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Watch Megan Hilty, Andrew Rannells And Laura Benanti Sing About Their TV Attempts At The Tonys

Success on the Broadway stage doesn't automatically mean success on the small screen, as a number actors can attest. In fact, those actors took the stage with Neil Patrick Harris at last night's 67th Annual Tony Awards to lament their failed series. Of course, that meant singing alongside Neil Patrick Harris, which may have been a bit of musically charged lemon in some fresh wounds.

Happy Endings, Vegas, CSI: NY, Golden Boy And The New Normal And Others Cancelled

Amidst a flurry of series orders and renewals, we're also hearing bad news for some series. For CBS, the ax has fallen on CSI: NY, Golden Boy and Vegas. For NBC, The New Normal joins Go On among the freshman comedies cancelled. And for ABC, Happy Endings has been axed, though there may be some hope for that one as there's talk of USA possibly rescuing the friends-centered comedy.

The Voice Helps Go On And The New Normal's Ratings

Most people guessed The Voice would spell a real ratings bringer for some of NBC’s other programming when it returned to the schedule. True to form, last night’s episode o NBC's hit singing competition, managed to push NBC’s sitcoms, Go On and The New Normal, into some legitimately decent ratings

Smash Is Moving To Saturdays, NBC Makes Other Schedule Changes

Since its return for the start of its second season, Smash has been struggling in the ratings. The return of The Voice might have helped it there, but it looks like NBC has opted to move the Broadway focused drama away from Tuesday nights, placing their new dating reality show Ready For Love in the post-Voice spot. That's good news for Ready For Love, but most certainly bad news for Smash, which is being moved to Saturdays, starting next month.

John Stamos And Mark Consuelos To Guest Star In The New Normal

NBC’s freshman comedy, The New Normal is currently on break, but when the show returns from holiday hiatus, it has big plans to add two more handsome men to its already overly handsome roster. All My Children’s Mark Consuelos (who also happens to be Kelly Ripa’s hubby) and ER’s John Stamos (who happens to have some fine hair) will be joining The New Normal in guest starring roles.

From Moms To Militia: 5 New TV Characters That Just Don't Work

At TV Blend, we know it’s not all black and white. Sometimes a great show can feature an unconvincing character, sometimes a bland show’s scales can be tipped toward terrible by a poorly written man or woman (or alien), and sometimes even the worst shows can have a stand-out low point. This year, instead of celebrating the worst of the worst new programs on TV, we’d like to get out our shiny microscope and dig in a little deeper, taking a look at the brand new characters that just don’t work.

Fall 2012 TV Winners: 8 New Shows You Should Be Watching

It's at this point in the fall, when most of the new series have premiered, that we're forced to look at our overflowing DVRs and figure out which shows to keep and which ones to let go. And then, of course, there are the shows we haven't gotten around to checking out yet. For those of you trying to play catch-up and need a little help deciding which new series are worth a look, we've come up with a list of the keepers this season.

White Collar's Matt Bomer To Guest Star In The New Normal

White Collar’s Matt Bomer has been known to take a guest stint or two in the past. Soon, the snarky actor will be headed to NBC’s freshman comedy The New Normal to play a potentially trouble-causing role. Bomer should be heading to the series to play a former love flame, and usually former love flames don’t pop up unless there is a bad or awkward reason.

Revolution, The New Normal And Go On Get Full Season Orders From NBC

If you've been enjoying NBC's new comedies Go On and The New Normal, there's good news! The network has already decided to move forward with full season orders for both comedies, which made their debuts early in September. Also picked up for a full first season is J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke's post-apocalyptic drama Revolution.

Nicole Richie And George Takei Tapped For The New Normal

The New Normal showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed some casting news for the NBC comedy’s upcoming episodes via Twitter yesterday. A couple of well-known people will be showing up on the series, one a former socialite and daughter of a famous musician, and the other a bona fide legend.

New Cast Photos For Go On, The New Normal, Revolution And Other NBC Series

NBC begins the process of rolling out their new fall series tonight with the official premieres of The New Normal and Go On. Both comedies aired sneak previews last night, but they move into their permanent Tuesday spot this evening after The Voice. NBC released some new artwork focusing on the casts of each of their new series, including tonight's comedies. Check them out ahead.

The New Normal And Go On: NBC Brings Humor, Grief And Family To Tuesdays

NBC's serving up a double-dose of comedy this Tuesday night, following The Voice. First up is the new half-hour comedy Go On, which has Matthew Perry starring as a widower who isn't ready to grieve. Sharing the hour is The New Normal, the Ryan Murphy/Ali Adler created comedy about a same-sex couple who hire a woman to be the surrogate mother to their child. Paired together, both comedies offer a heaping helping of snarky humor, under which are actual heartfelt stories.

The New Normal Backlash: Will It Help Or Hurt The NBC Comedy?

It hasn’t hit the air yet, but The New Normal is already the most controversial new show of the 2012-2013 season. With watchdog groups blasting it and a station in Utah refusing to carry it, the comedy about a gay couple who use a surrogate to have a baby has already had to defend itself repeatedly. Other shows that have seen the same sort of criticism have failed in their first season - last season’s The Playboy Club for one. Do protestors waving the family values flag really have an impact on how a new series will be received?

The New Normal Series Premiere: Watch The Full Pilot Episode Here

NBC is bringing The New Normal to primetime this fall, but those who don't want to wait for the pilot to premiere on television (or who won't be able to see it because their local TV station won't air it) can catch the full episode online today. Check out ahead!

Utah Station Bans NBC's The New Normal

The very title of the upcoming NBC show The New Normal says it all. Yes, this is a show about two men (played by Andrew Rannels and Justin Bartha) who are raising a baby together, but in this day and age, that's not anything to get worked up about. Well, unless you're Salt Lake City-based NBC affiliate KSL

The New Normal Promotional Photos Show NBC's New Happy Family

Among the new comedies headed to NBC this fall is The New Normal, a series by Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler, which follows a same-sex couple and the single mom who agrees to be a surrogate mother to their child. NBC released some new promotional photos of the cast, which has them looking like one big happy family.

Olympics Day 14 NBC Friday Primetime Schedule Includes Relays, Cycling And A Sneak Peek Of The New Normal

NBC's primetime Summer Olympic coverage comes with dessert tonight, in the form of a sneak peek at their upcoming comedy series The New Normal. But before that, viewers will get to see what happened on the track, and in the field today.

Revolution, The New Normal And Other New NBC Series To Be Previewed Early Online

In recent years, cable and network TV have taken more active approaches in generating buzz for their new programming in the weeks leading up to their official premieres. In many cases, that involves releasing the premiere episodes online ahead of their on-air premieres. Yesterday we learned that Fox was planning to offer a couple of their new shows online, and today comes word from NBC that they'll be offering up early looks at their new comedies and dramas as well.

One Million Moms Calls For Boycott Of NBC's The New Normal

I love that it's 2012 and people are still blaming television for the decay of family values. There is an endless array of watchdog organizations out there who make it their business to tell us what we should be watching and warn us of the many dangers to our souls found in primetime. This time, it’s One Million Moms, and they are after NBC’s new fall comedy The New Normal.

The New Normal Preview: Clips From Ryan Murphy's Upcoming New NBC Comedy

Ryan Murphy's Glee drifts into comedic territory on a weekly basis, but we'll see what he can do with a half-hour series when The New Normal arrives at NBC this fall. These clips from the pilot give us a look at the humor and the set-up for the story, which has a gay couple looking to have a child through a surrogate.

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