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11 Creepy TV Shows To Watch On Shudder

Shows to make you Shudder.

The 14 Best Horror Movies Based On A True Story

Some of your most thrilling moviegoing experiences are more real than you would want to believe. But what are some of the best horror movies that claim to be "based on a true story?"

Sinister Serial Killer Movies Based On Real-Life Crimes

The Silence of the Lambs and Se7en are great, but here are some truly sinister serial killer movies that are more closely based on real life crimes.

Wolf Creek May Get A TV Series, Get The Details

When a movie gets turned into a TV series, it’s usually because the film was a massive success, or is part of a huge franchise. You don’t often see violent, low-budget horrors getting the small screen treatment, but that’s what could happen with the Australian cult fave Wolf Creek films.

Knights Of Badassdom And Wolf Creek 2 Reveal New Posters

A film can have the most exceptionally gratifying theatrical trailer in the world, but nobody really remembers trailers years after films have been released. We do remember the posters though; or at least we used to before Hollywood turned the marketing technique from an art to a five minute Photoshop project. Case in point are the two posters recently released for eOne Entertainment’s LARP fantasy comedy Knights of Badassdom and Image Entertainment’s horror sequel Wolf Creek 2.

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