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Ralph Macchio To Guest Star On Happily Divorced

Ralph Macchio may forever be known for his iconic role as Daniel LaRusso in the original Karate Kid movies, but the actor has popped up from time to time in various roles over the last decade. Coming soon, he’s set to appear in an episode of Happily Divorced, playing a potential love interest to Fran Drescher’s character.

Eric Mabius To Flee The Earth For BBC One's Outcasts

From UB to UK, former Ugly Betty co-star Eric Mabius is following his character to Britain. Mabius has been tapped to star in Outcasts, the latest sci-fi venture for BBC One. It looks like the series is yet another spin on the biological apocalypse

Ugly Betty EP Wishes They'd Prettied Up Betty Sooner

Could an earlier physical transformation for Betty have saved the show? Executive producer Silvio Horta said that he wished they'd gotten to it sooner, when asked if he had any regrets about the four season run of Ugly Betty

America Ferrara Pushing For An Ugly Betty Movie

This week saw the final episode of ABC's Ugly Betty. Once the darling of the network. Betty saw her ratings drop surreptitiously this season. But, if series star America Ferrara has her way, the show will go on

Ugly Betty Preview: Hello Goodbye

Ugly Betty’s coming to an end tomorrow night and in anticipation of the series finale, we have a couple of clips from the episode to share with you. Spoilers ahead!

Ugly Betty Preview: The Final Two Episodes

Did you know there are only two episodes of Ugly Betty left? We have some clips from tomorrow night’s episode and a bit of information on next week’s series finale to share with you! (Spoilers Ahoy!)

Ugly Betty Promises A Wedding, Braces-Free Betty And Closure

America Ferrera may be closing in on the final episodes of Ugly Betty, but the actress promises that fans won't be left hanging. Not only will we get a chance to finally see Betty without those braces, but there's also a wedding in the works

Ugly Betty's Becki Newton Headed To NBC

Ugly Betty’s cancellation certainly doesn’t mean a trip to the unemployment line for Becki Newton. The actress, who’s played Amanda on ABC’s Betty since the series began, has accepted a new role on an NBC comedy.

Ugly Betty Finale Update: Another Romance Scenario On The Table

I’m sure those of us who are disappointed to see Ugly Betty come to an end are hoping that at the very least, the show gets a proper send-off and our girl Betty gets some kind of happy ending. Will Betty end up with Daniel, Henry, Gio or some other guy? Or will the series end with Betty on her own? Minor spoilers ahead!

ABC Cancels Ugly Betty

It was announced today that ABC is pulling the plug on the ratings disaster that has become Ugly Betty. The show started as a fairly popular fish out of water tale, but even our own Blend Television editor and fan of the series kind of fell away from caring too much about the show in recent seasons.

Ugly Betty Preview: Blackout

New York City with no power is a strange, strange place (especially at night). It seems this week’s Ugly Betty is about to explore that scenario a bit as a blackout “ups the ante” for everyone. Videos, spoilers and an episode description ahead!

Ugly Betty Preview: The Passions Of The Betty

This Wednsday night, Ugly Betty will return with its first new episode since the holiday-hiatus. We have some details about the episode, as well as a couple of video clips to share with you. Minor spoilers ahead!

Ugly Betty Writers Considering A Betty-Daniel Romance

As the fate of the series hangs in the balance (we can hope that the show’s move to Wednesdays will help the ratings!), the writers are considering the potential end-game for the show, should ABC decide not to renew the series for a sixth season and it seems the Betty/Daniel romance scenario is on the table.

Southland's Kevin Alejandro Joining True Blood Cast

It seems the dreamy Kevin Alejandro is joining the cast of True Blood in it’s third season. Southland fans will recognize him from his role as Detective Nate Moretta, while Ugly Betty fans may remember him better from his role as Justin’s father (and Hilda’s deceased fiancé) Santos.

Don't Give Up On Better Off Ted Yet, ABC!

I'm confused, ABC. First, you renewed Better Off Ted, despite disappointing ratings last season because you liked the creative energy and direction you were seeing. The show came back stronger than ever this year, but has continued to perform poorly. But rather than try to nurture it, you appear to be hanging it out to dry.

Ugly Betty Moving To Wednesdays In 2010

Things are looking up for Ugly Betty. While the series continues to suffer in the ratings thanks to ABC tucking it away on Friday nights, the network has decided to move the series to Wednesdays, starting in 2010.

Is Ugly Betty On Its Last Season?

Bad news, Betty fans! It seems as though the low ratings on this season of Ugly Betty has prompted the writers to consider their end-game for the series, should ABC decide to drop the show from it’s lineup. In other news, we have some spoilery info on the big Bahamas episode that’s set to air in a few weeks.

Betty And Dollhouse Ratings Drop, Smallville Holds

While loyal Smallville fans tuned in to see the Green Arrow continue on his quest for redemption, Dollhouse and Ugly Betty viewers dropped from down from last week. It’s a shame to see the DH drop as last night’s episode was arguably the best episode of the season, if not the series.

Ugly Betty Review: Season 4 Premiere

I was disappointed when ABC pushed the premiere of Ugly Betty off a week, but I assure you, the two-hour premiere is worth the wait. A caterpillar doesn’t turn into a butterfly overnight but when the fourth season of Ugly Betty begins, we get to see the beginnings of Betty’s metamorphosis.

Ugly Betty: 2009 Fall TV Preview

Next week (see update), Ugly Betty returns! A little late in the game as far as premieres go and on a Friday night, which is just weird but still, Betty’s coming back and this season, she’s dressing up her at a bit to fit her new job as associate editor!

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