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The Raid Remake Has Picked An Insanely Badass Location For Its Setting

The Raid is generally considered to be one of the best action movies of recent years. For that reason, it's not surprising that the film is being remade. However, the new version will be changing several things, including the location.

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Frank Grillo’s The Raid Reimagining Is Back On With A New Director

Gareth Evans' The Raid has earned its reputation as one of the most badass and bone-crunching action films of the past decade. It's sequel doubled down on the insane fight sequences (and suffered from some bloody bloat), but the purity of that first film created a blue print that had action junkies salivating.

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Bad News For The Raid Remake, Great News For The Raid Fans

The two Indonesian films that make up The Raid series have become incredibly popular in the US in recent years. However, they have yet to gain what could be called true mainstream acceptance. This is perfect territory for the good old Hollywood remake.

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Why The Raid Remake Keeps Getting Pushed Back

After The Raid pummeled action movie fans worldwide in 2011, an American remake was quickly put into development. That project has been delayed and pushed off a number of times, and it turns out it's because they can't find the right star.

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The 10 Best Single Day Action Flicks

In honor of the release of Run All Night, we’d like to share with you some of the best examples of bottle storytellinIt's amazing what can happen in a day. Just ask any of the protagonists in any of the films on this list!

The Raid Remake Will Have 12 Central Characters

The Raid: Redemption, for those of you who haven't seen it (and that's a lot of you, since the movie wasn't a massive hit in America), follows a SWAT team as they find themselves locked in an apartment complex run by an evil villain. Most of these guys, it's worth noting, are not badasses, so they fall quickly. But Rama (Iko Uwais) knows a thing or two about kicking some ass, so he manages to fight his way to the top, side-scroller-style.

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Taylor Kitsch Offered The Lead Role In The Raid Remake

Are you a good looking, decently athletic male leading man? Do you love the feeling of getting the crap kicked out of you repeatedly, take after take, by stuntmen who have no mercy for your whining? Well then, your name might be Taylor Kitsch, because that's exactly who is now up to tackle the English-language remake of The Raid.

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Captain America 3 Could Have Larger Role For Crossbones

He got plenty toasty in the aftermath of Hydra's failed plot to take over the world, but it seems certain he'll be back, as Rumlow in the comics becomes the evil Crossbones.

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The Raid Remake Gets Put On Hold

It doesn't really take that much thought to come to the realization that a remake of Gareth Evans' Indonesian action film The Raid is a pretty bad idea. The real attraction of the original isn't the story, but rather the absolutely stunning stunt work and fight choreography performed by the cast.

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The Raid 2 Hits The Road And Builds A Body Count With New Clip And Deleted Scene

We’re two days away from getting smashed in the face/hands/back/chest with the theatrical release of Gareth Evans’ action-deluged sequel The Raid 2, and Sony Pictures Classics has unleashed a clip from the film that is certain to drive you up the wall and back with vehicular fisticuffs. And if that’s not enough, we also have a five-minute long deleted scene that features just as much action (if not more) than everything in theaters right now. Suck it, 300: Rise of an Empire.

Expendables 3 Director Patrick Hughes Confirmed To Make The Raid Remake

The Australian filmmaker's history is filled with a few popular shorts, including the clever paper-based office romance Signs, but he moved into the feature world with 2010’s enjoyable western thriller Red Hill. Not a perfect debut, but one that remained exciting and was a good indicator of Hughes’ potential.

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The Raid Remake Confirms Its Director, Eyes Chris And Liam Hemsworth

The Raid: Redemption is one of those movies that’s so bare bones that one could remake it for America and no one would even realize it. The first wasn’t exactly a crossover smash, pulling in $4.1 million domestically. And the whole highrise fighting element is basically a sidescrolling beat-‘em-up video game.

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The Raid: Redemption Sequel Will Start Two Hours After The End Of The First Film

One element that I really love about writer/director Gareth Evans' The Raid: Redemption is the way that it completely ignores human biology. Characters in that movie are shot, stabbed, kicked, punched and slammed into walls, yet the heroes would just dust themselves off and move on to the next fight. It's not hard to imagine that every surviving character was rushed to a hospital immediately after the events of the film...

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The 10 Best Action Movie Scenes Of 2012

This year, the industry’s top action directors choreographed breathless scenes in dingy Indonesian tenements, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in cramped European hotel rooms and beneath the streets of Gotham City. Here are the 10 Best Action Scenes from 2012.

The Raid Director Locks Sequel Script, Co-Star Confirmed As Fast Six Villain

IMDB lists Taslim’s character as Jah, while Deadline describes the enemy as “a cold-blooded killer who uses martial arts and parkour skills to fight against the Fast crew.” The site makes the inevitable connection to Jet Li transitioning from Asian cinema to a villain’s role in Lethal Weapon 4

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First Dredd Trailer Shows Off Karl Urban's Growl And A Familiar Plot

OK, so I get that in the original Judge Dredd movie the character wears a helmet, and in the comics he never takes it off-- but even though they've compromised by showing the lower half of Urban's face, it still takes a lot away from his charisma and from any attachment you can develop for the character.

Interview: Gareth Evans On His Stunning Action Film The Raid

In America, we don't really make straightforward action movies anymore, preferring our heroes who beat up the bad guys to be wearing superhero costumes or driving fast cars. But all of a sudden, in Indonesia, the action movie is getting an amazing revival,

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SXSW Video Blog: The Raid And Safety Not Guaranteed

Moviehole columnist Adam Frazier and I continue to weigh in on the South By Southwest film festival, jumping on camera whenever time allows to record quick video reactions to the various films programmed at this amazing Austin event

SXSW: The Raid, Compliance And The Festival's First Bomb

Here are quick hits on what I’ve seen since. I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up to the top, which means we begin with Frankie Goes Boom, my first -- and so far only -- bust of this year’s fest.

The Raid Gets A Brand New Title And Kick-Ass Trailer

This year is backed with big Hollywood blockbuster action films, from the superhero adventures of The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, to thrillers like The Bourne Legacy and Skyfall. But even the biggest action fans might be overlooking one title: Gareth Evans' The Raid.

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