The Kardashian clan recently went on vacation to the Dominican Republic together in order to spend some time as a family as well as to soak up some sun. Somehow, the fun little reality TV family got sidetracked into creating a sexually explicit, ridiculously blingy video set to the Notorious B.I.G.’s infamous song, “Hypnotize.” The video has all the characteristics of a regular rap video. Ugly dudes rappings, women with big boobs and small boobs dancing around while more than half naked, and money thrown about in the air. My family usually spends vacations playing cards in the afternoons, but why do that when you can bond over grotesque music video?.

While Kim Kardashian sticks her bum into the air like she really doesn’t care throughout the video, the real gems here are pregnant elder sister Kourtney, aged 33, rubbing her big belly on the track as well as Kris and Bruce Jenner getting involved in some dirty dancing on the boat. Don’t take my word for it though: this video is one of those kodak moments that is tough to picture without ever having seeing it, even if you find yourself screaming “the horror the horror” from the confines of your mind, afterward.

The Kardashian’s mantra has always been any press is good press, but I think they may have actually found a way to hit a new low.

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