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Jurassic World 2: Everything We Know About Fallen Kingdom

If you thought Jurassic World would put an end to adventures of prehistoric wildlife in the modern age, you're practically a fossil. Check out what we know so far about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Watch The Trailer For Morgan Show You How To Do A Teaser The Right Way

Meet Morgan. She's new to these parts, and depending on what Kate Mara decides, she may not be around for much longer. Delve into the mystery of this exquisite trailer inside.

Salma Hayek's Tale Of Tales Sounds Like The Year's Strangest, Most Disgusting Film

Are you a big of weird cinema? Can you appreciate a high degree of randomness and fantasy merged into one, mixed with a little disgusting on the side? If so, there's a movie that just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival that is likely right up your alley.

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Paul Giamatti, Toby Jones And More Join Creepy Sci-Fi Thriler Morgan

Tony Scott's son is making his first feature film, and he's got a hell of a cast to make that debut with! Read on to see who's on the list.

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Berberian Sound Studio Trailer Is A Psychologically Thrilling Assault On The Ears

Don’t let the arcane sounding title dissuade your immediate interest. This is the kind of film that doesn’t pop up in America all that often. Well, it was directed by English director Peter Strickland – his second feature after 2009’s Katalin Varga. But I mean this isn’t the kind of film that gets made in English very often.

Captain America's Toby Jones Says He's Coming Back For The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), who perished in the first film, has to find some way to come back. And maybe Jones’ evil Nazi scientist Arnim Zola will be the one who unearths Barnes and reprograms him to hate Rogers.

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Rhys Ifans And Toby Jones Join Jennifer Lawrence In Serena

Rhys Ifans, who is set to have a great year with both The Five-Year Engagement and The Amazing Spider-Man coming out in a few months, and Toby Jones have been added to the cast of the upcoming thriller, which is being directed by Susanne Bier. The story, set in 1929 North Carolina, is about a pair of newlyweds who start up their own timber business and stop at nothing to make sure that it grows.

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Ray Winstone The Latest Awesome Actor Cast As A Dwarf In Snow White And The Huntsman

British tough guy Ray Winstone is the latest name added to the eclectic ensemble of knockaround sons of bitches Kristen Stewart’s Snow White will befriend on screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He’ll join recently cast actors Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins and Toby Jones

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Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins And Toby Jones Will Be Dwarfs In Snow White And The Huntsman

Universal wants to make Snow White and the Huntsman and they want to make it now. In a stiff competition with Relativity Media and their untitled Snow White project, Universal is already losing the release date race - it's being released June 1, 2012 while Relativity is releasing theirs on March 16th - but the production needs to start soon if they want to prevent the film from becoming a rush job.

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Toby Jones Will Play Announcer Claudius Templesmith In The Hunger Games

Templesmith is a fairly small role in the book, but bringing on an actor as notable as Jones-- you may know him from Infamous, Frost/Nixon, or as the voice of Dobby in the Harry Potter series-- is about par for the course in the Hunger Games movie

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New Tintin Images Reveal Nick Frost And Simon Pegg's Characters

I'm still a little skeptical about the film, both because the visuals seem a little off somehow and the character of Tintin is a bit of a mystery to me (and most Americans). But these images do make me feel more encouraged

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Toby Jones, John Hurt And Stephen Graham Join The Packed Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

So many actors have been added by now to the cast of Tomas Alfredson's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, that it's hard to keep track of which

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Captain America Hires An Evil Nazi Scientist

So who is Arnim Zola? In Marvel’s comics, the character is a genetic engineer who like Red Skull worked for the Nazis during World War II creating various evil creatures for Hitler. He eventually ends up in a robo

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