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Watch Adam Driver's Hilarious Response To Whether The Force Awakens Will Be Better Than The Prequels

One of the soldiers asked the Girls star if Star Wars: The Force Awakens was going to be better than the prequels. His response was amazing.

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This Week In Home Entertainment: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, This Is Where I Leave You And More

If you have an aunt who was in stitches over This is Where I Leave You or a nephew who could use a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ninja mask, than this week is a good week for gift buying. More after the jump!

The Disgusting Way Kristen Bell Helped Prepare Dax Shepard For A Nude Scene

Kristen Bell shaved Dax Shepard’s ass hair with a razor. The delightful, petite actress had to take one for the team when Shepard realised that the abundance of hair on his ass would be noticeable when he filmed his This Is Where I Leave You nude scene. It’s just a pity that the film turned out to be so average.

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Now Streaming: Netflix Instant Alternatives To The Boxtrolls, The Equalizer And This Is Where I Leave You

Looking to The Boxtrolls, The Equalizer and This Is Where I Leave You for inspiration, we've pulled together a selection of stop-motion adventures, vigilante thrillers, and family-centric comedies.

Weekend Box Office: The Maze Runner Takes Top Spot

The Maze Runner, based on yet another series of young adult books set in a sci-fi-ish, post-apocolyptic-ish world took first place, but only banked $32 million. That's a modest showing at best, well short of openings like Divergent's $54 million debut in March and the hugely successful Hunger Games franchise and its triple digit bow ins. Still, Maze Runner's $32 million start isn't bad when compared with its equally modest budget of $34 million, making it a viable, if not wildly successful, financial franchise.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting The Maze Runner, This is Where I Leave You Reviews, And More

There are a bunch of movies on the docket this week as we cycle out of the summer and into the fall season. There is some interesting stuff coming along, with teens running mazes, families sitting extended shiva, walking among tombstones and Kevin Smith doing some weird stuff.

Tina Fey And Jason Bateman's This Is Where I Leave You Scores September Release

Warner Bros. will drop Leave You into theaters on Sept. 12, 2014. The movie will be adapted from Jonathan Tropper’s 2009 book, with the author handling screenwriting duties. It will focus around members of a dysfunctional family reuniting for their father’s funeral, so there’s ample opportunity for laughter and tears.

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Connie Britton Will Date Adam Driver In This Is Where I Leave You

As the miracle-haired star of ABC soap Nashville and the oddball leading man on HBO's down-and-dirty Girls, Connie Britton and Adam Driver come from TV universes so different it's impossible to imagine them breathing the same air. And yet, as if my DVR had suddenly developed a mind of its own and produced a perverse spin on The Dating Game, they'll finally meet in the comedy This Is Where I Leave You

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Timothy Olyphant And Ben Schwartz Join Tina Fey In This Is Where I Leave You

Schwartz is most recognizable for playing the always-outrageous Jean-Ralphio on the acclaimed sitcom, but will likely offer a more subdued comedy styling here. While a promising addition to this comedy ensemble, I'm most excited about Olyphant's inclusion.

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Girls' Adam Driver Could Join Tina Fey In This Is Where I Leave You

Driver's been on the rise fast since Girls premiered. Beyond playing the show's polarizing hipster boyfriend, He's snagged roles in the critically acclaimed Noah Baumbach comedy Frances Ha, the Academy Award-winning Lincoln, and the Coen Bros upcoming 1960s-set biopic Inside Llewyn Davis. But as This Is Where I Leave You is a cast made up of comedy stars, it would be Driver's most mainstream showcase yet.

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Jane Fonda In Talks To Join Jason Bateman And Tina Fey In This Is Where I Leave You

Jason Bateman has plenty of experience dealing with difficult matriarchs. As Michael Bluth on Arrested Development he found himself going toe to toe with Jessica Walter's Lucille.

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Corey Stoll Joins Jason Bateman And Tina Fey In This Is Where I Leave You

The cinematic adaptation for Jonathan Tropper’s novel This is Where I Leave You seems to finally be coming together. After a rocky initial try that ended up stalling out, most of the project's star-studded cast moving on to other projects, things have finally been moving in positive directions.

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Tina Fey Joins Jason Bateman For This Is Where I Leave You

With 30 Rock’s absence from Thursday nights still fresh on the brain, it’s still difficult not to immediately associate Tina Fey with her Liz Lemon character. But her looming Hollywood takeover – starting with Paul Weitz’s Admission on March 22 - is looking to change that.

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Jason Bateman Hasn't Left This Is Where I Leave You, Soon Casting Leading Lady

It appears there has finally been more forward progress behind the scenes of This is Where I Leave You, the film adaptation of Jonathan Tropper’s celebrated adult-coming-of-age novel which has been put through Hollywood’s wringer for quite a while now. Back in November, Shawn Levy took over as director, but little has been heard about it since.

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Shawn Levy Takes Over For Adam Shankman To Direct This Is Where I Leave You

Director Shawn Levy is still hard at work on his latest feature, the Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn comedy The Internship, but that doesn't mean he's not still making plans for the future. The filmmaker has been selected and is now in negotiations to helm This Is Where I Leave You, a new comedy based on the book by Jonathan Tropper.

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Jason Bateman, Goldie Hawn And More May Join Adam Shankman's This Is Where I Leave You

Adam Shankman may have taken a four year break from features between doing Bedtime Stories and Rock of Ages, but that doesn't mean you should expect him to disappear once his new rock musical is released. Shankman's latest isn't due out for another few weeks (on June 15th), but he has already begun assembling a cast for his next project.

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Adam Shankman In Talks For This Is Where I Leave You Adaptation

Adam Shankman has been approached to helm Warner Bros' This is Where I Leave You, the in-development adaptation of Jonathan Tropper's cheered novel. Back when the studio first bought the rights to the book in 2009, writer-director Greg Berlanti (Life As We Know It) was attached to helm.

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