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New Hobbit Video Blog Features A Surprise Cameo And Many Dwarves

In the latest video blog, which Peter Jackson just dropped on the film's Facebook page, we focus on all the action that's happening at their Stone Street Studios in Wellington (and also a little bit at Weta, just down the road). Don't worry, the blog is just as funny, entertaining, and occasionally silly as all the others have been

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New Skyfall Video Blog Shows Off The Awesome Production Design

The Skyfall production spent months shooting at Pinewood Studios outside of London, and it's not hard to see why-- the elaborate sets they built there, from the MI:6 headquarters to some kind of fake, glassy Chinese office building, clearly deserve a lot of time spent in them

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Video Blog: An Early Look At Pixar's Brave

Germain Lussier and I recorded a video blog at the end of our long day of interviews, right in the front lobby of Pixar headquarters, next to a poster of Brave's heroine Merida. We were both really impressed with the opening 30 minutes and how Pixar seems to have gotten back in its original storytelling groove, but we found some faults as well

Video Blog: The Phantom Menace 3D Midnight Experience

As you might have read, last night was the first time I ever truly saw The Phantom Menace, and I did under pretty much the best circumstances-- at a midnight screening with four friends after some cocktails

Sundance Video Blog #1: Wish You Were Here Reviewed And Kicking Off The Fest

Wish You Were Here, which stars Aussie breakouts like Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer, is another modern noir-ish thriller from the same collective of filmmakers who brought you Animal Kingdom and The Square. It's the first feature from Kieran Darcy-Smith, but the film's most impressive accomplishment is probably by Felicity Price

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Peter Jackson Posts Third Hobbit Production Video To Facebook

The note accompanying Jackson’s latest blog apologizes for not bringing any footage to Comic-Con, which – if you haven’t heard – is happening as you read this. “I felt it was too early,” Jackson admits. “There's so much more of the films still to shoot. … Something tells me we will be there in force next year.”

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Katey and Mike discuss Transformers: Dark of the Moon with spoilers

I had a lot of burning questions walking out of Transformers: Dark of the Moon that I hadn't even begun to start answering, and definitely couldn't get into without spoiling the movie to some degree. So I enlisted my pal Mike Ryan to go over some of the particulars, though as you'll see, we barely managed to scratch the surface of this massive, surprisingly complex movie.

SPOILERS AHEAD...because that's the point of these videos.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Video Review

Tonight, like virtually every other movie critic in the country did, and like virtually everyone else in the world will in a few days, I saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The arguments among the critics started fast and got heated out on the sidewalk outside the Times Square theater, so I grabbed podcast pal Da7e to get some thoughts on camera. I admit, it's not our most coherent video review-- a random Times Square vendor pops in at one point to try and sell us something, and another podcast pal David Ehrlich wanders into the background to shout his unequivocal love of the movie. It's chaotic and energetic, much like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but also just over three minutes long, which makes it way shorter!

Take a look below, and come back throughout the week for way, way more Transformers coverage, including this week's Operation Kino podcast devoted to the robots in disguise.

Katey and Mike discuss Green Lantern with spoilers

SPOILER WARNING: Katey and Mike Ryan talk and complain about Green Lantern, including all the spoilers we couldn't put into reviews. You have been warned.

Katey and Patches discuss Super 8 with spoilers

Super 8 is a movie that's been marketed so heavily based on its surprises that it's almost impossible to really discuss without spoiling it. So I got together with Matt Patches, who liked the film better than I did, to talk it over. Below are the video results.

Video: Katey and Mike spoil X-Men: First Class

As we did for The Hangover Part II, Vanity Fair contributor Mike Ryan and I saw a movie together and decided to talk about it on camera. Today we're talking X-Men: First Class, a movie we had just seen at the time we recorded the video and liked a whole lot. Just like the Hangover conversation, though, this one is VERY SPOILERY-- and there are some great moments in X-Men: First Class that you really ought to see before we reveal them for you. If you've seen the movie already, though, please check out our conversation below-- and note that it was cut off a little prematurely at the end because the bar decided to dim the lights to the point that you can't see us. Too bad neither of us had a mutant power to fix it.

Jon Stewart rips Donald Trump and his pizza choices a new one

This has nothing to do with, well, anything, but last night I watched The Daily Show for the first time in weeks and caught this phenomenal Jon Stewart rant about Donald Trump and his decision to take Sarah Palin to the utterly mediocre pizza chain Famous Famiglia. As a New Yorker and a fan of food, I'm not sure I've ever loved Jon Stewart more.

And for my money, John's on Bleecker is about as good as it gets.

Super 8 Video Review

Click through for more.

Video: Katey and Mike spoil The Hangover Part II

I saw The Hangover Part II earlier this week in the company of a lot of critics, including my friend Mike Ryan. We each went on to write our own scathing reviews of the movie, with me calling it a "soulless and badly unfunny retread" and Mike, ever succinct, simply writing "The Hangover Part II is an asshole." Before either of us had written our reviews, though, we went to a nearby bar to air our grievances in a spoiler-filled way you simply can't do in a review.

So below is our VERY SPOILERY video takedown of The Hangover Part II. We saw this movie so you don't have to.

Video: Summing up the universe post-Tree Of Life

Terrence Malick's new film Tree of Life is probably the last movie anyone should attempt to review just minutes after walking out of the theater-- which is kind of why it was fun to try it. In the video below I join forces with Erin McCarthy and Jenni Miller to try and process what we'd just seen. You can actually watch us forming the thoughts on camera, thoughts that I at least will try and formulate into the actual review I'll be writing later. It's not the most insightful commentary you'll see on Tree of Life but definitely among the most unvarnished, and the video is a pretty good look at the conversations we critics have amongst ourselves after every screening, not just the ones as twisty and fascinating as Tree of Life.

Check out the video below, and stay tuned for more specific and well-thought reactions to the film later on.

Video: Dave and Katey react to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides last Thursday with Operation Kino co-host and general man-about-town Dave Gonzales. He liked it more than I did. Here's what we thought. If you want more from my point of view, you can read my full review. On Stranger Tides opens, of course, this Friday.

Peter Jackson Launches The First Hobbit Behind The Scenes Video Blog

When you consider all of the hardships that the production of The Hobbit had to face - studio bankruptcies, directors dropping out, workshop fires, union strikes and the like - it's actually fairly incredible that the production is even happening. Yet right now, somewhere in New Zealand, Peter Jackson is setting things up for another day of

Wonder Con Video Blog: Cowboys & Aliens Panel Delivers 9 Minutes Of Footage And Happy Hogan News

This past summer I was given the opportunity to visit the set of Cowboys & Aliens in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I was tremendously impressed with what I saw. Director Jon Favreau is setting up a film that is half Close Encounters of the Third Kind and half John Ford western, and it could very well be one of the coolest movies to come out this summer.

Wonder Con Video Blog: Falling Skies Shows Off Aliens, Explosions And Much More

When you're making a television series about an alien invasion and have Steven Spielberg attached as an executive producer, you are going to get a lot of people interested, particularly the crowds at a convention like WonderCon. Such is the case for the new TNT series Falling Skies, which showed off brand new footage during a panel yesterday during the San Francisco event.

Visiting The Cinema Con Show Floor

Between studio presentations and interviews today at Cinema Con-- get the dirty details on all of that here-- I paid a visit to the show floor, where every company you can possibly imagine making a movie theater exist has a booth. There were lots of free food samples, and at the end of the tour, a beer. Check out what I saw in the video below.

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