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Upcoming Stephen King Movies

There are certain authors that Hollywood just can't get enough of, and one of those names is Stephen King.

10 Stephen King Stories That Need To Be Re-Adapted

Stephen King's literary catalog is really popular right now, which means that some more remakes are probably heading to screens in our future. Here are ten projects we hope to see on the docket in the coming years.

Adaptation Of Stephen King's The Stand Has Hit Yet Another Snag

Stephen King has more of his books turned into TV series and movie than literally anybody else. His novel 11.22.63 is currently running on Hulu, and his Dark Tower series is moving forward. Not every project is having this easy a time though.

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Why The Stand Is Being Delayed Again... Again

While Hollywood has been adapting Stephen King’s stories for decades, lately the attempts to make movies based on his books have been going more slowly. The latest victim is the 1978 tome The Stand, which was just delayed, again.

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The Stand To Be Adapted For A Cable Miniseries, Get The Details

While we’re still making paper boats out of book pages in sadness over Stephen King’s IT losing its director, it looks like one of the horror icon’s other magnum opuses is moving forward in a brand new way, as The Stand is getting a cable miniseries.

Matthew McConaughey Is Probably In For The Stand, Get The Details

Matthew McConaughey is most likely going to be in the newest adaptation of The Stand. Josh Boone will direct the four-film adaptation.

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Wait, The Stand Is Getting How Many Movies?

After some time without updates, it looks like The Stand might finally start getting underway with production. What's more, we've heard some news about how many films we might actually get out of the epic novel. Find out how many after the jump.

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The Stand Movie Could Be Planning Something Really Different

Don't go getting our hopes up by telling us that M-O-O-N might actually spell more than one film for the feature adaptation of The Stand, Stephen King.

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Does Stephen King Like The Latest Screenplay For The Stand?

The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone recently sat down to discuss his plans for taking The Stand's 1153 pages and chopping it down into a three hour feature. As is to be expected, some cuts are going to have to be made…

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Matthew McConaughey Eyed For Evil Role In The Stand

Granted, McConaughey is in the type of zone where he basically could play anyone and anything right about now. But sinking his teeth into Randall Flagg would be a delicious treat for both the actor and the audience.

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The Stand Adaptation To Be Three Hours Long, R-Rated

When it comes to most books, the word fans love to use is “miniseries.” Many aren't satisfied by a movie's ability to capture the prose and intricacies of the book, especially so for Stephen King's The Stand. Fans worry that director Josh Boone isn't going to be given the proper license to expand upon King's work, an 823-page monster that has enthralled audiences for decades.

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The Fear Monger: The Stand, The Maniac Cop Remake And Krampus Sign Big Names

While the Maniac Cop reboot route is unfortunate, there is a huge silver lining in comics mastermind and Captain America: The Winter Soldier screenwriter Ed Brubaker taking on scripting duties for the flick.

Stephen King's The Stand Finds A New Director

First it was David Yates. Then it was Ben Affleck. Then it was Scott Cooper. The upcoming feature adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand has been running through directors like tissue paper over the last three years, but now the project hopes to have found a filmmaker who is going to stick around.

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Stephen King's 5 Best Lead Characters

With over sixty novels, and countless characters, Stephen King has created the imaginary worlds of our lives. So much of modern make believe is informed by King’s creations, and invariably we are affected by these scribblings of words on paper. The fake men and women who are tested remain with us long after we close the book.

Stephen King's The Stand Looking At Paul Greengrass To Direct?

Greengrass does have some experience with big action movies having made both The Bourne Supremacy in 2004 and The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007. Since then he has made the Iraq War thriller Green Zone - which reunited him with Bourne star Matt Damon - and then just last month we saw the release of his latest, Captain Phillips (which is expected to be a player in this year's award season).

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Stop Complaining When Books Get Re-Adapted, Sometimes They Should Be

Remakes are unoriginal, pretty much by definition. So it’s not unreasonable for people to complain when it seems like Hollywood is churning out remake after remake. With that said, I think a line needs to be drawn between your standard remake of a popular movie, and a remake of a movie that was based on a book. A remake of an original movie seems like an obvious cash grab.

UPDATED: Crazy Heart Director Scott Cooper No Longer Attached To Stephen King's The Stand

While former attached filmmakers David Yates and Ben Affleck both had to pass on the film, Cooper sounds as if he’s in it for the long haul, and wants to tell the story his way, from a down-to-Earth point of view and as much on location as possible. Oh, and he wants to bring Christian Bale onto the project. No big deal, since they’ve become fast friends and all.

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Scott Cooper Steps In For Ben Affleck On The Stand

The 1978 novel is set in a world that has been ravaged a virus that has killed most of the population of the planet. Those that survive this apocalyptic plague begin having visions that drive them to communities established in Nevada and Colorado. But as these groups attempt to rebuild a functioning society, a battle of good versus evil builds.

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Ben Affleck Admits He's Having A Hard Time Adapting Stephen King's The Stand

Ben Affleck is having, by any measure, a really great year. Sure, in the process of promoting Argo he's been forced to answer a ton of questions about his ignominious half-decade of dating J-Lo and starring in flops, but that's a pretty small price to pay to have made a universally beloved, financially successful movie that completely reinvents you as a director to be taken seriously

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Writer Hired For Ben Affleck's Adaptation Of The Stand

Ben Affleck is hard at work finishing his next directorial effort, Argo, so that it will be ready for its September 14th release date, but that doesn't mean that he's not thinking towards the future as well. As first reported last October, Affleck has been signed by Warner Bros. to direct one of Stephen King's most popular works: The Stand.

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