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9 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In November

If you're not a fan of football and/or just like to binge movies, you'll have more than enough to binge throughout this last weekend of the month, even if you purely stuck to the following line-up of films.

Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In August

There is perhaps no piece of information more interesting to Netflix junkies than the monthly update of what's being added to the streaming service.

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30 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

Science fiction is quite simply one of the most popular genres of film that we have. The creation of far away places and futuristic technology seems to be exactly what the medium of film was designed to create. Science fiction on film has been around for as long as there have been movies. But which ones are the best?

The New Matrix Movie: Here's Everything We Know

No one can be told what the new Matrix movie is all about. You have to see it for yourself. Ok, so we lied with that one, as we've got all of the information pertaining to the new installment in the Matrix series inside. We just wanted to use that line to be cool and cryptic.

The Four Great Movies That Inspired Prey

Prey is one of those games that wears its inspirations proudly on it its sleeve. In fact, the team at Bethesda is so proud of their inspirations that they're working to bring a movie event to Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas featuring four of the films that helped lead to the upcoming sci-fi shooter.

What The New Matrix Movie May Be About

Warner Bros. is keen on making a new Matrix movie happen but the exact details are still in the very early stages. Are they taking the blue pill or the red one? Hit the jump to find out the interesting way the studio wants to get back into The Matrix.

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The Matrix Reboot May Not Actually Be A Reboot At All

The announcement that The Matrix was potentially being rebooted has got a lot of people up in arms. However, it's possible that the truth is that while more Matrix films are being worked on, calling them a reboot might not be accurate.

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Why The Matrix Reboot Needs To Be A TV Show Instead Of A Movie

Now that The Matrix is being considered for a reboot, nothing is sacred. So let's get real about what it needs to be: a TV show.

How The Matrix Reboot Could Actually Work

A reboot of The Matrix might actually be a very good idea. Here's how Warner Bros. can properly pull it off.

A Matrix Reboot Is In The Works, And It May Have A Star In Mind

The Matrix is the latest Hollywood property that isn't safe from being remade or rebooted. Get the details ahead.

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The 10 Most Badass Moments Of Keanu Reeves' Career

Keanu Reeves has developed a reputation as one of Hollywood's coolest badasses, and these 10 on-screen moments epitomize that idea.

The Matrix Cast Reunited And Man, A Lot Of Time Has Passed

It's hard to believe that nearly two decades have passed since movie fans first entered The Matrix. And yet, here we are.18 years later two stars of the film have reunited in the sequel toJohn Wick and another member of the old team joined them at the film's premiere.

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8 Franchises That Really Deserve A TV Series

Check out Cinema Blend's list of silver screen franchises that most certainly deserve the small screen treatment.

Amazon Prime Is Adding A Bunch Of Movies You’ve Actually Heard Of

While streaming services are incredibly convenient ways to watch movies, actually find something that you want to watch there can be difficult much of the time. However, a new deal looks to add a bunch of movies on Amazon you might actually care about.

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More Matrix Movies? Here's What The Trilogy's Producer Thinks

The way things work nowadays, remakes and reboots tend to clog the multiplexes. When Hollywood tries something original, like The Nice Guys for example, audiences basically overlook it in favor of the familiar – from another X-Men movie to the latest Marvel blockbuster.

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The Matrix Fan Theory Puts Agent Smith As The One, And It Kind Of Works

We’ve posted some pretty entertaining fan theories in the past. Most of them are fun and many of them are ridiculous. However, every once in awhile one of them works really well. So well that we have to begin to wonder if it was actually the filmmaker’s intent all along.

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Star Wars: Apparently We All Missed A Sweet Matrix Reference

The Star Wars movies have become such a part of pop culture that references to them can be found all over cinema today. The fact that so many movies make reference to Star Wars may be the reason that we didn’t dig into those movies themselves.

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The 10 Greatest Female Action Characters Of All-Time, Ranked

Female action characters tend to be a bit more rare. But, there are always the one’s that stick out--female action characters that to this day we still are talking about, the iconic ones that newer action stars are inspired by.

10 More Sci-fi Movies That Would Make Great TV Shows

TV needs more sci-fi. And while we've probably seen enough remakes and reboots in the world, it seems only fair to acknowledge that sci-fi has some pretty fantastic -- and in some cases, underrated -- feature properties with stories or settings that would be perfect for the small screen.

The Wachowski Siblings Don't Think They'll Ever Get To Make Another Big-Budget Movie

Now the Wachowskis, themselves, are furthering that argument by assuming that they’ve reached the end of the road when it comes to studios handing them large checks and asking to see their “vision” on screen.

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