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I knew No Doubt was post-hiatus and supposedly working on the band’s upcoming sixth album, but after hearing repeated updates from 2008 on, I kind of thought the newest effort was going to be the band’s Chinese Democracy at least fifteen years in the making and well-forgotten by the time it popped onto people’s radars. Apparently that opinion was only a third of the way astute, and No Doubt has finally come together and is finishing the album for a fall release date.

On Friday, No Doubt posted a little mini video from all four of the band members as they goofed off and talked about the upcoming release date. While the video is more than a little annoying – especially with its damned loud laugh track – the information is certainly pertinent: No Doubt’s brand new album is set to hit stores on September 25.

In many ways, I respect No Doubt’s right to exist in all of its wacky costumes and hair-do’s and I’m glad they are getting their shit together post Gwen Stefani’s rampant vocals about “shit being bananas,” a track that is grossly and seemingly impossibly worse than Stefani’s fuck-up of R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” during a rocking New Year’s Eve concert back in the day. In other ways, do we really need any more Stefani, or any more ska? I know it’s pretty impressive Stefani has managed to look like a skinny stick figure post multiple pregnancies, but that doesn’t make her voice any more appealing. I’m pretty sure most of us were over this since the nineties, but feel free to correct me if you think I totally have that one wrong.

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