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Watch Patty Jenkins Shoot Down Crazy Wonder Woman Theories

Patty Jenkins recently addressed a handful of outlandish fan theories about Wonder Woman, and the upcoming sequel.

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Apparently The Family Is Not Happy About Professor Marston And The Wonder Women

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is a new movie that purports to tell the true story of the people behind the creation of the original Wonder Woman comic book. However, at least one member of the Marston family has some significant issues with the film.

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Would Catwoman Beat Wonder Woman? Michelle Pfeiffer Weighs In

Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman from Batman Returns is a fan favorite, but could she stand up against Wonder Woman?

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How Professor Marston’s Bella Heathcote Felt About Stepping Into Wonder Woman’s Costume

Gal Gadot is now the quintessential Wonder Woman, but Bella Heathcote plays the original inspiration in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.

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Gal Gadot May Find Time To Squeeze In Another Movie Between DC Projects

As if she wasn't busy enough, Gal Gadot might have another project on her docket that isn't named Wonder Woman 2.

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This Wonder Woman Cosplayer Totally Looks Like Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman cosplay has become incredibly popular since the heroine's movie hit theaters, but one fan has just taken it to the next level. Check it out!

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One Big Challenge That Comes With Being A Movie Star, According To Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot

Of course, now that Gal Gadot is Diana Prince, DC is keeping her pretty busy, and that comes with new challenges.

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Will Wonder Woman Overshadow The Other Justice League Heroes? Here's What Gal Gadot Says

For those of you who are curious if Wonder Woman will be more prominent than her fellow heroes in Justice League, Gal Gadot has set the record straight.

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One Way Aquaman Will Feel Similar To Wonder Woman, According To Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns recently opened up about the plans for the DCEU and admitted that James Wan's Aquaman will be similar to Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman in one very specific way.

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How The DCEU Is Treating Its Cinematic Universe Model After Wonder Woman

The success of Wonder Woman has not gone unnoticed by the folks at DC Entertainment, and it looks like some changes are in store for the DCEU model as a result.

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How Lynda Carter Feels About James Cameron’s Wonder Woman Comments

It looks like James Cameron has called down the thunder of the gods with his Wonder Woman comments. Read on to see what Lynda Carter had to say in response to the director's recent remarks.

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Why Wonder Woman Wasn't Really Groundbreaking, According To James Cameron

James Cameron has clarified and double downed his issue with Wonder Woman.

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One Wonder Woman Star Wants To Return For The Sequel, But Could It Happen?

Some of Wonder Woman's cast are eager to return for the sequel, but how exactly would that work?

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Wait, Wonder Woman Isn’t The Highest-Grossing Comic Book Movie Of The Year Anymore?

We have two more major comic-book movies to come in Thor: Ragarok and the wildly anticipated Justice League. But while a lot has been made about Wonder Woman's monumental success at the box office, another movie recently topped it for the highest global ticket seller in 2017.

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Wonder Woman's Foreign Box Office Was Really Bad Compared To Most Other Major Superhero Movies

We spent most of the summer in awe of the success that was Wonder Woman. It became the best-reviewed movie of DC's extended universe and broke numerous box office records. At least, it did domestically.

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All The DC Movies Wonder Woman Is Currently Expected To Appear In

With Diana Prince about to become one of DC's busiest heroes, let's dive in and look at all of the DCEU films that Wonder Woman is currently expected to appear in!

Wonder Woman's Honest Trailer Pokes Fun At How Clueless Diana Is

With a lower budget than other DC projects, and arguably the least well-known member of the DC movies, the film has gone on to become one of the most successful movies of 2017. That said, it is not without its own share of flaws.

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How Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Adrianne Palicki Feels About Her Failed Wonder Woman Pilot

Adrianne Palicki may be best known nowadays for her role on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but she was nearly known for playing a DC superhero on the small screen. Palicki revealed how she feels about her failed Wonder Woman pilot.

Wonder Woman Could Face Oscar Competition From Another Superhero Movie

It has been a topic of conversation for quite some time now. Will a major comic-book property ever contend for an Academy Award? This year, at least two are making a play.

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Why Wonder Woman Didn't Tease Justice League In Its Theatrical Release

Wonder Woman's home release features a major tease for Justice League, but Patty Jenkins recently opened up to CinemaBlend and explained exactly why it wasn't in the theatrical version.

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