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The Big Problem With Binge Watching, According To The Office’s Rainn Wilson

While Rainn Wilson is glad people are binge watching The Office on Netflix, there is downside to the trend.

How Netflix Has Made The Office Even Bigger, According To Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson seems to be aware how often The Office is binge watched on Netflix.

What Rainn Wilson Thinks About NBC's Plans To Reboot The Office

CinemaBlend recently had the chance to speak with Rainn Wilson, where he spoke about the possibility of returning to The Office.

Why The Office’s Rainn Wilson Produced A Streaming Version Of His Latest Play

The latest release on Broad HD is a fascinating one man play Thom Pain, starring The Office's Rainn Wilson. Here's why he signed on.

That Time The Office’s Jenna Fischer Acted In A Sex Education Video

Jenna Fischer played Pam Beasley with charm and vulnerability throughout the show's nine seasons, but it turns out her acting roots were a bit more humble.

The Office Could Be Getting A Big TV Revival

The Office came to an end on NBC back in 2013, but it may be returning in the not-too-distant future. Here's what's happening.

One Netflix Subscriber Binge-Watched The Office So Much, Netflix Reportedly Checked In On Him

We all like to indulge in heavy binge-watching every now and again, but one Netflix user watched so much of The Office, that Netflix needed to make sure he was okay.

Jenna Fischer's Favorite Moments Working On The Office

Jenna Fischer recently revealed her favorite moments from her time on the set of The Office, and it's hard not to agree with her.

Police Department Tweets, Then Deletes Michael Scott Meme About Dead Family Members

Social media has been around long enough now that hundreds (if not thousands or, even, millions) of people know what it's like to craft a post and quickly send it out into the world, only to realize almost immediately afterwards that they shouldn't have made that post public. Well, now one police department knows what that's like.

The Office And How I Met Your Mother Creators Have New TV Shows In The Works

The creators of some of televisions greatest shows in recent memory have new projects on the way.

The 4 Classic Shows That NBC Is Extremely Eager To Revive

NBC already has Will & Grace coming back to fans this fall, and the network apparently has four other shows that execs want back on TV.

Mindy Kaling Is Expecting Her First Child

Reportedly, Mindy Kaling's next big project will be motherhood. Get the details.

The Office's Rainn Wilson Just Went Off On A Hilarious Rant About Not Being Dwight

The Office's Rainn Wilson can't quite get away from former character Dwight Schrute, and here's his hilarious rant to those that can't tell the difference.

The Amazing Office Prank That Was Cut Out Of The Series Finale

As any fan of The Office knows, Jim pulled some epic pranks on his oddball desk mate Dwight over the years. Now we've gotten word that one amazing prank almost made it into the finale. Here's what happened.

The Office's Rainn Wilson Is Joining The Star Trek Universe

The Office's Rainn Wilson is known for bringing the laughs to every role he plays, and now he's set to join the Star Trek universe for a familiar role that fans will definitely remember.

9 Legendary Fictional TV Pranksters, Ranked

It's that April Fools time of year again. To celebrate, we've put together a list of nine absolutely legendary fictional pranksters of TV history. Check it out!

Is Rainn Wilson Down For An Office Reunion? Here's What The Actor Says

CinemaBlend recently talked to Rainn Wilson about his legendary tenure on The Office. Here's what he had to say about whether or not we could ever see Dwight Schrute again.

Jenna Fischer Dropped An A+ Office Reference On Twitter And Got A Hilarious Response

Jenna Fischer is arguably best known for play Pam on The Office, and it's a role that hasn't left her heart, as evidenced by this excellent callback joke on Twitter.

Steve Carell Just Trolled Office Fans In A Way That Michael Scott Would Find Hilarious

Steve Carell just proved that he has far more in common with Michael Scott than we ever realized by expertly trolling fans of The Office.

The Best Christmas TV Movies And Episodes On Netflix

Here are some of the best Christmas specials, TV episodes, and TV movies currently available on Netflix to get you through the holiday season!

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