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Zorro Is Coming Back With A Pretty Big Change

Traditionally a hero of the common people in the old west, Zorro has a long and celebrated history. In his next adventure, however, the masked vigilante is going to the future and getting a post-apocalyptic makeover.

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Gael Garcia Bernal's Zorro Eyeing Ricardo de Montreuil To Direct

Gael Garcia Bernal is prepping for a screen test that will determine whether or not he'll star in the new action-adventure epic Zorro Reborn. Yet this test may also serve as an audition for the film's possible helmer Ricardo de Montreuil. The Peruvian filmmaker, who first earned Hollywood's notice in 2010 with his stunning sci-fi short The Raven

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Gael Garcia Bernal To Star In Zorro Reborn

We've been hearing about the new Zorro adventure for a couple of months now. In April of last year it was reported that 20th Century Fox was developing a project called Zorro Reborn, which would not only reboot the franchise that starred Antonio Banderas, but would completely change the setting, moving the masked vigilante to a post-apocalyptic future.

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