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5 Fun Things We Learned From The Voice Winner Chloe Kohanski

Here are some Voice tidbits and more that we learned from champion Chloe Kohanski.

The Advice The Voice Winner Chloe Kohanski Would Give To Future Contestants

Having excelled in The Voice's latest season, winner Chloe Kohanksi has solid advice for those who aim to win the show in upcoming seasons.

The One Song That The Voice Winner Chloe Kohanski Wishes She Could Have Performed On The Show

The Voice winner told CinemaBlend which song she totally wanted to perform on the show, but never got the chance.

One Frustrating Thing About Being On The Voice, According To Winner Chloe Kohanski

CinemaBlend spoke with The Voice's latest winner, who shared why the show is harder for contestants than it looks.

The Voice Winner Chloe Kohanski Told Us Which Two Performances Made Her The Most Nervous

The big winner of The Voice Season 13 was none other than Chloe Kohanski, and she spoke to CinemaBlend about which performances made her the most nervous.

The Voice Just Revealed Who Won Season 13

Another intense season of The Voice has come to an end on NBC, and the big winner has been announced. Read on for what happened!

Watch Miley Cyrus Troll Blake Shelton About Being The Sexiest Man Alive

Blake Shelton, this year's Sexiest Man Alive, got a funny nudge from his The Voice pal, Miley Cyrus.

Watch Blake Shelton Read Mean Tweets After Being Named Sexiest Man Alive

Blake Shelton is too busy laughing at Twitter comments to be fazed by criticism over the decision to crown him Sexiest Man Alive.

People Has Named A New Sexiest Man Alive, And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Blake Shelton might be the Sexiest Man Alive, but the criticism is pretty ugly.

The Voice Is Bringing A Former Judge Back For Season 14

The Voice's ever-rotating panel of judges continues, as Season 14 of the hit show will bring back a favorite judge from previous seasons.

The 10 Most Popular TV Shows Of The 2016-2017 Season, According To Social Media

It was a big year for TV in terms of crazy storylines and characters, and here are all the shows that got more social media love than everything else.

The Voice's Newest Coach Is An American Idol Vet

NBC's The Voice is getting things set up for Season 14 and they just nabbed a big new coach in one well-known American Idol veteran. Read on to get the details.

Why Alicia Keys Is Leaving The Voice

Get your Alicia Keys fix on The Voice while you can, as she will not be returning next season. Here's why.

Why The Voice Has Remained So Successful, According To One Exec

NBC's The Voice has been a consistent success through its 12 seasons on the air, and if you've been wondering what the key to the show's popularity is, there's one TV executive who thinks he knows the answer.

Watch One The Voice Judge Drop An F-Bomb On Live TV

Anytime somebody drops an F-bomb on live television, people are going to notice, especially when it happens on a hit reality show.

Celine Dion Is Joining The Voice

NBC's The Voice has just recruited THE voice for its upcoming season. The iconic singer Celine Dion will be joining the show and lend her years worth of experience in the music biz.

Watch Cee Lo Green's Phone Explode As He Uses It

The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled when reports of phones exploding began coming in. Unfortunately, it looks like singer/songwriter Cee Lo Green may not have gotten the memo, and he kept the original phone for longer than he probably should have.

The Top Trending TV Shows Of 2016, According To Twitter

Twitter, for all its negative content, offers up tons of intriguing statistics about pop culture, and we now have a list of the top ten trending TV shows that Twitter users obsessed over in 2016. Surprises await you.

The Things About Television We're Most Thankful For In 2016

Regardless of how you've felt about what's going on in the world at large, there are many different worlds on our televisions that we have been very thankful for in 2016. Join us in cheering them on!

The Voice Is Making A Huge Change For This Season's First Live Show

For the past eleven seasons, NBC's The Voice hasn't done much to change up its core competition format, but this season's first live show will give fans something completely different.

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