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The Hardest Breaking Bad Plotline To Figure Out, According To Vince Gilligan

Breaking Bad has become iconic for its tricky plots, and series creator Vince Gilligan recently opened up about the storyline that proved to be the hardest for the writing team to crack during the show's run.

The Biggest Thing Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan Learned From The X-Files' Chris Carter

Vince Gilligan has experienced tremendous success over the course of the last decade, and much of that can be attributed to one specific lesson that he learned while working on The X-Files.

Which Better Call Saul Character Should Get Their Own Spinoff, According To Vince Gilligan

Vince Gilligan struck gold with his first Breaking Bad spin-off, and if he goes down that road again, he will focus on one particular Better Call Saul character.

Why Better Call Saul And Breaking Bad Need More Spinoffs From AMC

As one of the greatest spinoffs in modern TV, Better Call Saul proves that AMC needs to keep tapping into this universe (instead of other franchises) for more shows.

The Best Shows On TV, According To Better Call Saul's Creators

Better Call Saul is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on the airwaves in recent years. Now, the creators have revealed the other shows they think are especially fantastic.

More Breaking Bad Is Coming From Vince Gilligan, But Not How We Expected

Vince Gilligan is currently gearing up to take audiences back into the world of Walter White. This is what we know about the upcoming Breaking Bad project.

What's Up With Better Call Saul's Flash-Forwards, According To Vince Gilligan

Last night's Better Call Saul premiere featured another interesting flash-forward, and it turns out there might be more to that story than we think.

Breaking Bad's Creator Has A New TV Show Coming, And It Sounds Pretty Dark

As great as life can be with one series from Vince Gilligan on the air, one can only imagine that having two of them at the same time would result in a Peak TV ouroboros. Check out his latest project!

The Awesome Breaking Bad Callback That Not Even The Creator Noticed

While we wish all shows on television could be as dense and thought-out as Breaking Bad was, that kind of quality control is more of the exception than the rule. And sometimes the details even flew over Vince Gilligan's head.

A Major Breaking Bad Question Has Finally Been Explained

The world of Breaking Bad was so rich and deep that years after its excellent series finale, fans are still talking about the ins and the outs of Walter White’s rise and fall, as there are still plenty of details and questions that were never fully explained. Creator Vince Gilligan just cleared one of them up.

Better Call Saul Season 2 Is Definitely Bringing Back One Breaking Bad Character

In Better Call Saul Season 1, Bob Odenkirk’s excellent performance almost had us forgetting all about our hopes and dreams for what Breaking Bad characters might appear on the show. But now our hopes are back in full force.

The Fortunate Reason Breaking Bad Didn't Kill Off Hank In Season 1

Breaking Bad would not have been nearly as successful as it was without DEA Agent/Brother-in-law Hank Schrader. But it turns out a complete fluke stopped him from being killed off earlier in the series.

Better Call Saul's Biggest Surprise, According To Vince Gilligan

Although Bob Odenkirk stars on both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, he’s not exactly playing the same character, and that was cause for concern for co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, as they thought viewers would only want to see Saul Goodman.

When Better Call Saul May Feature Walter White

As hard as it was for fans ofBreaking Bad to let their favorite show go, they could always take solace in the existence of spin off Better Call Saul. Since Saul was a prequel that meant that somewhere out there Walter White was still there.

What Happened To Huell After The Breaking Bad Finale

It’s been over a year and a half since Breaking Bad bowed out in style with its fantastic series finale, and while viewers can surmise what happened to the surviving characters, there’s one person whose fate was left entirely in the balance: devoted henchman Huell Babineaux. Until now.

The Mean Prank Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Continually Pulled On Aaron Paul

If you’re playing one of television’s most charismatic aggressors, it helps if your personality is at least partially sadistic in nature. And Walter White portrayer Bryan Cranston certainly has a lighthearted villainous streak running through him.

Vince Gilligan And Jack And The Beanstalk Might Be The Weird Combination We Need

Vince Gilligan gave us a new take on meth cooks and shady lawyers, and now he wants to do the same thing for the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale.

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Hey, Breaking Bad Fans, Stop Throwing Pizza On Top Of Walter White's Roof

Sure, the act of throwing a pizza on the house’s roof is embedded in Breaking Bad itself, as that’s precisely what Walt did in anger during “Caballo Sin Nombre” after Skyler wouldn’t let him in the house. But don't do it to the people who live there now!

Better Call Saul Just Got Its Own Hilarious Official Song

Better Call Saul hasn’t premiered on AMC, yet, but the network is busy unveiling plenty of related information and promos. On Sunday, AMC released the highly anticipated “The Song” for Better Call Saul. Country music artist Junior Brown is behind the performance, but if you listen to the lyrics carefully, you may get some hints as to what everybody’s favorite lawyer might be up to during Season 1.

Vince Gilligan's CBS Drama Battle Creek Photos Revealed

Since AMC's Breaking Bad wrapped up, fans of the series have been waiting to see what creator Vince Gilligan does next. CBS has the answer to that with their upcoming new police series Battle Creek, a drama that -- unfortunately -- won't make it onto the schedule until later in the season (presumably midseason).

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