 Was Actually Announced Months Ago

The internet is able to pull a tease or rumor for a new game out of just about anything these days, but, as it turns out, some things can still slip through the cracks. In a way, Naughty Dog actually revealed The Last of Us: Part II a couple of months ago and we all missed it.

There's Already A Major Fan Theory About The Last Of Us: Part 2

Despite the fact that the reveal trailer for The Last of Us: Part II was rather lengthy, the standout showing from PlayStation Experience didn't really give us much to work with when it comes to the upcoming game's characters and stories. One popular fan theory, though, already has people heartbroken over what may come.

The Director Of The Last Of Us Is Not Returning For The Sequel, Get The Details

After a blowout event over the weekend in Anaheim, California as part of the 2016 PlayStation Experience, the news about Naughty Dog's latest project, The Last of Us: Part II, hasn't been all roses and sunshine, especially regarding the original director.

What The Last Of Us 2 Will Be About

Sony ended its PlayStation Experience live show in a big way yesterday, revealing that The Last of Us: Part II is in the works. While the trailer didn't give us a whole lot to work with in terms of story, the Naughty Dog team later revealed a few more tidbits during a panel.

The Last Of Us 2 Trailer Is Finally Here, And It's Stunning

The Last of Us 2 just released it's first trailer, and it'll definitely give you goosebumps.

Why The Last Of Us Can't Handle 60FPS On The PlayStation 4 Pro

One thing a lot of tech savvy people have been saying is that the PS4 Pro's specs don't seem to put it in the proper league to run games very well at native 4K. Well, Digital Foundry finally put the hardware to the test and they explained why games like The Last of Us can't handle running at 60fps on the PS4 Pro at a 4K resolution.

Happy Outbreak Day: Here Are The Last Of Us Deals Available

The Last Us took the gaming industry by storm when it released a couple of years ago. The game was the perfect swan song for the PS3, featuring great graphics, gameplay and a compelling story about survival. Naughty Dog is celebrating the in-lore Outbreak Day of The Last of Us by discounting goods on the PlayStation Store.

Uncharted 4 Developer May Have Just Teased Their New Game

Since the overwhelmingly successful release of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Naughty Dog has been quiet about what they could be working on next. While some people have speculated that The Last Of Us 2 is coming, the developer dropped some hints as to what it could be.

Bad News For The Last Of Us Movie Adaptation

Although rumors had long persisted that Naughty Dog's video game The Last of Us would receive a big screen adaptation, it seems that the project has gone dark.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Turns It Into The Last Of Us Experience

While The Last Of Us will always be an inspiring video game experience on its own, that’s not to say it won’t keep people from jazzing up other games with the game’s apocalyptic zombie theme. One user loved The Last Of Us so much, he wanted the experience in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, complete with a very familiar map and a Joel character skin.

Last Of Us: Left Behind Wins Writers Guild Award

Naughty Dog has won yet another award for The Last Of Us. The survival horror adventure's Left Behind DLC was one of the winners at the Writers Guild of America awards over the weekend.

The Last Of Us Movie Will Make Big Changes From The Game, Get The Latest

The Last of Us was one of the best and most popular games of 2013. So when it was announced that Sony was adapting this world of zombies for the big screen, it understandably sent gamers into a tizzy. While you should still get excited for its grand debut, be warned that it won’t stick to the story line exactly.

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PS4 Now Comes With This Free Game

A lot of people still haven't taken the dive into eighth-gen gaming. Some gamers are still waiting to find the best deals on the new generation consoles before diving in head first, others are leery to take the plunge until a game really speaks to them. Sony is making the buying decision slightly easier by including a free game in the $399 bundle.

Last Of Us Honest Trailer Actually Praises The Game

The Honest Trailers from Smosh Games usually go the route of being overly cynical of some of the popular titles out there. Well, they didn't do that with The Last Of Us for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Last Of Us PS4 And PS3 Getting Free DLC

Naughty Dog has some good news for Last Of Us players on both PS4 and PS3. They're promising multiplayer bug fixes along with some free content.

Last Of Us' Secret Ending Revealed At Live Performance

Last night's live performance of The Last Of Us included a little something extra: a never-before-seen ending to the game. This scene, according to Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann, was intended as a goodbye to Joel and Ellie.

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