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TIFF 2011 By The Numbers: What I Saw And Learned At The Toronto Film Festival

After an early morning airport shuttle and a bleary-eyed stagger back to my front door in Brooklyn, my TIFF 2011 experience is finally over. During yesterday's video blog I suggested I might record one more once I got back home, but i might be too exhausted to physically form words at this point. Instead, why don't we look over what I saw, what I learned and who I met in the universal language of a list.

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Toronto Film Festival Video Blog #6: Jeff Who Lives At Home And Alps

Four movies I did indeed see, and as it turns out, all of them were really worth a look. I caught two of them along with my friend, Toronto flatmate and fellow critic James Rocchi, and the two of us sat down on the back porch of our place to talk about the ones we had both seen, Alps and Jeff Who Lives At Home. You can watch us talk about them in detail in the video below

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Oscar Eye: Gauging The Toronto Buzz And What Happens Next

I'm still not ready to put together the big season-long charts that are usually in this column-- partly because I don't have the time during the festival crunch, and partly because it just feels too soon. But below are some of the Toronto titles with the biggest potential to move into Oscar campaigns, and what I've learned about them here at the festival

Toronto Film Festival Video Blog #5: You're Next And Damsels In Distress Reviewed

I've been in Toronto for a week now, and though there are still movies playing and even interviews left to conduct, the festival is starting to wind down. A lot of people seem to think it's exhausting spending 10 full days seeing movies, eating poorly and never exercising, and I'd argue against it but I'm feeling too exhausted. Instead I'll just point you to the latest video blog, in which I run down the two films I caught yesterday

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Interview: Chris Pratt On Moneyball And How Parks & Recreation Has Changed His Life

Pratt knows you probably know him as Andy, which might be part of why he fought so hard to play Scott Hatteberg in Moneyball, the new adaptation of Michael Lewis's bestselling book about how the Oakland A's used complicated statistics to become a championship-level team on virtually no money. Hatteberg was a former catcher recruited when he was let go from the Boston Red Sox after rupturing a nerve in his elbow

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Review: Michael Fassbender Takes Over Toronto With A Dangerous Method And Shame

Let's talk about Michael Fassbender. Nobody in Toronto right now, myself included, seems unable to stop marveling at the actor, and once the general public has gotten a look at the two films he brought to this festival, A Dangerous Method and Shame, I imagine the general public will get on board as well.

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Megan Fox Talks Babies, Tattoos And Learning From Comedians In Friends With Kids

Megan Fox became famous as the beautiful girl who teamed up with Shia LaBeouf to fight the robots from outer space in the first two Transformers movies, but she's stuck around in the public eye partly because she's a great interview, willing to talk about most anything in a frank and funny way. Now, here at the Toronto Film Festival she's getting a chance to show off that sense of humor onscreen in Friends With Kids

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Toronto Film Festival Video Blog #4: Comic Con, Take This Waltz And Your Sister's Sister Reviewed

I spent Sunday away from the video blogs, not because it was a day of rest but the opposite, crammed with six interviews and three movie screenings. After all, movie news in the real world was slow and I had nothing better to do but cram in as much Toronto Film Festival as possible. But today I'm back with a video to sum up three of the more interesting movies I've seen in the meantime

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Comic Con cosplayers take over.... Toronto?

It was a busy weekend for me at the Toronto Film Festival, to the point that I haven't had much time to really write about anything I've seen. But I did have to share, in photos, the totally surreal experience of seeing Morgan Spurlock's miserably titled but very enjoyable new documentary Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. I've barely recovered from attending San Diego Comic Con back in July, but heading up to the film's premiere I was greeted by the sight of not just Storm Troopers on the street, but a row of costumed heroes on the stairs going up to the theater. These look just like photos from Comic Con I've taken many times, but I can't tell you how weird it feels to see it in a new context, like showing up at a Fourth of July barbecue attended by Santa Claus.

(Much more on this after the jump)

Toronto Film Festival Review: Sarah Polley's Passionate And Remarkable Take This Waltz

Take This Waltz demands that you live inside it, with its languid pace and candy colors and heroine who can't help but make a lot of infuriatingly bad decisions. It's not a hard choice to go along with it, but it is a choice-- I was surprised to see any negative reactions after the screening to a film I loved so fiercely

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Toronto Film Festival Video Blog #3: Bobcat Goldthwait And God Bless America

Saturday was my third full day here at the Toronto Film Festival, and I have a confession to make-- at the time I filmed this video I had yet to see a single movie. But technically I kicked the day off with a midnight screening of Bobcat Goldthwait's God Bless America, and that's going to be the subject of today's video, filmed in front of the Gardiner Museum in downtown Toronto

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Toronto Film Festival Video Blog #2: Double Clooney For Ides Of March And The Descendants

With two big roles in two of the biggest films at this year's Toronto Film Festival, he's seeming especially on top of the world. Between his latest directorial effort The Ides of March-- in which he also plays a small but crucial role-- and his starring performance in Alexander Payne's The Descendants, Clooney is everywhere you look in this town

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Toronto Film Festival Day 1: Moneyball, Melancholia and Coriolanus

In case you missed it on the main site, I'm recording as many video blogs as possible from this year's Toronto Film Festival to capture what I've seen, where I've seen it, and whatever else is happening of interest around here. Below is the first video blog, recorded on the back porch of the super-hip, concrete block apartment where I'm staying. For more detailed writeups of each film you can go here; keep checking back for more as the festival rolls on.

Toronto Film Festival Video Blog #1: Melancholia, Moneyball And Coriolanus Reviewed

For this year's festival I'll be trying a slightly different method of reviews, combining regular video blogs with what I've seen that day with short mini-reviews of each film (with longer versions to come either when they are released or later in the festival). Today we've got Lars Von Trier's Melancholia, Bennett Miller's Moneyball and Ralph Fiennes's Coriolanus on deck

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Toronto Film Festival Announces Galas And Special Presentations: 10 Films You Shouldn't Miss

Below are ten of the films I'm looking forward to the most-- there are many, many others I'm dying to see, trust me-- and below that, the full list of gala and special presentation films. This is far from the full Toronto lineup, but this list does contain many of the films you'll see getting Oscar buzz later this year

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