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5 Tribeca Film Festival Features You Must Look Out For

There was so much to choose from this year, it was easy to feel overwhelmed by the Tribeca Film Festival's offerings. But the good news is this is a festival that has a sizeable number of selections nearly guaranteed to be distributed. So I've poured over the titles and buzz to single out the five films you must see as soon as they hit a theater or VOD platform near you.

Tribeca: Keira Knightley And Mark Ruffalo Charm In Music-Fueled Romance 'Begin Again'

A light-hearted drama punctuated by pop songs, Begin Again stars Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley as Dan, a washed up, oft-drunk record executive, and Greta, a principled singer-songwriter. Each is struggling to make sense of love, life and the music business in New York City.

Tribeca: Is Zombeavers The Next Sharknado?

As night falls, boyfriends drop by, followed soon after by even less-welcomed party-crashers, a pack of relentless, bloodthirsty, and mutated beavers. Now, these friends must band together to survive the night of the living zombeavers.

Tribeca: The One I Love Smartly Subverts Romantic Comedy Expectations

When it made its world premiere at Sundance earlier this year, the unconventional romantic comedy The One I Love drew praise. Yet the resulting reviews were shockingly vague, even when describing its basic plotline.

Tribeca: John Lithgow And Alfred Molina Break Hearts With Love Is Strange

I'd heard fantastic things from colleagues who had seen the romantic drama at its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. But no one prepared me for how deeply moving Ira Sachs's latest effort--which boasts brilliant turns by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina--truly is.

Tribeca: Summer Of Blood Combines Hipster Comedy And B-Movie Horror

What do you get when you throw the comedic humor of insular NY comedies together with the willfully garish gore of B-movie horror? Something devilishly amusing and happily drenched in blood and biting dialogue.

Tribeca: About Alex Is The Big Chill For Millennials, Complete With Star-Stuffed Ensemble

It's a setup that served The Big Chill well, but there's something especially endearing in that About Alex's suicidal friend has the chance to speak for himself rather than be some ghost everyone feels beholden to.

From LEGOs to Zombeavers: A Tribeca Film Fest Trailer Round Up

From midnight movies to directorial debuts, intriguing indies to challenging foreign films, there's loads to choose from at Tribeca. So to help you get some idea of just what's in store for this vibrant film festival, we've collected a selection of trailers and from its lauded line-up. Take a look, and get your tickets while you can!

Can A Song Save Your Life? Now Titled Begin Again, Will Close Tribeca

The film depicts the union between Ruffalo, a disillusioned music executive, and Knightley originally Scarlett Johansson), a promising young ingénue. When Knightley and her boyfriend (Adam Levine (yuck)) break up due to his infidelities, she finds herself directionless, until Ruffalo’s disgraced exec picks her up and reinvents her as a potential music star.

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