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Amazon Just Took Another Step Forward With Making Its Own Movies

With all of the moves Amazon has made to become a player in the motion picture industry, their latest seems to be their boldest. See what they're up to, inside.

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Crisis In Six Scenes Trailer: Woody Allen's New Series Looks Quirky And Amusing

Woody Allen made headlines when he signed on to do his first TV project with a series on Amazon. Now, the trailer for Crisis in Six Scenes has hit the web, and it's definitely worth checking out.

Why Woody Allen Is Doing A TV Series With Miley Cyrus

Woody Allen has always had a knack for great casting and collaboration, so news that he had chosen former teenybopper Miley Cyrus as the lead for his TV series was a bit of a surprise. Now we know why he chose her.

Miley Cyrus Just Found Her First Non-Disney TV Role In The Least Likely Place

Remember when Miley Cyrus was best known for leading Disney's Hannah Montana and not being loud and lewd? Her return to television will be a departure from both teen comedies and on-stage twerking, as she is set to take on a leading role in a new drama.

Woody Allen Already Replaced Bruce Willis With This A-Lister

Well, that didn't take long. We just got news that Bruce Willis was fired from Woody Allen's latest film, but don't worry, they've already found a big name replacement and production will go off as planned.

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It Sounds Like Bruce Willis Was Fired By Woody Allen

Bruce Willis has indeed departed from Woody Allen’s upcoming film, but not due to scheduling conflicts as we initially thought. As it turns out, he may have been fired.

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Commitment To Misery Prevents Bruce Willis From Doing Woody Allen's Next Movie

Just a couple days into shooting, and not only does Woody Allen's new film still not have a title - it just lost a lead. Find out why Bruce Willis is on his way out - and who we'd love to see on their way in.

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Woody Allen's New Movie Has A Really Stacked Cast

With a new Woody Allen movie tends to come a new and impressive Woody Allen cast. Check out the director's latest talent roster, after the jump.

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Why Woody Allen Really Regrets His Upcoming TV Show

For a man who doesn't even own a computer, jumping into the world of television can be a difficult feat. And only a few months in, Woody Allen already regrets agreeing to writing and directing a Amazon TV series.

Emma Stone: 15 Reasons To Love Her Even More

In a span of less than 10 years, Emma Stone has become a household name and undoubtable talent in the film industry. She’s continuing to score bigger and better roles and the more you learn about the 26-year-old actress, the more lovable she becomes. So here’s 15 reasons to love her even more (if that’s even possible).

Woody Allen's Irrational Man Trailer Stars Emma Stone And Joaquin Phoenix, Looks Delightful

The IMDB page for Irrational Man has it down for a July 24 release date, though I imagine that might be limited release, with a platform spread as the movie performs (or dries up and blows away). IMDB also lists the movie’s genre as “mystery,” which is a mystery.

Bruce Willis, Kristen Stewart Lead Woody Allen's Latest Eclectic Cast

In recent years, Woody Allen has loved to shock and deceive moviegoers with his seemingly random casting decisions - but the thing is that they always appear to work. Not only does Woody write the perfect characters for the right actors, but the actors themselves seemingly elevate their abilities when they work with the legendary director.

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Woody Allen's Latest Just Took A Huge Step Forward, Get The Latest

Everybody's favorite neurotic actor/writer/director Woody Allen is getting closer to releasing his next film. Quiet since 2013's Blue Jasmine, the 79 year old multi-talented auteur is due for another hit. Good news for fans of Allen, his film now has a title and distribution partner.

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Woody Allen Is Coming To TV, Get The Details

Don’t worry, this isn’t indicative of the recent onslaught of 1980s movies getting turned into series; we’re not getting Hannah and Her Sisters II here. Director Woody Allen has something entirely different cooked up for TV audiences.

Here's What Woody Allen Thinks About The Not Casting Black People Allegations

Woody Allen has had a weird career. Followed around by bizarre and sometimes troubling headlines and considered simultaneously a critic’s darling and a near habitual box office disappointment, he’s managed to consistently churn out headlines for fifty years.

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Woody Allen's Next Film To Shoot In Rhode Island

Woody Allen is never one to stay dormant for long, and long for him is not very long for the rest of us. With his latest film, Magic In The Moonlight, heading to theaters this summer; the director is already starting to ramp up work on his latest film.

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Colin Firth Tries To Debunk Emma Stone In Woody Allen's Magic In The Moonlight Trailer

Colin Firth is everywhere this year, and it's a good thing! The man has worked hard to hit pretty much every demographic in the market, and he's doing a pretty comprehensive job. He's got Paddington for the kids, Kingsman: The Secret Service for the teens-adults, and numerous titles for adults and Academy voters alike. One such film that falls into that last category is Woody Allen's latest comedic effort, Magic In The Moonlight.

Emma Stone And Joaquin Phoenix To Star In Woody Allen's Next

We have yet to see the first collaboration between Emma Stone and director Woody Allen, as >Magic In The Moonlight isn't scheduled for release until late July, but apparently the production on that project went rather smoothly, as now they are reportedly ready to work together again. And while Colin Firth plays opposite Stone in Magic, he's found her a different Oscar-caliber leading man for their latest film.

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Woody Allen Declares His Innocence In Aggressive Open Letter

A week ago, Dylan Farrow accused Woody Allen of sexual assault in a haunting open letter. Today, the Oscar winner fired back against the allegations and pointed the finger directly at his ex-girlfriend and Dylan’s mother Mia Farrow.

Moses Farrow Accuses Mia Of Hitting Him, Says Dylan Was Never Molested

The Woody Allen/ Mia Farrow/ Dylan Farrow/ Soon-Yi Previn situation is getting uglier by the minute. The normally reserved Moses Farrow, a family therapist, decided to speak publically this week about the allegations once again engulfing his family, and unlike his brother Ronan, he does not believe their father molested Dylan.

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