6. Calories On The Menu
People are going to eat fast food. You’re just not going to stop them. But the truth is, fast food doesn’t have to be bad for you. Actually, it’s entirely possible to walk in to McDonalds and walk out having eaten a healthy meal. They server lower calorie, reasonable options, but until they started putting calories on the menu, you had no way to know what those options were. You might have guessed the Filet-o-Fish would be good for you, because its fish, and you would have been totally wrong.

Thanks to this modern tendency towards full disclosure you’ve got the power to actually know what it is you’re putting in your mouth, before it goes in. Now you can walk in a McDonalds, order a regular hamburger, and walk out knowing that you have not just ingested your daily allotment of calories in a single bite. Knowledge is power, and it’s not like you thought Big Macs were good for you anyway.

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